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Polish to Russian translators and interpreters » General fields

Polish to Russian Tech/Engineering translators (1172)
Polish to Russian Art/Literary translators (1158)
Polish to Russian Medical translators (968)
Polish to Russian Law/Patents translators (306)
Polish to Russian Science translators (3174)
Polish to Russian Bus/Financial translators (224)
Polish to Russian Marketing translators (1325)
Polish to Russian Other translators (4440)
Polish to Russian Social Sciences translators (1283)

Polish to Russian translators and interpreters » Specific fields

Polish to Russian translators: Accounting
Polish to Russian translators: Advertising / Public Relations
Polish to Russian translators: Aerospace / Aviation / Space
Polish to Russian translators: Agriculture (142)
Polish to Russian translators: Livestock / Animal Husbandry
Polish to Russian translators: Anthropology
Polish to Russian translators: Archaeology (41)
Polish to Russian translators: Architecture
Polish to Russian translators: Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting
Polish to Russian translators: Astronomy & Space (40)
Polish to Russian translators: Finance (general) (385)
Polish to Russian translators: Automation & Robotics
Polish to Russian translators: Automotive / Cars & Trucks
Polish to Russian translators: Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-)
Polish to Russian translators: Botany
Polish to Russian translators: Construction / Civil Engineering
Polish to Russian translators: Business/Commerce (general)
Polish to Russian translators: Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.)
Polish to Russian translators: Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs
Polish to Russian translators: Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng
Polish to Russian translators: Poetry & Literature
Polish to Russian translators: Cinema, Film, TV, Drama
Polish to Russian translators: Textiles / Clothing / Fashion
Polish to Russian translators: Telecom(munications) (207)
Polish to Russian translators: Computers (general)
Polish to Russian translators: Computers: Hardware (141)
Polish to Russian translators: Computers: Software
Polish to Russian translators: Computers: Systems, Networks
Polish to Russian translators: Law: Contract(s)
Polish to Russian translators: Cooking / Culinary
Polish to Russian translators: Cosmetics, Beauty
Polish to Russian translators: Medical: Dentistry (52)
Polish to Russian translators: Media / Multimedia
Polish to Russian translators: Economics
Polish to Russian translators: Education / Pedagogy
Polish to Russian translators: Electronics / Elect Eng
Polish to Russian translators: Energy / Power Generation
Polish to Russian translators: Engineering (general)
Polish to Russian translators: Engineering: Industrial (139)
Polish to Russian translators: Mechanics / Mech Engineering
Polish to Russian translators: Nuclear Eng/Sci
Polish to Russian translators: Environment & Ecology
Polish to Russian translators: Esoteric practices
Polish to Russian translators: Fisheries
Polish to Russian translators: Folklore
Polish to Russian translators: Food & Drink
Polish to Russian translators: Forestry / Wood / Timber
Polish to Russian translators: Furniture / Household Appliances (88)
Polish to Russian translators: Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino
Polish to Russian translators: Mining & Minerals / Gems (14)
Polish to Russian translators: Genealogy (38)
Polish to Russian translators: General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters
Polish to Russian translators: Genetics
Polish to Russian translators: Geography
Polish to Russian translators: Geology (38)
Polish to Russian translators: Government / Politics (276)
Polish to Russian translators: Photography/Imaging (& Graphic Arts) (88)
Polish to Russian translators: Medical: Health Care (161)
Polish to Russian translators: History
Polish to Russian translators: Tourism & Travel
Polish to Russian translators: Human Resources (191)
Polish to Russian translators: Idioms / Maxims / Sayings
Polish to Russian translators: Insurance
Polish to Russian translators: International Org/Dev/Coop
Polish to Russian translators: Internet, e-Commerce
Polish to Russian translators: Investment / Securities
Polish to Russian translators: Metallurgy / Casting (69)
Polish to Russian translators: IT (Information Technology)
Polish to Russian translators: Journalism
Polish to Russian translators: Real Estate
Polish to Russian translators: Law (general)
Polish to Russian translators: Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright (124)
