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Russian to English Slang Translation Glossary

Russian term English translation
хомяк hamster
Entered by: Susan Welsh
рыло в пушку guilty as sin, a finger in the pie
Entered by: Susan Welsh
раскумариться to be up again- to take the next dose
рагуль/рагульный hick
разводил Kept giving us run around...
разводилово, развод и тд tourist trap
развести на бабос swindled / conned / fleeced / taken to the cleaners
рвать шаблон break the mold
редиска (нехороший человек) a meanie
otsypanie sleeping off
podonki scum
Entered by: Vladimir Dubisskiy
s blatnymi portakami with their (obscene) gang tatoos
shalada has no meaning
slang luck....
Куда прешь? Where the hell do you think you're going?
Круче меня только яйца Tough as nails
Entered by: Sofia Gutkin
Клофелинщица spiker
Коронование, Малява, ксива Use transiteration (ksiva, etc.) with footnotes
Entered by: mk_lab
Колорадский бантик (Orange-black) "potato beetle" ribbon
Причиндалы goods and chattels
Подорвались set off
Пешком поедешь? Are you taking the car? (See discussion)
Entered by: Amy Lesiewicz
Отвечая Answering
Entered by: Kevin Kelly
ОНИ в ЖОПЕ! They are screwed!
Entered by: Ali Bayraktar
А теперь разберемся, кто кого имеет... And now we'll figure out who screwed whom (or who got screwed)
Не бывает некрасивых женщин there are no ugly women at closing time
Entered by: Yuri Larin
Не въехать I don't get it
Раздавить kill the bottle
Страдать херней to fuck around
Собака лаяла на дядю фраера Barking up the wrong tree (see below)
Согласитесь One cannot but agree that
Ты выглядишь затраханным you look fucked
Entered by: Natalie
Я в залёте I've got a bun in the oven.
актуальный relevant
ангажирую угол у тети here: "I'm renting a room from a landlady"
быть в системе to use drugs systematically
бычий (slang) bad, negative adj.
братва gang
баян [шприц для инъекции наркотиков] hype/prod/spike
банчит deal, distribute
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