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Spanish to English Linguistics Translation Glossary

Spanish term English translation
comitiva retinue, entourage
la forzada a ser siempre escurridiza poética (this author's) always deliberately elusive poetics
Entered by: Charles Davis
tocayo namesake
y menos componente previo exista de espongiofibrosis. and when there are fewer prior indications of spongiofibrosis
!Qué cosa... las vueltas que da la Vida ¡ Incredible!! Life is a carrousel!!! (or roller coaster)
"at 14" ... "at 19" page quotations
"bueno, milagros, ni en Loudes" There's no such thing as miracles
"mamita" and "papito" in this context. sweetie-pie & honey-bunch
"proceso inferencial" inference process
Entered by: Maria Elena Martinez
"quedarse corto/a" to pale in comparison to...
"resolución recaída en el expediente" decision/order/resolution/ruling entered on the/this record
"vale un ojo de la cara" it costs an arm and a leg
...coger ventaja... get on top of or pile up
...con qué... ...nothing to... with
...cubierto... utensil
...estorbando..., ... esto es LO QUE ME está estorbando... getting in my way
...falta mucho... we/ you still have a long way to go liquidación de los gravámenes de aduana... settlement of custom duties repugna tu actitud (tu comportamiento, etc.) your attitude (behaviour, etc.) disgusts me
...meter la pata, metida de pata... goof up, goof, foul-up, f...-up, louse up, screw up, go wrong, mess up, mess and a half
...meter... cut in / cut in front of
...salida y entrada... ... let on and off... me fue la mano... go too far, overdo it
...sembrar las semillas... to sow the seeds yo estuviera... si yo fuera...(grammar) If I were/ If I was (gramatically correct vs everyday, street talk)
...tiempo sin verte... long time no see / it's been a while
Entered by: Jaime Oriard
...tomarse la molestia... bother, take the trouble
...volcaduras... overturned
...y sobre todo, sean siempre capaces de sentir en lo más hondo ... and most of all, always be able to feel any injustice profoundly
14. DECLARACIÓN INEXACTA O RETICENTE Imprecise or reluctant statement (declaration)
a canales de creación y difusión channels of creation and dissemination
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
a efectos meramente enunciativos including, without limitation
a hacer fracasar having any impact on/encroaching upon/impinging on/impacting on
Entered by: liz askew
a la que yo vea, se me antoje y puedo, me la cargo if I see a woman I want, I'll f**k her
a más tardar no later than
a nivel informativo for informational purposes
abrir el camino pave the way for
acaba/ termina antes tus tareas finish your homework first
acciones llevadas a cabo actions performed OR performed actions
Acortar distancias... To shorten journeys/distances
Entered by: Lisa McCarthy
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