The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

Russian to English Slang Translation Glossary

Russian term English translation
олигарх business tycoon
пятихатка 500 rubles or dollars
пышка 1. general sense: muffin/doughnut 2. slang meaning: plump girl
Entered by: Mikhail Kropotov
прям indeed
пруха lucky streak, piece of luck, run of good luck, streak of luck
правильный пацан stand-up guy
приспрашивалась ask too many questions, try to find out
прикинь (ты прикинь, да? и проч) no sh*t! / no kidding! / no joke! / you feel me?
приколоть на to hook the reader / to get the reader hooked by
Entered by: Oleg Lozinskiy
приемы police raids / drug busts
Entered by: Mikhail Kropotov
прописка initiation/jump-in
препод teach
пацан/ пацик Pls see below
Entered by: Yuri Larin
пипл все схавает People will swallow anything
Entered by: Jennifer Guernsey
построить кого-то put in line
посидеть sit for a while
пофигизм total indifference
похую don't give a fuck
погонялово yes, it means "nickname"
подмять (под себя) take control over (of)
поднял employed, make use of, utilized
пойти (о паре) в свисток to waste all the effort
пока целая Shut your trap while you're still in one piece!
получить за что-то cop it (for something)
полетели ласточки the ball started rolling
Мухосранск East Bumblefuck / East Bumfuck
Монтажно-тонировочный период post-production
Entered by: Elizabeth Adams
И все на этой же волне on and on the same way
Зацени, здесь реальные пацаны Check it out, real homeys.
Забугорный on the other side of the fence
Бомба [шпаргалка] \"bomb\" sheet
Безпонтовей slack, wack, weak, shitty, crap, bunknaf, naff, sad, knackered,
В паре с гёрлами (in pairs) with chicks
Висяк Cold case
Entered by: Mark Berelekhis
Включали, выключали They got high
Дай жигу Give me a light!
Есть телега? Do you have Telegram?
Лажа какая-то! What crap! That's bull***t! This is some weird s**t! This is some kinda s**t!
Entered by: Mikhail Kropotov
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