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Japanese to English Telecom(munications) Translation Glossary

Japanese term English translation
前位で導通試験実施 tested conductivity / conductivity test done at the previous exchange
勘合ねじ mating screw
囲み取材 Media Session
図れる achieve (but in this context, the verb should bundle into the other terms)
。。。にらみ with a view to...
着うたフル ChakuUta Full (TM)
着呼側ユ-ザ called user
Entered by: Anita Kobayashi
移転 relocation
積上げ見積 bottom up estimating
空間転送路 spatial transmission path
Entered by: cinefil
端末の筐体 phone body
Entered by: casey
立ち下げ線 riser cable
立会管理 on-site/witness inspection
Entered by: cinefil
系統図 schematic diagram
Entered by: cinefil
素波, 素元波 wavelet
Entered by: conejo
純粋持株会社体制のもとで under a pure holding company structure
網内番号表示 internal network number display
経年割引 long-term contract discount or annual contract discount
経由事業者情報 interconnection carrier information
甲及び乙 both parties
特定小電力無線(特小無線) Specified Low Power Radio (SLPR)
特表0000-0000 (特許出願公表) patent application publication
目的物 Deliverables
直加入電話 Fixed-line phone
直収 connect dedicated line (to PBX)
Entered by: cinefil
直収電話 Direct access new phone service using ・・・
発信型ウェブサイト User-generated website
発信数 number of (outgoing) call
Entered by: cinefil
過去機種での積み残し項目 unresolved issues from the past models
聞き取り票 interview chart
選択符号 selection code
Entered by: Anita Kobayashi
面的な領域 area
青梅短絡線 Ōme shortcut line
項目 parameter
題記の件 Regarding the aforementioned topic (subject) matter...
被撮影者 subject
規制もさることながら not only the regulations but also
Entered by: casey
解約キャンセル cancel unsubscribe
駆け付け遅延 delay of on-site servece team(staff) arrival
Entered by: cinefil
高度利用者向け緊急地震速報 Earthquake Early Warnings for advanced users
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