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June 7, 2013, 3:00 pm
PortugalOportoIn personEnglish


Closing date for dish choice: May 31st, 2013

This is pre-conference powwow for the 2013 European International Conference, June 8 & 9, to be held in Porto.
Check the conference link at:

Join us at around 14:00 on Friday 7th for a Photo Tour around Porto and a guided visit with a taste of our wonderful Port Wine in one of the most beautiful Cellars in Porto!

Meeting point at 14:00 to begin the Photo Tour:
Café Piolho
Praça Parada Leitão nº 45, 4050 Porto

Here you will be organized into groups and receive a road map that will walk you around the city of Porto. Some questions have to be answered and photos taken. In the end... there's a special prize for the winning group!

The Photo Tour ends on the other side of the river Douro where a guided tour and Port Wine taste waits for you all (even those who couldn't join us on the Tour).

The visit will take place at Calém Cellar ( in Vila Nova de Gaia.
Address: Avenida Diogo Leite, 344 – 4400-111 Vila Nova de Gaia

From here you can walk to the place where the powwow is going to take place!!

The dinner will take place at:
Restaurante Commercial one of the most iconic restaurants in Porto, founded in 1833 by the Spanish Chef Manoel de Recarey.

Rua do Infante Dom Henrique 77/79
Porto, Portugal

- Appetizers: bread, butter, pâté, olives
- Hake fillets on a bed of mashed vegetables
- Roasted veal with potatoes and sautéed vegetables
- Mushroom risotto
- Red or white wine, waters and juices (beer not included/sold separately)
- Coffee pudding or chocolate mousse
- Coffee

Price per person: 25,00€

IMPORTANT: Please write your option for main dish in front of your register on this page, as a comment!

See you all there!

Note: We need to know who is going to the guided visit and tour at the Cellars to book the visit! The Photo Tour and the Visit to the Cellars is FREE!!!

Event Organizers:

