The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

Portuguese to English Forestry / Wood / Timber Translation Glossary

Portuguese term English translation
... na linha, entrelinha, em 100% da area ou em reboleiras. on the furrows, between the furrows, and 100% in the affected/infected areas
...desgalhamento, tracamento e descascamento ... chopping off the twigs and branches, cutting into standard lengths and stripping off the bark
Entered by: Douglas Bissell
...sub-bosque para facilitar o acesso dos motosserristas... remove...brushwood to provide free access for machines and lumberjacks/forestry workers
acesso access
Entered by: marina hennies
adubacao de cobertura top soil fertiliser application
Amazônia Legal Legal Amazon
Entered by: R-i-c-h-a-r-d
arraste com cabo aereo dragged by tower yarder (tower yarding)
arraste com guincho dragged by winch
Entered by: Douglas Bissell
barreiras basculante counterbalanced rising barrier
Entered by: Douglas Bissell
Biomas Mata Atlantica e Serrado Atlantic Forest and Cerrado biomes
Biorredutores Bio-reducers
cambissolos haplicos latossolicos latosolic haplic cambisols
Entered by: R-i-c-h-a-r-d
cantoneiras vertical angle bars
Entered by: Douglas Bissell
carreta trailer (truck)
Código Florestal Forestry Code
COLETO root collar
compromisso de adesao compliance commitment
conducao de brotacao Sprouting management...resprouting management
Entered by: airmailrpl
consórcios interplanting
CONSOLIDADAS Consolidated/Stable
Entered by: Thaiane Assumpção
coroamento hoeing (around)
Entered by: judith ryan
cortada lumbered (wood)
coveamento manual manual pitting
COVEAMENTO MANUAL OU SEMI-MECANIZADO manual pit digging/manual digging OR semi-mechanized pit digging/digging
cubidor lumber surveyor
Entered by: Martin Riordan
culturas permanentes formadas permanent cultivations ...
derrubada direta direct felling
Entered by: Martin Riordan
desativação de barramento deactivation of dam / dam deactivation
desbrota thinning
desdobrada conversion, converted
desempenadeira planer
desenvolvimento do sistema radicular development(propagation) of the root system
Desmobilizacao de ativos asset retirement
Entered by: Martin Riordan
destopadeira trimmer
desvios pontuais isolated deviations
direcao modelo organizacional organizational model management
direcionados na sua totalidade fully allocated
encabeçamento crown removal
Entered by: judith ryan
engessadeira plasterizer
enraizamento rooting
Entered by: judith ryan
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