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“Simply put, the Translation Center that has generously made available to Translators without Borders has allowed us to donate around ten times as many words to help non profit organizations, and to respond much more quickly when translation is needed in a crisis situation.” Lori Thicke, TWB Founder
Translators Without Borders - United States
Member since: Feb '11

I would like you to know that almost 100% of my business is there thanks to
Kersti Skovgaard - Estonia
Member since: Dec '05

I have used to raise my rates - with any new customer I can go a step higher.
Jerzy Czopik - Germany
Member since: Jun '03

As a regular outsourcer attendee, I find conferences an excellent opportunity to bridge the "freelancer-outsourcer gap". On the one hand, I can listen to the translators' perspective at the sessions, which creates empathy, and gives me a chance to re-think workflows, vendor selection practices and/or criteria. On the other hand, I get to explain the language service providers' point of view to individual translators, which makes co-operation easier later on. As an MLV working into 40+ languages we're in desperate need of seasoned freelance translator teams and small agency vendors. conferences are the ideal setting for finding new partners, and to personally meet the members of our existing network of translators from around the world. Finally, I think is a vibrant, living community of strikingly interesting, intelligent people who are just fun to be with. Miklos Ban, MD, e-spell group
Nora Zilahy - Hungary
Member since: Nov '05

Thanks to for another wonderful contest experience!
Kristina Kolic - Croatia
Member since: Jun '07 me ha servido de gran ayuda a través de los años. Cada vez que quiero buscar nuevos clientes, los encuentro. es el sitio más completo para traductores.
Kimberlee Thorne-Harper - United States
Member since: Dec '05's Connect has enabled us to find linguists with very specific skills in virtually no time. Our vendor manager just loves the filtering option, it's the most powerful in the market.
Gabriela Elena Lemoine - Argentina
Member since: Dec '05

通过 ProZ 这个平台,让我们能很快找到所要的人才。而Agency Blue Board让我们避免与一些信誉不好的公司合作,减少损失。同时平台内的论坛,还可以与全世界的同行交流一些翻译及软件技术上的问题。绝对是物超所值。
LingoNova - China
Member since: Feb '07

This is really a great initiative and I'm glad to see so many people joining every day.
Mariana Moreira - Portugal
Member since: Jun '04

“I spent the last two years looking for a way to grow my translation business. I had no idea of what I was looking for. I knew that I needed something to increase my productivity, but I couldn’t seem to figure out exactly what. I was stuck. When I heard about the Translation Center powered by, I had that “eureka” feeling. And I was right. After a couple of months using it, I can assure that it greatly increased my productivity by making it a lot easier to manage my translation projects, making the communication with my translators much more efficient, helping me easily keep perfect track of my POs and invoices, and many other features that make this tool a must for any project manager. Finally, I feel that I found exactly what I was looking for.” Diego D. Rodriguez, Tranlanguage
Diego Rodriguez - United States
Member since: May '10

We are very pleased with the implementation of the Workspace platform, including support and suggestions for improvement. It certainly has helped us to better control the actions and communication with our team of linguists in our routine activities to better meet the expectation of our customers. Alberto Cury, Betaplan Translation Owner
Alberto Cury - Brazil
Member since: Mar '13

If you are working as a freelancer, and relying on tools like this to land clients, membership is not only worth it, it is an absolute must. As a project manager and department director, I use as an essential tool to find translators. I think the cost is absolutely nominal compared to the benefits, including forums, the terminology bank, etc.
Justin Peterson - Spain
Member since: Mar '07

“The Translation Center has proved itself to be an invaluable tool. We needed something to help us keep up with our evolving business structure and size, and the Translation Center answered our needs. From keeping track of translators and language pairs, to project overviews and even billing, the platform has kept us on track. We are particularly impressed and grateful for the effort put into its development, the responsiveness to our needs and suggestions, and the willingness to help by answering questions quickly at almost any hour. ” Emanuel Weisgras, CEO and Founder – Weis Words International Translations
Emanuel Weisgras - United States
Member since: Feb '14

Menjadi anggota berbayar adalah sebuah langkah untuk masuk ke jenjang profesional berikutnya, begitu banyak peluang dan manfaat yang bisa diperoleh.
Hikmat - Indonesia
Member since: Dec '05

I understand as the meeting place for translators, a place where we can exchange ideas, help each other, broaden our horizons, improve our networks...
Erik Hansson - Germany
Member since: Mar '02

Nie mogłabym już pracować bez pomocy koleżanek i kolegów z KudoZ. Mam również doskonałe doświadczenia w wyszukiwaniu tłumaczy różnych, w tym rzadkich, języków. Z wieloma osobami współpracuję już na stałe. To bardzo fachowy portal.
Tradpol - Poland
Member since: Oct '07

“The Translation Center has helped us a lot in avoiding long e-mail conversations. We can now have all project information such as delivery deadlines, instructions, source documents, support documents, and even follow-up commentaries in the same place. This has proven to be very helpful for our outsourced and in-house translators.” Diego Achío, Traduality Language Solutions
Diego Achío - Mexico
Member since: Jul '10

“So far I am loving every part of translation center. I am glad it is here for us and it is FREE! Keep up the good work” Paulius Paulauskas, View Globally
ViewGlobally - Lithuania
Member since: Mar '12

واحد من أفضل المواقع التي تساعد المترجم في بناء شبكة علاقات أعمال قوية، فضلا عن المزايا الأخرى مثل قسم الكدوز، وأيضًا الموقع ساعدني في التعرف على عملاء جدد والتواصل مع الشركات والمترجمين،وأتمنى للموقع مزيد من التقدم والنجاح
Tamer Mekhimar - Egypt
Member since: Jan '09

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