Polish to Russian translators: Law: Taxation & Customs
Polish to Russian translators: Linguistics (275)
Polish to Russian translators: Transport / Transportation / Shipping
Polish to Russian translators: Management (224)
Polish to Russian translators: Manufacturing
Polish to Russian translators: Ships, Sailing, Maritime
Polish to Russian translators: Marketing / Market Research
Polish to Russian translators: Mathematics & Statistics (68)
Polish to Russian translators: Medical (general)
Polish to Russian translators: Medical: Cardiology (55)
Polish to Russian translators: Medical: Instruments
Polish to Russian translators: Medical: Pharmaceuticals (131)
Polish to Russian translators: Meteorology
Polish to Russian translators: Metrology
Polish to Russian translators: Military / Defense
Polish to Russian translators: Music
Polish to Russian translators: Names (personal, company)
Polish to Russian translators: Nutrition
Polish to Russian translators: Petroleum Eng/Sci
Polish to Russian translators: Other
Polish to Russian translators: Paper / Paper Manufacturing
Polish to Russian translators: Patents (49)
Polish to Russian translators: Philosophy
Polish to Russian translators: Physics
Polish to Russian translators: Printing & Publishing
Polish to Russian translators: Psychology
Polish to Russian translators: Religion
Polish to Russian translators: Retail (56)
Polish to Russian translators: Safety
Polish to Russian translators: SAP
Polish to Russian translators: Science (general)
Polish to Russian translators: Slang
Polish to Russian translators: Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc.
Polish to Russian translators: Sports / Fitness / Recreation
Polish to Russian translators: Surveying
Polish to Russian translators: Wine / Oenology / Viticulture
Polish to Russian translators: Zoology

Polish to Russian translators and interpreters

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Identity Verified   Natalie
english to Russian translator, medical translator, native Russian speaker, Russian native speaker, medical translations, CAT tools, SDL Trados, SDL Studio, Wordfast, MemoQ, clinical trials, clinical studies, medical english into Russian translator, medical english into Russian proofreader, medical, pharmaceutical, translation, translator, editing, editor, proofreader, proofreading, medicine, english to Russian translation, english to Russian translator, english to ukrainian translation, english to ukrainian translator, medical english to Russian translator, medical english to Russian translation, medical english to ukrainian translator, medical english to ukrainian translation, healthcare english to Russian translator, healthcare english to Russian translation, medical english into Russian proofreading, medical english into ukrainian proofreader, medical english into ukrainian proofreading, healthcare english into Russian proofreader, healthcare english into Russian proofreading, healt ... Russian
979 points
Polish to Russian
Identity Verified   Vanda Nissen
  PhD in Linguistics, NAATI certified
Russian translator Australia, NAATI certified Russian, NAATI accredited Ukrainian, naati recognized ukrainian, NAATI Ukrainian, NAATI Russian, NAATI accredited Russian, Russian legal translator Australia, law, marketing, contracts translation, health care translation, software translation, Russian translation, certified translation, Russian english translation, translation services, document translation, english Russian translation, english translation, contracts translation, tourism translation, web-pages translation, TRADOS 2014, marketing, translator, freelance translator, legal Russian translation, Ukrainian translator brisbane, dansk-russisk oversættelse, Russian marketing translation, educational documents translation, criminal law translation, online casino translation, Russian interpreter Brisbane, poker Russian translation, games translation, NAATI driver's license, Russian localization, Russian translator Brisbane, Ukrainian translator Brisbane, Russian translator Queensland, ... Russian
98 points
Polish to Russian
  Irena Wejdgier
Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc., Psychology, Poetry & Literature, Linguistics, Journalism, International Org/Dev/Coop, History, Government / Politics, General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters, Cooking / Culinary, Economics, Business/Commerce (general), Construction / Civil Engineering, Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting, Architecture, Law: Contract(s), Law: Taxation & Customs, Management, Petroleum Eng/Sci, Energy / Power Generation, Engineering: Industrial, Mechanics / Mech Engineering, Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng, Electronics / Elect Eng, Manufacturing ... Polish/Russian
