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Japanese to English Mechanics / Mech Engineering Translation Glossary

Japanese term English translation
遠心用モータ Centrifuge Motor
遠心用モータスイッチ Centrifuge Motor Switch
適用液深領域 applicable liquid depth area/bound
Entered by: cinefil
違する 達する
遅れ割れ delayed cracking
Entered by: cinefil
運動精度 precision of movement or precision of motion
運動量の出入り input and output of momentum
運転能力 Operating capacity
鍛治 blacksmithing, metal working
Entered by: Troy Fowler
非球面レンズ金製 aspheric lens mold, aspherical lens mold
面一 flush
Entered by: cinefil
面引け interior shrinkage
面直方向に in a direction perpendicular to a plane/surface
青色スペクトルが多い領域 area with or having lots of blue spectrum
静止機器・動機器 Static/dynsmic device
食い込み interference (干渉)
製缶 plate work
製缶品 vessel fabrication
Entered by: cinefil
製瓦機における離型装置 Mold Release Device for Tile Machines
製袋包装機 Package form, fill and seal machine
視界阻害 visual obstruction
Entered by: cinefil
角番 規格番号 or specification number
Entered by: seika
設定する FYI2
設定条件 setting conditions
Entered by: Khwansuree DEROLLEPOT
記載事項 Items
高加減速度/高密度運転 high acceleration/deceleration rate and high density (motion or operation, depending on context)
警報一覧 list of warning messages
Entered by: Daniel Penso
警報を発報する issue a warning
買取 \"purchase\"
車内転回屑 In-vehicle recycled scrap
転写荷重 Transfer Load
転蛇 torsion
軸の平取部(カット部) flat of the shaft (cut face)
載置された受板 the installed/equipped back plate/support plate
載荷物重量の左右差 Left-right difference in loaded cargo weight
追従する tracks faithfully
近似的二乗特性 quasi square-law characteristic
船内の合理化 more efficient use of space within the vessel
防炭剤 anti carburization agent
Entered by: Troy Fowler
走破性の高い high ground-covering ability
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