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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Dec 12 fra>eng dont la loi conserve le rang whose ranking is preserved / guaranteed / assured by the law pro open no
3 Nov 29 fra>eng par defaut de cause [terminating a contract] for being / becoming without a purpose / void of purpose pro closed no
- Nov 9 eng>fra commissioning sous-traitance / donner en sous-traitance le traitement des données personnelles pro closed no
- Aug 30 eng>fra net profits is defined as all of the gross amounts le bénéfice net est défini comme la différence entre ..[A].. et ..[B].. pro closed no
- Aug 16 fra>eng recueil des signalements means / procedures for receiving alerts / notification of alerts pro open no
- Jul 9 fra>eng les commandes acquises newly taken contracts / contracts taken since submitting the technical bid pro closed ok
- Jul 7 fra>eng Collectivité des actionnaires. body of shareholders pro closed no
- Jun 4 fra>eng entrepreneur procédé/ contrat procédé chosen contractor / agreed contract (the one with the selected bidder) pro just_closed no
- May 27 fra>eng de son fait personnel due to its own actions / within the limits of what is caused by its own (Seller's) actions pro closed no
- May 16 fra>eng Une semaine nette/un mois net a period of one calendar month / one week / x days pro closed ok
4 May 4 .cr>eng Nasljednica pod II po nasljedniku pod I [serve to] (the heiress under II) care of (the heir under I) pro closed ok
4 Mar 11 fra>eng en une autre espèce change the legal form of the company pro closed no
- Feb 17 eng>fra Bona Fide bona fide easy closed ok
4 Jan 26 .cr>eng svagdašnji the owners of the newly created lot, whoever they are is at any given time pro closed ok
- Jan 5 eng>eng characterised qualified (by someone, the other party or their lawyers) pro closed ok
- Dec 4 '18 eng>eng given upon receipt notices will be deemed as having been served upon receipt pro closed no
4 Nov 5 '18 fra>eng à la fois s’engager et ne pas s’engager - principe juridique one cannot at the same time accept an obligation and reject it pro closed no
- Oct 23 '18 eng>fra Rate applicable for groups of minimum one prix applicables à des groupes d'au moins un participant pro just_closed no
- Oct 11 '18 eng>fra Tenancy Letter [lettre d'] offre de location pro closed no
- Oct 7 '18 fra>eng classés en Code du Travail these premises are subject to fire regulations pertaining to the workplace pro just_closed no
4 Sep 19 '18 fra>eng répartition aux prorata des dix millièmes allocation [of shared costs] in proportion with the parts of co-ownership ("the ten-thousandths") pro closed ok
4 Aug 22 '18 eng>fra Attorney of the company fondé de pouvoir d'une société pro closed ok
- Jul 13 '18 eng>fra disabling comportement disqualifiant / conduite disqualifiante pro just_closed no
4 Jul 3 '18 eng>... minimum acceptance performance доње границе прихватљивог извршења [уговорних обавеза] pro closed ok
4 Jul 3 '18 eng>... Holding response обавештење да је поступак у току / о току поступка / о одлагању одлуке (/одговора) pro closed ok
4 Jul 2 '18 eng>... default costs certificate одлука о додељеним (/признатим) трошковима донета у одсуству pro closed ok
3 Jun 26 '18 .cr>eng s tim it being agreed that pro closed no
4 Jun 22 '18 fra>eng référencéé aux droits de [some potential obstacle] linked to / referenced to this location / to this property pro closed ok
- Jun 21 '18 eng>eng its the principles about resolving conflicts of jurisdiction contained in the laws of the State of N.Y. easy closed no
4 Jun 21 '18 eng>eng to the satisfaction of a jury the jury was "satisfied" = convinced / believed in the proofs that it's true pro closed no
4 Jun 5 '18 eng>fra joint and several director administrateur [de société] aux pleins pouvoirs [individuels et collectifs] pro closed no
3 May 29 '18 fra>eng accord économique reach an agreement about another clause with the same economic effect easy closed no
4 May 8 '18 eng>fra Company Consent terms of use Conditions d'Utilisation du logiciel "Conversant Consent" pro closed ok
- Feb 20 '18 eng>fra enjoined leur exploitation est interdite par action en justice pro just_closed no
4 Feb 7 '18 eng>fra voting power les droits de vote attachés aux actions / droits de vote liés aux actions pro closed no
4 Feb 6 '18 eng>eng ...or reinstate or else, (due to the absence of a request from the Borrowers), question of getting the parsing right pro closed no
3 Dec 16 '17 eng>fra other than solely for the benefit autrement que pour les besoins de easy closed ok
- Dec 9 '17 fra>eng par quelque artifice under whichever pretense pro closed ok
- Dec 7 '17 fra>eng recueil effectif des garanties immediately after [effectively] receiving the guarantees [stipulated by this agreement] pro closed ok
- Nov 22 '17 fra>eng se prévaloir d'un péril without any need for the appellant to invoke a situation of emergency / being in distress pro closed ok
- Nov 13 '17 eng>... arbitral awards prinudna naplata iznosa dodeljenih putem arbitraže pro closed ok
- Nov 2 '17 eng>... liability in equity обавезе по основу правичности pro closed ok
4 Oct 5 '17 eng>fra at torn to the exclusive jurisdiction se soumettre à la juridiction exclusive de pro closed ok
- Sep 11 '17 fra>eng responsable ès-qualité de bonne foi de the signatory, [being] responsible as such for the order being genuine pro just_closed no
4 Sep 10 '17 eng>fra emergency use exemptions dérogations pour emploi / utilisation dans des situations d'urgences pro closed no
- Sep 2 '17 fra>eng Chacun des Partenaires, et XXX n’étant pas solidaires. None of the Initial Partners nor XXX having any joint responsibility pro just_closed no
- Aug 27 '17 eng>fra in respect of themselves only and not each other chacune des parties, uniquement au nom d'elle-même et non de l'autre, pro open no
- Aug 23 '17 eng>fra Severality Indépendance des clauses pro closed ok
- Jul 1 '17 eng>fra provide advance notice of informer à l'avance de tout changement easy closed no
- May 11 '17 fra>eng en libre établissement under the freedom of establishing branches / freedom of establishment pro closed ok
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