Daniela Zambrini

Maria Kopnitsky

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Interested members (124) / Confirmed: 83 / Tentative: 9
Name NoteWill Attend
Paula Ribeiro  \"Organizer\" \"Reporter\" ...  y
Daniela Zambrini  \"Organizer\" yes photo tour & wine :-)  y
Maria Kopnitsky  \"Organizer\" ...  y
Sales Admin   ...  
Allison Wright (X)   Sounds good! Yes to Photo Tour and Wine Cellar, too! Please add 1 more: Maria João Nunes (partner)  y
Axelle Arbonnier   ...  y
Kalinka Hristova   ...  y
Pavel Janoušek   I'm sorry, I won't make it - my plane is arriving late at night :-(  n
Isabelle Buratti   ...  
KSL Berlin   ...  
Nigel Saych   Sign me up for everything - you couldn't keep me away if you tried!  y
Helena Diaz del Real   I will be delighted to take part on the tour! Thank you very much for it!  y
Ligia Dias Costa   ...  y
Martin Bruckmann   Looking forward to all of it, and since we have to choose, it will be the yummi sounding "Roasted veal with potatoes and sautéed vegetables" for me :-)  y
Russell Jones   ...  m
Renata von Koerber   Would have been too good to be true! Hope you have a great time.  n
Christian Schneider   Photo tour and wine cellar  y
Tom Van Cleempoel   ...  y
Marina Porplenko   Going to the Tour and Port Wine Cellar  y
Patrícia Cardoso Ferreira, BA MA PGCert PGDip   Yes.  y
Stefano Gubian   ...  n
cxmzsw  \"Reporter\" \"Photographer\" Dustin Chen  
Daniel Šebesta   ...  y
Sindia Alves   ...  m
Amapedro   Pedro Amaral  m
Luciano Monteiro   ...  n
Sandra Madureira   Sandra Madureira  n
XAllisonK (X)   Sorry! Forgot to fill something in - fish please! ;) Going to tour and cellar!  y
Anne-Charlotte PERRIGAUD  \"Photographer\" Looking forward to seeing old friends... and meeting new ones :-)  y
corinne durand   I can't wait !!!  y
Irene Valente   Irene Valente  y
Karin Krikkink   ...  y
Rui Sousa   ...  n
Luisa Matos   ...  n
AnnieFlorentine   ...  y
Joy Lewis   ...  
John Di Rico   Arriving on Saturday :-(  n
Yael Nachumi   ...  m
Gary Smith   ...  y
Helga Tarasova   ...  y
Anne Diamantidis   Tour + wine cellar + vegetarian dish  y
Maria Pereira   ...  y
Sara Ruela   ...  
Justine Sherwood   going to tour and wine cellar - thx.!  y
Nuno Couto   ...  m
Henry Jansen, Ph.D.   ...  
Arnold van Druten   Tour and wine cellar, Hake fillets on a bed of mashed vegetables  y
Chao-Ling Weissenbach   Chao-Ling Weissenbach  y
Rafaela Lemos   ...  y
Paulina Liedtke   Going only to the Photo Tour and Wine Cellar  y
Isabel Vidigal   I'm going to the Photo Tour and the Port Wine Cellar as well  y
Hristina Dojčinova  \"Photographer\" Hope I can make it on time  y
Ilaria.C  \"Photographer\" ...  n
Linda Burns   ...  y
Ivana Kahle   2 persons for the tour and wine cellar, no restaurant  y
Bea Geenen   Could you sign me up for the Tour and Port Wine Cellar? Thank you!  y
Peter Reidel   ...  y
Colin Shields   ...  y
Lucy Jansen   Yes to the photo tour and the visit to the cellars. Henry (my "other" half) is coming too!  y
Johanne Benoit-Gallagher   I am looking forward to the event, both the photo tour and cellar visit.  y
Ellen Singer   I will be arriving on Friday, but will rush to meet up with you guys!  y
Bruno Fonseca   E mal posso esperar para ver essas famosas caves :)  y
Ine Ramaekers   2 persons for Wine Cellar and photo tour  y
Ashwin Goud   Keen to meet up with fellow prozians  m
Michele Santiago   Going only to the Port Wine Cellar (unfortunately) - 2 people (me and Thiago Freires)  y
MarinaDucerteT   2 persons for cellar visit and for dinner on Friday (1 hish, 1 veal). We will meet you at Calém entrance at 17h00.  y
phrase it   Going on both Photo Tour (if the plane from Copenhagen is on schedule) and Cellar (definitely)  y
Jennifer Adcock   Sounds great! I look forward to meeting everyone.  y
Vítor Cortes  \"Photographer\" ...  n
Annette Knudsen   Going on the photo tour and to the cellar  y
Titia Meesters   Going to the Photo Tour and the Port Wine Cellar, and bringing a friend.  y
Xosé Castro   ...  y
Erin Lyons   Erin Lyons  
Monika Hamernikova   Going to the Tour and Wine Cellar  y
Bjarne Poulsen (X)   ...  y
Gabriel Cabrera  \"Reporter\" ...  
Vents Villers   Hi! Yes to Photo Tour and Wine Cellar, too!   y
Esther Hermann   Cellar  y
Ágata Sousa   ...  y
Ana Hermida   ...  n
Bernardo Santos   ...  y
cgallagher   Going to photo tour and cellar visit  
Nils Andersson   ...  
Francesca Bernardis   Great program! Going to the photo tour and wine cellar, and bringing a guest (my "other half", as LuJansen said!)  y
Philippe ROUSSEAU  \"Host\" ...  y
Vera Lucia   Going to photo tour and cellar visit  y
Allan Auld   Won't make the photo tour or wine cellar, but will make it to the dinner by around 8 pm or so.  y
Bruno De Myttenaere   Veal - I'll join for the wine cellar visit and the dinner. Looking forward to meet you all  y
Susan Starling   ...  m
Austria Kann   ...  y
Gabriela Frazao   Sign me up for tour (2 persons)  
Hynek Palatin   Going to the Tour and Wine Cellar  y
Manuela Junghans   2 people - we´ll be joining you for the wine cellar tour - meal choice: 1x risotto, 1x hake  y
Su Braga   ...  y
Ahmed Osama Abd AL Jawad   For me ,it is the most wonderful event to attend and meet new colleagues  m
Claudia Schreiner   photo tour + wine cellar + dinner  y
Jørgen A. Andersen   Jørgen A. Andersen  y
Masayo Asada   Going to the photo tour + cellar tour + dinner :)  y
Friederike Hans  \"Photographer\" \"Host\" Friederike Hans  y
Nadezhda & Vatslav Yehurnovy   Both of us will be present, now 100% sure  y
Barbara Zaskórska   I might join later for the photo tour, but will definitely make it for the cellar tour + dinner  
Nadine Cesson   Going to the photo tour and wine cellar!  y
Sarka Rubkova   ...  y
Attila Piróth   ...  
Mari Nohre   Wine cellar and maybe dinner!  y
Sara de Albornoz   Cellar and dinner (veal)  y
Graça Ribeiro   Wine cellar visit (to be confirmed) + dinner with fish dish  y
Jesús Negro   Cellar & Dinner (Dish: roasted veal)  y
XAlessandra Martelli (X)   Photo and wine cellar, but no dinner  
Reiko Arakawa   ...  m
Danielle Zorzin  \"Photographer\" Wine cellar visit + dinner (Roasted veal)  y
suewiddicombe   ...  
Anna Cazzato   photo tour + wine cellar + dinner (2 people)  y
Claude-André Assian   assian, port cellar and dinner for 2  y
Larry Morlan   Photo tour, wine celler and dinner (roasted veal)  y
kmarina77   Yes! to the walking tour and Yes! to the cellars. Roasted veal would be nice.  y
Nadine Dresing   ...  
Marcus Regis   I'll be there (photo tour + wine cellar + dinner). Will have the veal. Looking forward to it!  
Malgorzata (Maggie) Hickey   2 persons, fish, attend both the tour, wine cellar and the dinner  y
Maxim Manzhosin   Cellar and dinner (veal please)  
Claudia Hohmuth   photo tour, wine cellar and dinner (veal), thank you!  
Elina I. Nocera   photo tour, cellar and dinner (veal) thank you  
Jared Tabor  \"Photographer\" Will be able to make it to the dinner (risotto)  y
Lucia Leszinsky   Count me in for dinner too. Hake fillets for me :)  y

