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ProZ.com Newsletter: February 2011

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(1) TWB works with Certified PROs on localization project
(2) Negotiation and communication skills workshop, London, March
(3) Primera conferencia Latinoamericana de ProZ.com
(4) Conferencia de ProZ.com en Valencia (España) 15-16 de oct
(5) ProZ.com конференция в Харькове, Украина
(6) SDL Trados Training and Certification in Berlin
(7) SDL Trados Studio 2009 Getting Started, Bern, April 15
(8) New feature: Translation feedback area
(9) International conference, Rome, May 2011: program available
(10) Special savings on translator training in March
(11) How would you invest in your business?
(12) "Meeting clients at ProZ.com" webinars for March
(13) Free Webinars in March
(14) Save the date for 2011 ProZ.com freelance virtual conference
(15) Why wait? Join ProZ.com today
(16) Advanced translator skills workshop: call for speakers
(17) Upcoming powwows

(1) Translators Without Borders recruits ProZ.com Certified PRO members for ambitious localization program

On February 17th, Translators Without Borders was contacted by the NGO GoodPlanet, who requested help in translating their new website, http://www.desforetsetdeshommes.org into as many languages as possible beyond English, French and Spanish (which were already available).

Since the languages where Translators Without Borders is stronger were not required, a decision was made to contact members of ProZ.com's Certified PRO Network and to ask them for help, offering to add any volunteer directly to the list of approved Translators Without Borders translators (the Certified PRO Network has a screening process similar to that used by Translators Without Borders).

The results were amazing; 38 translators volunteered and the GoodPlanet website is currently being localized into the following 15 languages: Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, German, Dutch, Romanian, Russian, Indonesian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Hungarian, Greek, Slovak and Japanese.

There is room for translation into additional languages. Any Certified PRO members who are willing to collaborate with Translations Without Borders in general, and with GoodPlanet in particular, are welcome to contact TWB via their ProZ.com profile at http://www.proz.com/profile/1352791

Read more: http://blogproz.wordpress.com/

Discover the innovative features in SDL Trados Studio 2009, designed to help you focus on translations. QuickPlace - all your formatting at your fingertips, AutoSuggest - sub-segment matching suggestions as you type, QA checks in real-time, plus many more!

Buy or upgrade by 14th March 2011 and save 20%. Visit http://www.sdl.com/Proz_NL for more information

Discover SDL Trados Studio 2009 Professional: cut project preparation time via automation, work in an office (domain-based) network, work with an unlimited number of languages and reduce review time!

Buy or upgrade by 14th March 2011 and save 20%. Visit our page for more information - http://www.sdl.com/Proz_PRO

(2) Negotiation and communication skills workshop, London, March 2011

Final days to sign up for the one-day workshop on communication and negotiation skills taking place on March 12th, 2011, in London, UK.

Don't miss this exciting and informative event!


(3) Jornadas de Actualización para Traductores Latinoamericanos

En esta conferencia se abordarán diferentes temas teóricos, aspectos técnicos y comerciales que nos ayudarán a mejorar la calidad de nuestro trabajo, aumentar nuestra productividad y maximizar nuestros ingresos.

Se contará con la presencia de destacados presentadores y panelistas de varios países de la región y, en este momento, estamos finalizando la agenda. Si desea compartir sus conocimientos y experiencias, haga clic abajo para presentar su propuesta.

¡Montevideo los espera!


(4) Conferencia de ProZ.com en Valencia (España) -- El Traductor: El Profesional Completo

Este congreso, el primero que ProZ.com realiza en Valencia, pretende dar una gran variedad de consejos para mejorar el rendimiento del traductor en esta profesión multifacética.

Aún se están recibiendo propuestas de posibles oradores para finalizar el programa. Si desea compartir su experiencia y realizar una presentación en Valencia, haga clic aquí:


(5) Конференция ProZ.com 17-18 сентября 2011 г. в Харькове, Украина

Приглашаем всех принять участие в региональной конференции ProZ.com, которая состоится 17-18 сентября 2011 года в Харькове.

