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Spanish to English History Translation Glossary

Spanish term English translation
al cumplirse seis años de la IV Cumbre de las Américas Six years after the fourth/4th Summit of the Americas
Entered by: Jenni Lukac
¿Por qué asimilaban dejar descubierto un ojo con lo musulmán... Why do they conflate leaving one eye uncovered with Muslim tradition...?
Entered by: David Ronder
con ellas se sostienen la libertad y la igualdad which uphold freedom and equality
que la jugada en su contra that the manoeuvre against him
Entered by: Jenni Lukac
"...las traxeren aquellos de donde ellos vienen" in the form and manner worn by those from where they come
"erudito a la violeta" sham scholar; farcical scholar
"europeizarnos y sumergirnos en el pueblo" Europeanize ourselves and submerge ourselves in the community
"lo que no hizo" in this sentence for/to which he was not attached/appointed/ascribed
"pROvenir," used as a verb descend
'no hay cuerpo del víctima ni del delito' 'there is no body nor body of evidence'
... y que propuso..... distribuir de modo más equitativo la riqueza reform intended/designed to promote a more equitable/equal distribution of wealth...
Entered by: Jenni Lukac
30 de hoy de 1694 (documento antiguo) 30th day of the current month, 1694
Entered by: Mónica Algazi
a inciativa de la afición on the initiative of supporters
Entered by: S Ben Price
a la sombra de españoles in the shadow of the Spaniards ; in the guise of Spaniards
a manera de escoria de herreros like a (blacksmith's) slag heap
A raiz del acceso... los ricos comenzaron a migrar Given the access of the lower classes to Mar de Plata, the wealthy began to migrate toward Pinamar.
A su fin To this end
Abastecimiento Provisioning
acantonamiento / acantonar tropas quartering / to quarter troops
acarreo transporting
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
acogerse a follow in the tradition of
acometidas perplejas fits of confusion/bewilderment
Entered by: JaneTranslates
acta de detención detention/arrest/custody record
Adelantado (frase) Governor
Entered by: David Ronder
adrestaremos we will give instructions to (order)
Entered by: Jenni Lukac
aeropuerto terrestre y marítimo land and marine airport
agatirsos Agathyrsi
Entered by: Max Zalewski
agenciar to tackle
agentes de cambio en el mercardo inmobiliario exchange agents/brokers in the real estate/property market...
agonística agonistic
agora (in this context) now
Entered by: Rafael Molina Pulgar
airón emblem (here)
al sancionar un novedoso Estatuto del Peón by instituting / implementing the revolutionary Estatuto de Peón
Entered by: Jenni Lukac
Alanos y Suevos Alans and Swabians
alarde de demagogia display of demagoguery/demagogy
Entered by: Wendy Streitparth
albacar turret
albeítar (animal) leech / animal doctor
Entered by: Noni Gilbert
alcalde de realengo senior local judge (of first instance) appointed by the Crown
allende los mares beyond the seas/overseas
Alli surgieron las primeras consignas que se gritaban The first slogans that they shouted arose there
Entered by: Patricia Bower
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