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Latin to English Education / Pedagogy Translation Glossary

Latin term English translation
agnitio abunda arma Knowledge is a big weapon.
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
alumnum qui praesidi collegii et profesoribus cursum suum academicum probavit a a/the graduate who has demonstated (his ability in) his course of academic studies
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
arte paedautica education
Entered by: Lota
Baccalaurei in negotiorum administrationem in Business Administration
carolina academia coactemalensis inter caeteras orbis conspicua Carolina University of Guatemala Distinguished amongst those of the World
cl. Domina most/very distinguished
colloquio superato dissertatione inaugurali having successfully defended the inaugural dissertation
curator (at a university) curator
Entered by: bigedsenior
Curatores * Colleghi * Bardiani The Board of Directors of Bard College
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
curriculum studiorum academic (study) curriculum
datum ex aedibus academicis die VI given by the academic institution on the sixth day
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
EXAMINATIONE SEVERIORE HABITA having undergone a (quite) difficult examination
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
Facultas Department (USA); Faculty (U.K.)
Entered by: Lota
Facultas rationis societates administrandi Department of Business Administration
gradum Scientiae Technical Baccalaurei Bachelor's Degree in Techical Science/Technology
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
Greczreginensis "of Hradec Králové"
honorifice honorably
iis evectis those elevated
in * situ * hvivs * colleghi* adiecto on this college's adjacent site
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
in gasovenum, ex gasoveno venum/veno = for sale
Entered by: Veronika McLaren
inter moderatores among the experts
intuiti personae because of the trust put in that person
Litterae * Pervenerint * Salutem diploma has reached (sends) greeting
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
Magister in Numeratione master's degree in accounting
Entered by: David Connor
millesimi nongentisimi primi nonagesimi of the one thousandth, nine hundredth, and eighty-first year
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
Mocte virtute, sic itur ao astro (Macte Virtute Sic Itur Ad Astra ) Those who excel, thus reach the stars.
ne varietur: It must not be changed.
Noveritis omnes may you all know
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
on a diploma: Kal. Mar. MCMLXXXII Kal(endis) Mar(tiis)
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
Pax vobiscum Peace be with you
percto completed
Entered by: Lota
professore publico ordinario / professor publicus ordinarius Dative / Nominative case (Grammar)
promotor promotor (officiating academic)
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
Q. B. F. Q. S. quod bonum faustumque sit
quid how // why
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
S. P. salutem plurimam
scientia nosocomendi nursing science
Entered by: Sandra Mouton
sindici universitatis \"Name\" ad gradum doctoris medicinae admisieres The Syndics of the University of X have admitted X to the Degree of Doctor of Medicine and granted,
TESTAMUR QUOQUE CANDIDATUM EXAMINATIONE SEVERIORE HABITA xxYearxx CUM SE EXAMINA We also bear witness that the candidate, having undergone a quite difficult examination in year x, s
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
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