Программа конференции только разрабатывается; в центре внимания будут вопросы, связанные с развитием международной индустрии переводов и адаптации к происходящим изменениям.

Если у вас есть желание принять участие или выступить на конференции, регистрируйтесь здесь, http://www.proz.com/conference/230

(6) SDL Trados Training and Certification in Berlin

The participation fee is just 150 EUR per session until March 16th. Purchase now to save:

April 1 - SDL Trados Studio 2009 Getting Started for Translators - in German

April 2 - SDL Trados Studio 2009 Intermediate for Translators - in German

(7) SDL Trados Studio 2009 Getting Started training in Bern, April 15

This course is designed for new users of SDL Trados Studio and will teach attendees about the new features and functionality of SDL Trados Studio 2009. At the end of this course attendees will be able to open, translate and review documents. The participation fee is just 150 EUR per session until March 16th. Purchase now to save.


(8) Translation feedback area: a new place to learn and have fun with colleagues

The translation feedback area is a place for translators to submit and discuss short translation texts, as a means of improving, exchanging opinions and experience with colleagues, and having fun. This feature is open to ProZ.com members.


‘memoQ has been such a breath of fresh air!’
Antoinette-M. Sixt Ruth - Freelance translator
To learn more about memoQ, visit http://www.kilgray.com

‘Everyone here at GlobalDenmark would like to really give our greatest thanks to you for your outstanding and awesome service yesterday! You guys are the greatest.’
Anette Jakobsen- GlobalDenmark
To learn more about memoQ, visit http://www.kilgray.com

(9) International conference, Rome, May 2011: program available

Program details and payment options are now available for the 2011 ProZ.com international conference, which will take place in Rome, Italy on May 20-23, 2011. Space is limited-- register now to attend.


Add-on training opportunites during Rome conference:

May 20 - SDL Trados Studio 2009 Getting Started for Translators

May 23 - Your first steps with voice recognition software

COMING SOON – Wordfast Classic 6.0. The industry’s #1 MS Word-based TM tool will feature a redesigned toolbar, unlimited TM sharing, AutoComplete, enhanced QA, and much more. Learn more at http://www.wordfast.com/products_wordfast.html
Save when you buy through ProZ.com TGB - http://www.proz.com/tgb

Wordfast provides the industry’s most affordable and user-friendly translation memory software for translation agencies and multinational corporations. Learn more about our desktop, server, and web-based solutions at http://www.proz.com/wordfast

Save when you buy Wordfast through ProZ.com Translator Group Buy at http://www.proz.com/tgb

(10) Special savings on ProZ.com translator training in March

Expand your business and improve your work with training tools and opportunities at ProZ.com. More than 200 live sessions and on-demand training by experienced professionals on translation industry-related topics.

During March, get translator training at a discounted price or purchase multiple related training courses in a bundle, at a significant saving over purchasing each course individually. Some training packages can also be purchased along with ProZ.com professional membership, at an even further discounted price. Don't miss this opportunity to improve your skills and advance in your career.


XTM Cloud is helping translators work online in a secure and easy to use way. With XTM Cloud you can translate many file types including MS Office, InDesign, Framemaker, XML and more. If you want to try translating online you can register for a free no-obligation trial of XTM Cloud at http//www.xtm-intl.com/trial . XTM Cloud: Better Translation Technology.

(11) How would you invest in your business?

A recent quick poll asked, "If you had a certain amount of money to invest in your business, how would you do it?" See the results and participate in the discussion.


(12) "Meeting clients at ProZ.com" webinars for March

"Meeting clients at ProZ.com" is a series of free webinars which cover strategies to help you get the most out of your ProZ.com experience. Each webinar includes a hands-on workshop session where staff provide guidance in improving your profile and getting more out of ProZ.com.