Postings about this event

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Powwow: Oporto - Portugal

Paula Ribeiro  Identity Verified
Local time: 13:27
English to Portuguese
+ ...
Photo Tour!!! Feb 27, 2013

Hi all

I know some of you already sent us an e-mail about the Photo Tour, but can I ask if you mind posting a note next to your name saying - Going or Not going to the Tour and/or Port Wine Cellar.


Chao-Ling Weissenbach  Identity Verified
Local time: 14:27
German to Chinese
+ ...
Vegetarian Meal Apr 30, 2013

Hi Paula,

Thanks for the message. I would like to join the Tour and Port Wine cellar. For the meal, vegetarian for me please.

Looking forward to it!

Best Regards from Munich,


Helena Diaz del Real  Identity Verified
Local time: 14:27
German to Spanish
+ ...
No vegetarian meal, please Apr 30, 2013

Dear Paula,
Please for me no vegetarian food. And I will attend all you organize, including Gala dinner, as I will be arriving on wednesday, the 5th.
Thank you for all your effort and for your help!
Many hugs from me,


Ahmed Osama Abd AL Jawad
Saudi Arabia
Local time: 16:27
English to Arabic
Fish Meal May 16, 2013

Hi Paula,
I would like to extend my thankfullness and appreciation for freat organizing for this coming Forum in Oporto.I will be arriving on friday 7th of June and I will share tour.


