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Russian to English Poetry & Literature Translation Glossary

Russian term English translation
догадаться испугаться it finally occurred to her to take him seriously
дело отцов не прошло даром the work of the fathers was not wasted
Entered by: Henry Schroeder
он не чует нервы (maybe) he's numb (or something)
Entered by: Judith Hehir
"... я буду их перебирать" I'll caress them
"От сумы и тюрьмы не зарекайся" There’s no fence against ill fortune
"Отец демократий" Father of Democracy
Entered by: Levan Namoradze
"Эффект случайного попутчика" the 'stranger on a train' phenomenon
"обработка" в переносном смысле brain-washing
"Вот так бы написать роман и заработать кучу денег" Wouldn't it be great - pen a novel, make scads of money.
(для страны) наступили не лучшие времена (the country) was plunged into one of its least favorable times
(ему) уже не поможешь he's beyond help / there's no hope (for him)
*Описание* (рукописей, содержащихся в библиотечном архиве) description
--Это ещё что! (...А вот мы...) It's just trifles! (I can tell you...)
... не располагали к ... were not conducive to
....kak substrata dushevnoi deiatel'nosti. the substrate (material basis) for/of mental activity
33 богатыря Thirty-Three Warriors
«Слово о расслабленном, и немужественном, и изумленном страховании» Lame unmanly addle-brained fear-mongering
«Висит груша, нельзя скушать.» "Hangs like a pear, stomach can't bear" :)
«Гинденбург – это голова». great mind / great thinker / man of great vision
c кем я связался? just look what I have to deal with!
cтибзил slang for "stole" -nicked/yoinked / lifted / pocketed / embezzled
cкосив глаз squinting an eye
D'iakon sgreb khoziaina za obe ryki The Deacon grabbed his master by both arms.
dolia-nevolia our fate is not to be free
domishche big house
dusha v piatkakh to have one's heart in one's boots (at one's heels)
garmon' accordion
Kakaia zhe mozhet byt' vera visloukhomy duraku parniu? How can we trust this flap-eared simpleton
korobka samoluchshikh sigar so steklyshkom korobka sigar so steklyshkom
Kudja wedjat äta doroga? Where does this road lead to?
lampy-molnii kerosene/oil lamp
lemenatsiya illumination
Minutami ei stanovilos' strashno at times she was terrified / she was having flashes of panic/terror
Entered by: Mikhail Kropotov
Mrachnyi Prokhor, ne vidia svetu, per taigoiu naprolom ploughed on through the taiga
music and poetry soiree музыкально-поэтический вечер
Entered by: Larissa Dinsley
My svoikh ne zabizheam.. 'We don't harm our own'
na pereves atilt
Entered by: zebu
ne pro vashu chest' Not for the likes of you!
neskol'ko zagublennykh ni za poniukh tabaku deshevykh zhiznei several wasted worthless lives
Entered by: Iryna Maslova
nikomu spusku ne dajet would not cut them any slack
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