The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

Japanese to English Mechanics / Mech Engineering Translation Glossary

Japanese term English translation
SPCC,SPHC JIS SPCC and SPHC grade steels
V-ベルトの伸び、ゆるみはないか? Make sure that the V-belt has not elongated or slackened
押し遅釦式 push-button with time delay
Entered by: Vladyslav Golovaty
折り癖 Crease/undesirable crease
Entered by: Yumico Tanaka
抵抗式荷重測定用歪センサ strain gauge load cells
技価 Technical qualificaons
Entered by: Michael Fletcher
技別 appendix of technical requirements
Entered by: cinefil
枢支される pivoted
掲程 head (of fluid)/lift/lifting range
架承 installed / fitted on / clamped on
捩り試験機 Torsional tester
材料を通して切断しないアタッチメント attachments that do not cut through the material
Entered by: conejo
条こん linear mark/abrasion/scratch/streak/striation/scar
検出確率 detection probability
Entered by: cinefil
検銭部 coin acceptor
検芯台 crankshaft (core) deflection check table
Entered by: cinefil
欠歯 missing tooth
段階的に切削加工する step wise cutting / machining
洗油 cleaning oil/cleaning solution
消衰係数 extinction coefficient
淘汰されずに重要なキーワードとして残っていること These aspects have remained important keywords
渦粘性係数の過大ないし過小評価 overestimate or underestimate of the eddy viscosity coefficient
測定巾 measuring width
減圧バルブ Pressure reducing valve
Entered by: Khwansuree DEROLLEPOT
減哀 attenuate
源圧 Source Pressure
溶解番号座 heat number marking
溜まりパルス accumulated error pulse
Entered by: Troy Fowler
演算増巾器 operational amplifier
漕者 rower/oarsman
振り swing
Entered by: Troy Fowler
指令圧 command pressure
按下 hold down, press
最大破断点直後における荷重の落ち込み量 the drop distance of the load immediately after the maximum fracture point
Entered by: David Patrick
最新版の決定図書 latest final version
昇降軸 elevating axis
流体動作室 working fluid chamber
Entered by: cinefil
浮き floating or loosenes
施行要領書 working procedures
日石マルパス ENEOS Mulpus
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