The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

Swedish to English Other Translation Glossary

Swedish term English translation
aviavgifter administration fees/charges
ersättning som under beslutets giltighetstid uppbärs från ovan angiv utbetalare benefit which is drawn from the above-mentioned payer during the period of validity of the decision
(foto till) tavla (photo for the) notice board
Entered by: micawber_7
.. prövas av Länsrätten. adjudicated by the County Administrative Court
af af
aktivitetsersättning activity compensation
anbudsförfrågan Invitation to tender/Request for proposal
Entered by: Paul Lambert
anmärkningstid time for querying
anspänningstid ready time
Entered by: Helen Johnson
Arbetsgivarföreningen KFO Cooperative Employers\' Association
Entered by: Paul Gratwick
arvode e d samt erlagd skatt. such as remuneration and paid tax.
avdankad has-been
avgasstuds exhaust flange
Entered by: Rosica Dimitrova
avgår less
Avista spot rate
Entered by: Susanne Roelands
älvrum riverfront
Entered by: stephen mewes
än så länge For now, right now, for the time being, so far, still
åka på stryk thought he was going to get beaten up
åldersbetyg Birth certificate
Entered by: micawber_7
årsdag anniversary
årston ton/year
ödebygd (in the sense of glesbygd) sparsely populated area (in this context)
överföring transfer
Åb ...SS Follow up.... Final answer/results
Åkvagnar runners
Entered by: Anna Herbst
Ålands Landskapsstyrelse Governing body of Åland islands
backstugusittare crofter
bakåtslickad frisyr slicked-back hairdo / hairstyle / hair
bardskärare barber-surgeon
bärplanstag supporting-level stay/supporting stay
Entered by: Helen Johnson
båtplatskö waiting list for a berth
börsklippare stock market speculator
behovsanalys necessity analysis
Entered by: micawber_7
beskedlig well-mannered
Entered by: Anna Herbst
Beskjutning av gasflaskor firing at gas cylinders
Entered by: Paul Lambert
beskriva det som att says that
BEVAKNINGSPRIS reserve price
Bifogat översändes kungörelsen med bevis för anslåendet. Attached is the notification with evidence of its posting
bindande binding
Entered by: Lisa Dahlander
bjudmat snacks
Entered by: stephen mewes
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