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Spanish to English Business/Commerce (general) Translation Glossary

Spanish term English translation
VP Product value (Valor Producto)
vuelta del arriendo (del avión) lease-back (of the plane)
VUELTO QUE SEA, ARCHÍVESE Once it has been returned, it is to be filed / archived
Entered by: Charles Davis
warrants pendientes de ejercicio warrants still outstadning/outstanding warrants
Web Site de referencia del docente reference web site for educators / educational reference web site
work around the problem continuar trabajando mientras se esquiva el problema
x esta participada en un 100% de y x is wholly owned / 100% owned by y
XX trasladará los compromisos asumidos frente a YYY en virtud del presente documento "a quien de ella traiga causa" en relación XXX shall transfer all commitments to YYY stated in this document to any party that YYY may indicate regarding the ESTATE.
XXX mantiene una clara vocacion de liderazgo en el sector XXX is set on becoming a sector leader
y a procurar su custodia y no-divulgación por el Personal a su cargo and shall take steps to ensure that such information is safeguarded and not disclosed by its Staff
Entered by: James A. Walsh
y asimilados de assimilated/and other eligible employees
y de la parte proporcional de ráppel and the proportional part of the discount
y en el proyecto de ejecución de su fábrica and in the implementation project of your factory
y haya pagado la contribución [see context] and has paid the contribution
Entered by: Robert Forstag
y le pida autorización de actualizarse en caso de ser requerido and requests (or asks for) authorization to upgrade, if necessary
y otros derivados and other sub-products
Y para que conste, se extiende la presente en el lugar y fechas señalados in witness whereof, this document is drawn up at the place and date indicated
Y pensar que, cuando... It is somewhat amazing to think that...
y que se reconoce and that is recognized
y quien la supervisa previa a su cargo final and those who monitor it before its final debit.......
Entered by: Rebecca Hendry
y tocaba and it was that time
ya no se vaya a it won't be
ya puestos en materia, adequately prepared/briefed
Entered by: Lisa McCarthy
ya que la responsabilidad de cualquier otro gravamen era inminente as there was an impending liability for any other encumbrance
ya sea de este o bien cualquier otro whether it be for this or any other ...
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
Yo pongo de mi, si tú pones de ti I'll do my part if you do your part/yours
Entered by: liz askew
yo, Antonio Pereira, declaro... I, Antonio Pereira, hereby declare/state...
zero injury program programa cero accidentes
zl ser debidamente depurados upon being properly (duly) audited and adjusted
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
zonaje location pay
Entered by: Manuel Aburto
zonas de desencuentro lack of common ground
Zonas de selectivo y colorido the selection and blending areas
[...] con el responsable de postventa de XXXXX Sr.[...] after-sales manager
[Preparación de] la indagación de lo mejor (Preparation for) finding out what's best
\"capacidad de arrastre\" ability to attract (etc)
\"parte decisoria\" dispositive part
\"particular tío político\" uncle by marriage
\"viajar\" as a computer term? Guatemala/El Salvador (does not/fails to) travel
Entered by: guillen
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