The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

Russian to English Slang Translation Glossary

Russian term English translation
блины/блинчики skipping stones/rocks
Entered by: Michael Tovbin
большая жопа (in this context) screwed (big time)
Entered by: Laura Friend
бомбила gypsy cab driver
бессребреник unmercenary
в шестом отделе in the 6th Department
в говно drugged up to the eyballs
въехать to get in the groove
втюхивание unload, palm off
выпинывать to kick out
Entered by: David Knowles
включить дурака play dumb
Entered by: Judith Hehir
воспитка (воспитатель) pls see below
Entered by: Yuri Larin
вор в законе mafia boss
Entered by: Levan Namoradze
водила (водитель) wheelman
воля, с воли the outside, from the outside, on the outside
Entered by: Mikhail Kropotov
грязная писанина dirty scribblings
Entered by: erika rubinstein
гад scumbag
готов dead; a goner; stone dead; gone; \"toast\"
Entered by: Susan Welsh
гон bull, bullshit
гонево bollocks (UK) bullshit (US)
гопы, short for гопники rednecks (US), yobs, louts (UK)
гопник street tough/thug
гелевый стержень gel refill
Entered by: Vladimir Pochinov
дяденька/тётенька (дядя/тётя) Ma\'am/Mister
дымовушки plastic smoke bombs
да ну тебя/ да иди ты/ да отстань/ да прямо и т.п. get out / give me a break / come off it
дачить put the heat on [someone]
Entered by: Samantha Payn
джеф, ништяк джеф is also a drug made of some prescription medicine
дорога One dose of heroin
докруты subsequent adjustments/ (back) fitting (of the report)
Entered by: J.E.Sunseri
затарюсь stock up (on)
Entered by: Elene P.
завязать to introduce to
завтыкался got overwhelmed; got really tied up
задроченный wacked-out, masturbatory
закидать кого-н тазиками kick them out
закидос bait
залупить Rip off / skin / overcharge / cheat
заморачиваются у одного place for drug consumption - flat of one of the drug-addicts
заныкать stash (away)
заначка stash
и ежу понятно it doesn\'t take a rocket scientist to understand/figure this out or it is no rocket science
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