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Polish to English Slang Translation Glossary

Polish term English translation
"grubi" "the man" /The man is out to get me.
...pokazuje jej "wała"... shows her the bent elbow gesture
Entered by: Lota
adidas the monster, the package, ninja, gumbo, the monkey, the cat flu, the 8s
Entered by: Lota
żałosny matoł pitiful/pathetic nitwit/numbskull
żul, żuleria bum(s), wino(s), alky (alkies)
łubu dubu, łubu dubu, niech nam żyje prezes naszego klubu wham bam, wham bam, long live the chairman
becel, kasa, szmal dough
ciapa oaf, duffer, muff, lob, lubber
Entered by: Monika Darron
cienias loser
cyngiel hitman
dać komuś wycisk put sb. through the wringer; put sb. through their paces; make sb. work their socks off/butt off; kick sb.'s butt
dekadencja debauchery
dom ze squatem squat
Entered by: Lota
dotaczać się to coast, to drift, to taxi in
dym heat and smoke
et cetera bomba and so on, bang!
fotelik car seat (girl)
głupawka fit of (uncontrollable) laughter
gimbaza middle school brats
gitny swell
gniotek stress ball
gnojek shithead
grubo hellacious
jak boga-noga for chrissake
Jakby nie było if ever there was (one)
katować (album) play (the record) to death
kibelek can, crapper
klamka zapadnie the die will be cast; that will be it; the game will be over; then it's curtains
Kto bogatemu zabroni? Who am I to tell him/her what to do with his/her own money
Entered by: Jerry Dean
kurde damn
lansować make a mash
masakra crazy shit, freaking insane
międlenie paździerzy gibberish
mieć bata nad sobą hold a whip over them/need to hear the crack of a whip over their heads/ to have someone to keep me in check/line/ to be managed with a whip
miejscówka (skateboard/snowboard) spot
miernik(a) pogonić to flog the meter
mineta eating pussy
może skoczysz ze mną na mały wypasik ? how about some nookie?
Na soczek lece bo ta mlodziesz nasza na psy spada. Gonna get me some juice cos\'
nakombinować rack my brains over it/search high and low/
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