0 points
Polish to Russian
Identity Verified   Elena Kuznetsova
  Synergy of Engineering and Economics
Radiolectronics, radar, construction, shipbuilding, IT-technologies, software, localization, marketing, market research, Management, business, e-commerce, manual, documentation, letter, financial statements, contracts, water treatment facilities, native Russian, tender documentation, EIA, environment protection, waste Management, electrical equipment, electric engineering, toll road systems, software localization, Safety, Safety Management systems, road construction ... Russian
Russian Federation
0 points
Polish to Russian
Identity Verified   Andrei Bukharov
  14-year experience in translation
English, Russian, Polish, German, proofreading, translation, engineering, business, legal, IT, marketing ... Russian
0 points
Polish to Russian
  Übersetzungen ad perfectum
Translator, german-Russian, english-Russian, Economics, medical, technical, Übersetzer, deutsch-russisch, Wirtschaft, Technik, Medizin, schnelles Service, erstklassige Qualität, professionell, engineering, marketing ... Russian
0 points
Polish to Russian
Identity Verified   Evgeny Marusik
  Translating technical texts for 15 years
english, Russian, french, german, Polish, translate, translator, document, contract, manual, company statute, agreements, business letter, oil, gas, petroleum ... Russian
0 points
Polish to Russian
Identity Verified   Alexander Onishko
  Yes, you came to the right place :)
English, Russian, Ukrainian, translation, translating, translator, patenting, patent, attorney, ukraine, ukrainian, russia, Russian, eurasian, eurasia, cis, mikhailyuk, patent attorney, patent attorneys, industrial, design, utility, model, trade, marks, copyright, protection, invention, inventions, industrial, property, protection, intellectual, property, protection, official, fees, kharkov, kharkiv, law, legislation, ukrainian, patent, attorney, ukraine, patent, attorney, ukrainian, patent, attorneys, ukraine, patent, attorneys, ukrainian, patent, application, ukraine, utility model, industrial design, ukrainian patent lawyer in ukraine, ukrainian patent lawyers in ukraine, chess, onishko, ukraine patent law, ukraine trademark, ukraine patent office, ukrainian patent office, patent atorney, attorneys bureau, ukraine, certificate of registration trademark, trademark assistant from ukraine, ukraine patent, patent attorneys in ukraine, patent of ukraine, ukrainian patent, trademark attorneys, bulletin patent ukraine, design patent legislation, ukraine tradema ... Russian/Ukrainian
103 points
Polish to Russian
Identity Verified   Alieksei Seniukovich
  'Medical Linguistics Professional'
english, Russian, medical, translation, pharmaceutical, translation, medical translator, pharmaceutical translator, linguisctic validation, patient reported ouctomes linguistic validation, belarusian, russia, belarus medicine, general, trados, wordfast, cardiology, pharmacology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, medical equipment, radiology equipment, ultrasound equipment, immunology, application guide, guide to operations, operating manual, user manual, application instructions, application sheet, annotation, note, medicinal preparation, medicine, drug, pharmaceutical composition, formulation, physiology, physiopathology, health care, clinical trials, heart failure, hypertension, endocrine system pathology, gastrointestinal tract pathology, respiratory tract pathology, social hygiene, clinical medicine, clinical oncology, clinical pharmacology, clinical pharmacy, clinical chemOtherapy, parallel clinical study, medical apparatus, medical statistics, medical electronics, pro ... Russian
0 points
Polish to Russian
Identity Verified   RuTranslation
Russian translation, web-site localization, technical translation, professional translation, translation company, high-quality translation, Russian language partner, Russian partner, DTP specialists, DTP ... Russian
Russian Federation
0 points
Polish to Russian
Identity Verified   Nadezhda & Vatslav Yehurnovy
  Your ATA-certified Ukrainian translator
technical translator, localization, AutoCAD, DTP, software testing ... Russian/Ukrainian
53 points
Polish to Russian
Identity Verified   Vadim Khazin
  over 40 years of experience
Geology, engineering, environment, Russian, Ukrainian, legal, business, literature, advertisement, edit, translate, transcribe, interpret ... Russian/Ukrainian
United States
56 points
Polish to Russian