"Meeting clients at ProZ.com" webinar schedule for March:

Mar 01 (Spanish): http://www.proz.com/translator-training/course/4553
Mar 04 (English): http://www.proz.com/translator-training/course/4541
Mar 09 (Russian): http://www.proz.com/translator-training/course/4562
Mar 11 (English): http://www.proz.com/translator-training/course/4544
Mar 15 (Spanish): http://www.proz.com/translator-training/course/4556
Mar 18 (English): http://www.proz.com/translator-training/course/4547
Mar 22 (Russian): http://www.proz.com/translator-training/course/4564
Mar 23 (English): http://www.proz.com/translator-training/course/4550
Mar 29 (Spanish): http://www.proz.com/translator-training/course/4559

(13) Free webinars in March

ProZ.com's next free webinar series begins March 28 with webinars from:

- SDL Trados
- memoQ 4.5
- Alchemy CATALYST 9.0
- XTM Cloud
- Translation Workspace
- AIT/TO3000


(14) Save the date for ProZ.com's 3rd annual freelance translator virtual conference

Mark the calendar to attend the 3rd annual ProZ.com freelance translator virtual conference.

The event will be held September 30th, 2011 in celebration of International Translation Day.


Special Offer! Alchemy PUBLISHER 3.0: Freelance edition only €249 for ProZ.com members!

Alchemy Publisher 3.0 supports over 100 different content rich document formats including PDF and PowerPoint.
Deliver higher quality translations, reduce your costs and speed up your projects!
This is a time-limited offer.


(15) Why wait? Join ProZ.com today

ProZ.com members meet four times as many new clients as non-members, and benefit from full access to all of the site's tools and opportunities. For today only, you can join ProZ.com at a discounted rate, with access to a free translator training course included:

* A full year of membership at ProZ.com, the world's largest community of language professionals and the number one source of new clients for translators and interpreters.
* Your choice of one of three self-paced translator training courses: http://www.proz.com/translator-training/packages/campaign
* Personalized assistance from site staff in strategies for using ProZ.com to increase your contact with new clients.
* A money-back guarantee.

See more about the benefits of membership:

Purchase here: https://www.proz.com/store/1016

(16) Advanced translator skills virtual workshop: call for speakers

Speaker applications for the upcoming Advanced translator skills virtual workshop are currently being accepted.

This workshop will feature speakers and presentations geared towards seasoned and experienced translators.


(17) Upcoming powwows: UK, Czech Republic, Australia, etc.

3: London, UK (11 members) http://proz.com/powwow/3647
3: Prague, Czech Republic (16) http://proz.com/powwow/3653
3: Belfast, UK (14) http://proz.com/powwow/3622
5: Adelaide, Australia (1) http://proz.com/powwow/3664
5: Barcelona, Spain (29) http://proz.com/powwow/3539
5: Nottingham, UK (21) http://proz.com/powwow/3581
5: Pretoria, South Africa (14) http://proz.com/powwow/3601
5: Budapest, Hungary (15) http://proz.com/powwow/3634
11: Cardiff, UK (14) http://proz.com/powwow/3652
17: Gdansk, Poland (2) http://proz.com/powwow/3641
19: Kočani, Macedonia (FYROM) (13) http://proz.com/powwow/3356
19: Lyon, France (11) http://proz.com/powwow/3655
19: Birmingham, UK (9) http://proz.com/powwow/3640
24: Turin, Italy (40) http://proz.com/powwow/3515
25: Plymouth, UK (2) http://proz.com/powwow/3644
25: Poznan, Poland (7) http://proz.com/powwow/3629
26: Bristol, UK (7) http://proz.com/powwow/3659
26: London, UK (40) http://proz.com/powwow/3620

9: Baia Mare, Romania (2) http://proz.com/powwow/3658
15: Firenze, Italy (7) http://proz.com/powwow/3610
16: Nuenen, nea..., Netherlands (55) http://proz.com/powwow/3541
16: Rennes, France (16) http://proz.com/powwow/3637

Full list of powwows (including those after Feb: http://www.proz.com/?sp=event/powwow_board&r_id=464

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