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Romanian to English Idioms / Maxims / Sayings Translation Glossary

Romanian term English translation
"gurile rele" gossips
îl înjuram cu spume la gură I was foaming/seething/fuming against them
Entered by: Simona Pop
a îngropa securea războiului to bury the hatchet
a bate palma shake hands over a bargain
Entered by: Cristiana Coblis
a face cuiva proces-verbal de contraventie offence notice
a intra în rând cu lumea to join the trend
Entered by: Alice Crisan
a pieri pe graiul sau A FOOL's tongue is long enough to cut his own throat.
Entered by: Cristiana Coblis
a pune punctul pe i to hit the nail on the head
a sari ca ars jump with anger / indignation/stirred heated reactions/hit the ceiling/the roof; fly into a rage/freaked out/recoil in horror
a se duce unde o vedea cu ochii go wherever one\'s legs carry (take) one; follow one\'s nose
a-si face damblaua to run its course
în gura mare \"from the housetops\"
Entered by: Simona Pop
Boala m-a lasat illness/ailment/affliction abated/subsided...
ce-mi gâdila auzul ...was music to my ears
Entered by: Simona Pop
cei 7 ani de-acasă good family upbringing [during (the first seven years of)/early childhood]
Corbii dădeau târcoale. The ravens were circling/flying in circles
Entered by: Claudia Coja
cum iti asterni asa dormi you reap what you sow/as you make your bed, so you must lie on it/They that SOW the wind shall reap the whirlwind
daca-i bal, bal sa fie in for a penny, in for a pound//go the whole hog
dedesubturi the ropes
Dupa munca si rasplata a couple of ideas
emoții de te iau căldurile that sends chills down the spine
eu, fata care eram văzută atât de bine în sat I, the girl who was so well thought of in the village
Entered by: Simona Pop
frectie la picior de lemn massaging a wooden leg / flogging a dead horse
frig de crapa pietrele be cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey
I-am ciuruit! (it was a piece of cake) I crushed them
Entered by: Octavia Veresteanu
la teatrale cu matale loving the stage from a young age
la unul și la altul here and there
Entered by: Simona Pop
Mă doare cel mai mult că What hurts more is (that)
Entered by: Tatiana Bejan
nu pot sa fac din rahat bici You can't make a silk purse out of a pig's ear
Nu prea mai tine smecheria The trick doesn't work anymore.
Entered by: Claudia Coja
rasfatat de soarta fortune\'s minion/darling
să nu mă las mai prejos decât keep up with / keep pace with
Entered by: Simona Pop
sesiune de comuncari stiintifice scientific paper session
soare cu dinţi frosty sun
socoteala de acasă nu se potriveşte cu cea din targ Various
Spor la treaba! Good luck with your work !
tezic/tizic dung pellet
trasnesti ! you reek
vacă de muls cash cow
\"Asta avem, cu asta defilam.\" make do with what you have

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