Identity Verified   Eugene Gulak
  Russian and Ukrainian translator
freelancer, freelance, translation, translator, proofreading, QA, english, Polish, Russian, ukrainian, computer, software, hardware, network, IT, information technologies, eCommerce, localization, string, user guide, telecommunication, mobile, phone, security system, CCTV, video, surveillance, camera, intrusion, detector, fire alarm, public address, congress, conference, manual, documentation, office, graphics, database, driver, printer, household appliance, marketing, techmarketing, microsoft, tourism, travel, hotel, game ... Russian/Ukrainian
31 points
Polish to Russian
Identity Verified   Natalia Kudria
  Also good consultant
Banking interest, normative, contract for banking services, letter of credit, annual report, refinancing rate, Insurance, trading, marketing, Accounting, audit, due diligence, taxation, tax inspectorate, tax inspection, fiscal documents, Journalism, copywriting, slogan, creative translation, adaptation, advertising campaigns, media plan, public relations, PR, author's rights, law, contracts, legal procedures, regulations, acts, legislative collisions, government agencies, State establishments, politics, policy, parliament committees, sociological analysis, ship, shipyard, civil construction, civil works, rehabilitation project, drawing, technical specifications, European Delegation, European Commission, project financing, technical assistance, assets Management, tourism, sightseeing, site of destination, tourist guide, art, painting, graphic, History of art, antiquity publishing, printing matters; English, French, France, Russian, Russia, Ukrainian, Ukraine, translation, translating, t ... Ukrainian/Russian
20 points
Polish to Russian
Identity Verified   Eleonora Chyc
  Your link into languages
English to Polish interpreter, teaching Russian, teaching Polish, teaching English, tłumacz z języka angielskiego, переводчик с английского, переводчица с английского, перекладач з англійської, legal, online, corporate, medical interpreting, alternative medicine, English to Russian interpreter, ayurveda, Psychology, healthcare, Nutrition, Polish to Russian, Ukrainian to Polish, Russian into English, Ukrainian into English, Religion, Vedic knowledge, astrology, family, general, medicine, Krishna, the UK, social interpreting, freelance, voice over, ... Russian/Ukrainian
United Kingdom
0 points
Polish to Russian
Identity Verified   Vitals
  LT EN RU www.translationgallery.eu
Banking services translator, Linguistics, contracts and agreements, voice-overs, education materials, business, stock exchange, legal, construction, Christian conferences translator/interpreter, pharmaceuticals, Medical interpreting, surgery, angioplasty, cardiovascular, engineering, IT, literature, memoirs, sermons, medical documents, EU texts, diploma, diploma supplement, business offer, advertising, merchandising, voice-over, telephone script, light bulbs, lighting, tourism, websites, supermarkets, flyers, posters, dental, dentistry, varicose veins, IT, power of attorney, advertising, ad booklet, business proposition, travel booklet, travel agency, animal protection, animal rights, tyres, car industry, lease agreement, construction specifications, memorandum, GOST, Gosstandart, pregnancy screening, barristers letters, annual report, cranes, autobiografy, oil slime, oil refinery, oil-gas, forwarders, harversters, measuring device, harvester head, restaurant menu, birth certificate, m ... Russian/Lithuanian
11 points
Polish to Russian
translation, Russian, Polish, ukrainian, english, german, italian, spanish, slovac ... English/Russian
0 points
Polish to Russian
Identity Verified   Dmytro Bondarev
  15 years in EN/FR>RU/UK translation
Russian, Ukrainian, English to Russian, english to ukrainian, français russe, français ukrainien, french to Russian, french to ukrainian, rosyjski, software, logiciels, CAD, CAO, solid modeling, animation, banking, finance, Economics, appliances, manual, user manual, user guide, manuel, fiche de sécurité, brochure, video game, jeu vidéo, technique, contrat, license, édition, relecture, editing, proofreading, editor, proofreader, review, reviewer, éditeur, translator, traducteur, clinical trial, medical equipment ... Ukrainian/Russian
4 points
Polish to Russian
Identity Verified   Ruslan Samoylyuk
  Eng>Rus/Ukr Freelance Linguist
