The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

Portuguese to English Paper / Paper Manufacturing Translation Glossary

Portuguese term English translation
aceito accepts
amarradeira strapping machine
Entered by: Gilmar Fernandes
amarras de teias de significados (the) constraints of different webs/sets of meanings
Caldeiras de recuperação recovery boilers
cartao de dupla caneladura double-wall(ed) corrugated cardboard
Cinzas de caldeira, Cascas boiler dust, barks
classificador file
COBB (LT) suggest you leave it as is
Entered by: Gilmar Fernandes
depurador screen
estações de estampagem stamping stations
Estanga take-up roll
forno de cal lime kiln
gofragem embossing
indústria de celulose e papel pulp and paper industry
interfolhado Interleaved
Entered by: judith ryan
lama de cal lime mud
Lodo da ETE Sludge from effluent (or sewage) treatment plant
monolúcidos monolucid paper (types)
papel crepre crepe paper
Entered by: Isabella Becker
papel da índia India paper or India bible paper or premium book paper
papel grau alimentício food packaging paper
papel moeda rag paper/ cotton linen paper/ cotton and linen rag paper
polpa de papelão cardboard pulp
Prensa de sapata shoe press
raspa de crepe creping doctor
Reenfibragem interfiber bonding
Entered by: Mario Freitas
remalina perforated edge (in continuous form paper)
Entered by: Oliveira Simões
serrilhas anti violação anti-tamper / tamper-resistant / tamper-proof perforation tears
Entered by: judith ryan
Somos testados 24 horas por dia, todos os dias do ano We are tested around-the-clock, year-round.
taf taf plain weave / taffeta
Entered by: Tania Pires
Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso Final course work / Senior thesis
Entered by: Jorge Rodrigues
Transtornos Alimentares Sem Outra Especificação (TASOE) Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS)

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