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Spanish to English Insurance Translation Glossary

Spanish term English translation
Avance sobre el término de la pensión alimenticia Advances on alimony payments
avatares circumstances
avería gruesa gross average
Entered by: David Hollywood
ámbito de dependencia on behalf of/as employees of
órtesis orthosis, orthotic (device or support, specially for the foot, used to correct or relieve an orthopedic problem) // versus orthodicts, which although at times a plural of orthotic, a synonym of ortheses, also means the branch of medicine.
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
Órgano paritario Joint body/organ
Entered by: Edward Tully
“la primera línea de defensa” first line of defense
Entered by: Eloisa Anchezar
bajo concesión under concession
bajo juramento o promesa de decir verdad under oath or affirmation
balance al descubierto unpaid balance
Base de Avaluacion Valuation basis
base de cotización salary for National Insurance contribution calculation
bastara para que la suspension sea efectiva, la comunicacion fehaciente Reliable communication (contact) will be sufficient for suspension to become effective
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
beneficiario preferencial preferential beneficiary
beneficiario preferente priority beneficiary
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
Beneficios en realización de inversiones Realised investment gains
Entered by: MJ Barber
BIEN good/ machinery/ asset
bienes afectados damaged assets (in this context)
bienes fisicos tangible assets
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
bienes muebles al aire libre outdoor furniture
bienes o patrimonio property or assets
Entered by: kittilina
billetes perforados perforated banknotes
bono bond
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
BONO DE ATENCION AMBULATORIA (insurance) voucher for outpatient medical treatment
Entered by: Douglas Davies
bono pensional retirement payment (pension)
borderau bordereau
bouquet (de contratos) bouquet (of treaties)
Brida del buque (inlet) flange of the ship
buena siniestralidad good/favorable loss ratio
builder's risk completed value form cobertura a cargo del fabricante
C. I. S. (Cédula de Información Socioeconómica) Socioeconomic information Number/Card
Entered by: Marina Menendez
caída de aviones falling aircraft
cabeceo pitch
Entered by: EirTranslations
Cabecera header
cabina call centre / call center
Entered by: Charles Davis
caida de cuerpos siderales y aerolitos falling space debris and aeroliths
Entered by: MJ Barber
calculada a periodo corto calculated on a short term basis
Calificación Definitiva Definite Qualification
canjeador broker
capa de rodadura flexible de 25 cm. 25 cm. flexible wearing course
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