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Japanese to English Medical: Health Care Translation Glossary

Japanese term English translation
厚生労働大臣認証医薬部外品認証番号 MHLW Quasi-drug Certification No.
厚生労働省特定疾患治療研究事業(医療費公費負担)の対象となる The Ministry of Health Research Project for the Treatment of Special Chronic Diseases (medical ....
原則介助者 原則
偏寄与率 partial r-squared value
Entered by: David Patrick
てんかん焦点 epileptic focus
のべ (延べ) Total
対側乳癌 contralateral breast cancer
丹田 hypogastric region
Entered by: David Patrick
保険外併用療養費 Special or specified medical care coverage
保険医療機関 Insurance-participating Medical Facility
Entered by: David Higbee
保険適用外 not covered by insurance
医政発第000号 Health Policy Publication No. 000
ラメ with lamé powder
ヒヤリハット報告 incident report
切皮 seppi acupuncture technique (rapid pricking followed by immediate withdrawal)
アンケート結果の有意差検定 Signficance Test for/of the Survey (Questionnaire) Results
コンピューター断層診断 CT diagnostics
Entered by: David Patrick
らんたけ、やれんずら、こうほう、まつぐさ arundinaria gigantea, yarenzura, typha latifolia, calamagrostis rubescens
再発腹膜前到達法 preperitoneal approach (to recurrent hernias)
Entered by: Troy Fowler
入床 操作 procedure for bed entry
皮膚鍼 acupuncture (needle roller)
Entered by: David Patrick
理学系有症者 symptomatic people who received physical therapy
Entered by: Patricia Bowden
置鍼 Retaining needle (technique)/needle retention
疲労物質 fatigue factor
無力的認知または無力型認知 asthenic perception
Entered by: cinefil
発芽そば germinated buckwheat
術後療法 postoperative chemotherapy
養成 に従う, to follow
Entered by: Milind Joshi
診療科目 (medical) department
薬理系有症者 symptomatic people who received medication
Entered by: Patricia Bowden
H1N1株 H1N1 strain
MRディテール medical representative detailing
掌蹠膿疱症 Palmoplantar pustulosis
消化器内科、呼吸器内科、循環器内科 digestive internal medicine / respiratory internal medicine / circulatory internal medicine
散鍼 scatter needling

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