The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

Japanese to English Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.) Translation Glossary

Japanese term English translation
みどりの復興大作戦 Midori no Fukko Daisakusen (Green Reconstruction Program/Campaign)
印香 pressed incense
Entered by: casey
天草撰上陶土 amakusa senjo porcelain clay
山おとし indented downlight cutting
幽玄無比 unique and alluring
Entered by: casey
圧縮代 Compression Allowance
Entered by: seika
チーズ a cheese of fiber
ワンダリングプロテクトグループ(WPG)の欠け broken piece (or fragment) from the wandering protect group
プロテインレザー protein leather
パンタグラフ構造 pantograph structure/pantograph-shaped structure
Entered by: cinefil
ヒートソーク heat soak
フレーム期間分 (during/within) frame period
Entered by: cinefil
ダレ止め anti-sagging
ジュンフロン JUNFLON®
スクリーニング通過長  yield length after screening
Entered by: cinefil
スタッドレスタイヤのサイ(ブ, プ or フ)クラック groove cracks
タイフレキホース tie flexible hose
品質管理 Quality Control
Entered by: Michael Fletcher
出荷不可とする Can not be dispatched/shipped
共疑析 analysis of suspected constituent/contaminant
共生地 common cloth/material
Entered by: Steven Smith
研磨両面強化 polished on both sides and tempered
Entered by: SLMorales
社団法人 none (or JMIF)
稜線を炎が翔る "Ridgelines of Fire"
組織硬度計 Tissue hardness meter
資材 (shizai) "supplies" OR "materials" (depending on the context).
軸石 jewel bearing
脱塩酸 dehydrochlorination
膜状 membrane/film-like
長命縷 medicine ball (ornamental scent bag)
Entered by: casey
色決め塗装 Final color coat
Entered by: casey
森美工業股份有限公司 Summit Industrial Co., Ltd.
溶剤1液型 one-pack solvent
Entered by: casey
流体の透視性 Transparency of fluid
意図的添加禁止 Intentionally added (threshold level)

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