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Japanese to English Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright Translation Glossary

Japanese term English translation
原盤 master recording, original master recording
ほうろう鋼製 (fabricated from) porcelain enamel steel
Entered by: Michael Fletcher
この法律の定めるところにより設立される法人をいう。 This shall mean a corporation that is established in accordance with the provisions of this law
外4名 and 4 others
Entered by: conejo
委託費 Trust Fee
主体 information distributor
且つ a convinient but confusing (imperfect, dissatisfactory) name
引用文献等一覧参照 See the List of Cited Literature.
Entered by: Steven Smith
ミルノベニ Audouinella howei
ハイコナハダ Yamadaella caenomyce (Decaisne) Abbott
ヨヒラ Yohira
ヨゴレコナハダ Liagora japonica
ライセンスの許諾権原 right to grant the license (including the right to a patent)
Entered by: David Higbee
ロドコルトン属 Rhodochorton
ログイン中 logged in
テーマコード theme code
Entered by: sheri abbott
フトイグサ Soft-stem bulrush, Giant bulrush, Tabernaemontanus bulrush
フイリタサ Porphyra variegata (Kjellman) Kjellman
フシクレノリ Corallopsis opuntia J. Agardh
ベニタサ Porphyra amplissima (Kjellman) Setchell & Hus ex Hus 
判示 hold or holding
アオコナハダ Liagora ceranoides f. leprosa (J. Agardh) Yamada
アケボノモズク属 Trichogloea hequieni Kuetzing
ウスバノリモドキ tenuis Yamada
オニアマノリ Porphyra dentata Kjellman
オオバオキツバラ Constantinea subulifera Setchell
オオツカサノリ Kallymenia sagamiana Yamada
オキツバラ属 Constantinea
クロヌラクサ Sebdenia polydactyla sensu Yamada
シオグサゴロモ属 Contarinia
スサビノリ Porphyra yezoensis Ueda
タサ Wildemania tasa Yendo
公開特許広報 Japanese Unexamined Patent Application Publication
先の出願として as the precedent application
Entered by: David Higbee
前置報告書 pretrial report
Entered by: cinefil
噴霧塔 spray tower
Entered by: Michael Fletcher
特表平11-515029号公報 Japanese Unexamined Patent Application Publication (Translation of PCT Application) No. 1999-515029
Entered by: Katsushi Saito
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