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Portuguese to English Idioms / Maxims / Sayings Translation Glossary

Portuguese term English translation
"A saudade vai estar sempre guardada no peito". "I'll always remember it fondly."
"Chorinho" Top it off
"Cortar a própria carne" Weed out the bad apples
"deixar a desejar" left nothing to be desired
"entre aspas" so to speak
"morde fronha" gay
"Que o diga" tell me about it
(dizer) para seus botões (say) under one's breath / say to oneself
a ferro e a fogo Forging Ahead!
a gente recupera Let's get going. We can rest further down the road.
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
a linha a gente ia puxar (ABC) is the head of the line and we'll rell in the rest of them along with him.
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
A montanha pariu um ratito the mountain gave birth to a mouse
A palavra é de ouro, mas só o exemplo arrasta. Actions speak louder than words.
Entered by: Catarina Lopes
A pobreza é um catálogo pesado. Poverty is a heavy burden.
a propósito ou a desprósito incidentally or not
Entered by: Teresa Borges
A ver navios continue to dream about the unachievable
a voz da vez the voice of our time/the voice of our times
Abril, águas mil April showers bring May flowers
acertar o passo keep up with ...
Acho que tá meio no oba, oba. I think it's kind of like, woah!
afogar as mágoas to drown one's sorrows
agüentar o tranco it has to make it through the day
Entered by: Valeria Verona
alfinetada sarcastic remark/dig
Antes só do que mal acompanhado Better alone than in bad company
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
ao longo de over a period of
aproveitar take advantage / enjoy
armar um barraco make a scene
Armar um barraco. to make a scene
assistir de camarote to watch/observe/witness sth from a front-row seat
até ao lavar dos cestos é vindima don't count your chickens before they hatch
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
Até que um belo dia... Until one fine day...
atirar (das) areia para os olhos (informal register) to pull the wool over their eyes; mislead
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
atirar no que vê, acertar no que não vê Went to search she-asses and found the kingship
atualização (profissional) refresher course
augering into the mountainside eu estava mais para lá do que para cá
avô rico filho nobre e neto pobre from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations
Entered by: Donna Sandin
à outra banda on the other side
à sua boa maneira true to form / as per usual / predictably
às maçãs respondem-se com maçãs The apple doesn't fall far from the tree
Entered by: Marc Vitale
às vezes eu falo e às vezes nego ..sometimes I spill the beans and sometimes I clam up
Entered by: airmailrpl
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