translation, editing, proofreading, localization, website, native speaker, english to Russian, english to ukrainian, Polish to Russian, Polish to ukrainian, german to Russian, german to ukrainian, finance, engineering, electronics, cooking, culinary, medical, business, commerce, Accounting, advertising, public relations, SAP, transport, transportation, shipping, Folklore, education, pedagogy, cosmetics, beauty, law, computers, software, hardware, Telecom(munications), textiles, clothing, cinema, film, tv, Agriculture, food, sports, fitness, conversation, greetings, letters, government, politics, networks, media, multimedia, marketing, market research, tourism, travel, it, information technology, investment, securities, Insurance, History, Geography, memoq, across, adobe acrobat, dejavu, excel, word, omegat, powerpoint, trados, wordfast, перевод, на русский, на украинский, с английского, с польского, с немецкого, профессиональный, редактирование, локализация, финансы, экономика, бизнес, м ... Russian/Ukrainian
0 points
Polish to Russian
Identity Verified   Denis Danchenko
  turnkey automotive translation service
automotive translation, translation services, turnkey translation, turnkey translation solutions, automotive expert, automotive technology, automotive marketing, automotive sales, automotive service, Russian translator, Ukrainian translator, automotive manuals, automotive electronics, automotive software, boost translation quality, increase organic traffic ... Russian/Ukrainian
0 points
Polish to Russian
  Oxana Uzun
turkish, azerbaijani, translator, audio transcriber, Russian, ukrainian, türkçe, rusça, ukraynaca, yazılı, турецкий, русский, українська, турецька, tercüman, education, перекладач, freelance, transcriber, editor, proofreader, localizer, power of attorney, marketing, IT marketing, web-site, menu, e-learning, HR, human resource, personnel training, media, Real Estate, property, cosmetics, personal development, home, leisure, travel guides, travel, guides, web-sites, beauty, perfume, Real Estate, training manuals, fashion, jewelry, clothing, apparel, consumer products, internet, Management, publishing, cookery, diet, Nutrition, drinks, gastronomy, cuisine, catering, hotel, food, wine, PR, newsletters, tourism, experienced, skilled, dedicated, hospitality, hotels, cuisine, leisure, home, English to Ukrainian, English-Ukrainian, English to Russian, English-Russian, Turkish to Russian, Turkish-Russian, Turkish to Ukrainian, Turkish- Ukrainian, Ukrainian-Russian, Russian-Ukrainian, native spe ... Russian/Ukrainian
0 points
Polish to Russian
Identity Verified   Nina Scutelnic
  Reliable and always on time!
Romanian, computers, software, marketing, medical ... Romanian/Russian
0 points
Polish to Russian
Identity Verified   Nick Filatov
electrical engineering, electronics, boilers, machinery, pumps, Agriculture, tractors, legal, contracts, marketing, IT, software, localization, network, QA, trucks, cars, automotive, automation, Certificates, documents, birth certificates, CV, Java, Maven, Spring, JSP & Servlets, Trados SDL Studion, Memsource, memeQ, Across, engineering, mechanics, English, Russian, Belarusian, translation, proofreading, edetting ... Russian/Belarusian
0 points
Polish to Russian
Identity Verified   Alexander Kozhukhov
  Quality legal translation
articles of association, articles of organization, agreement, best rates, business letter, certificate of conformity, certificate of incorporation, certificate of incorporation on change of name, companies act 1985, companies act 2006, companies house, compliance certificate, contract, current appointments report, employment agreement, employment agreement with seafarer, english Russian translation, english to Russian translation, english to Russian translator, english ukrainian translation, english to ukrainian translation, english to ukrainian translator, FPIC, framework agreement, free prior and informed consent, freelance translation, freelance translator, legal translation, limited liability company, Manufacturing contract, Manufacturing outsourcing agreement, nevis limited liability company, nevis limited liability company ordinance 1995, operation agreement, ownership certificate, power of attorney, private company limited by shares, private limited company, professional transla ... Russian/Ukrainian
0 points
Polish to Russian
Identity Verified   Andriy Lapin
  Legal precision meets linguistic nuance
english, Russian, ukrainian, legal, contracts, law, technical, localization, Linguistics, translation, oil & gas, IT, Patents, pravex, bank, PRAVEX-BANK PJSCCB, national bank of ukraine, crm statement, banks & finance, legal opinion, Management board, public sector, private sector, QA, quality assessment, proofreading, coaching, interpreting, simultaneous, consecutive, meetings ... Russian/Ukrainian
0 points
Polish to Russian
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