Paula Ribeiro  Identity Verified
Local time: 13:27
English to Portuguese
+ ...
Contact number during the Conference May 20, 2013

Hi all

In case you need to contact us during the Conference - or during your stay in Porto - the mobile phone number you can use is: +351918337436
Thanks and see you all in Porto


Masayo Asada
Japanese to English
+ ...
Photo tour & fish meal May 20, 2013

Hi Paula and all,

Thank you for organization, Paula.
I'd like to join the photo tour and the dinner with fish meal.

Thank you and see you soon!!



Paulina Liedtke  Identity Verified
Local time: 14:27
Polish to English
+ ...
Photo Tour and Wine Cellar May 26, 2013

Hi, I will need to drop out after the Wine Cellar visit, but I'm sure there will be plenty of time to get to know you guys better during the conference.icon_smile.gif


Titia Meesters  Identity Verified
Local time: 14:27
Member (2005)
English to Dutch
Fish! May 27, 2013

Hi Paula,

We (me and a friend called Sietske Wijma) would both like to join the Tour and the Port Wine Cellar, and also dinner with the fish meal for both of us.
Thanks a lot for all your work!


Graça Ribeiro  Identity Verified
Local time: 13:27
English to Portuguese
+ ...
Sorry, can only confirm wine cellar visit (even) closer to the date May 29, 2013

Hello, Paula and everyone

If I don't make it to the wine cellar visit, I'll meet you at the restaurant. Is this OK? If yes, any idea of the time for dinner?

Thanks for everything.

All the best,


Lisa McCarthy  Identity Verified
Local time: 14:27
Member (2007)
Spanish to English
+ ...
Port Wine Cellar tour - Fish meal May 29, 2013

Hi Paula

I'd like to do the Cellar visit and attend the meal afterwards (fish for me, please)

See you there!



Martin Bruckmann  Identity Verified
Local time: 13:27
Portuguese to French
+ ...
Local mobile phones ? May 30, 2013

Hi all,

For those from elsewhere interested in using a local mobile phone during the Conference AND during their road trips throughout Portugal (which is highly recommended and worth it !), before and after the Conference, this is just to let you know there are extremely attractive offers for that with the local U Z O operator (sorry, we are not supposed to use his to advert anything, but this is just a too good to be true offer, that seems to be tailor made for those heavy abroad-tra
... See more
Hi all,

For those from elsewhere interested in using a local mobile phone during the Conference AND during their road trips throughout Portugal (which is highly recommended and worth it !), before and after the Conference, this is just to let you know there are extremely attractive offers for that with the local U Z O operator (sorry, we are not supposed to use his to advert anything, but this is just a too good to be true offer, that seems to be tailor made for those heavy abroad-travellers we can sometimes be).

Among many others, their latest offer is about an apparently "plain and simple" but unlocked GSM cell phone (and yet with mp3, radio, stereo earphones, Bluetooth, camera, memory card slot, voice recording, Internet enabled, e-mail, java apps, Facebook chat and much more...) of a very famous Finnish companyicon_wink.gif , already loaded with a 10 € prepaid calls+SMS credit PLUS 20 € petrol vouchers , for little more than 45 €.

This means you can use it while in Portugal and then go back home (or not, Portugal is sooo beautiful that you might want to stay forevericon_smile.gif ) with quite a handy extra mobile phone you can use on any GSM network, with any SIM card in it, for just about 15 € icon_smile.gif And even if you have no GSM network at home you can still use it while travelling in most European countries, or, as a last choice, use it as an MP3 player and handy radio and voice memo recorder and digital cameraicon_wink.gif

Ain't that a nice "souvenir" to bring back too ? icon_smile.gif

But they have a lot of other cell phones too, pre-paid, low-cost calls, no strings attached, hassle-free, some more complex than others, some more expensive than others, but normally all unlocked. Can always be useful.

See you soon !


PS: you might find these things in some local shops (see their web page where exactly) but the whole set of offers is available on-line only. If you need help or want someone local to get one for you, just ask well in advance, as certain most wanted items might sell out rapidly and because delivery by post takes a few days after orders are sent.

PS2: To the site moderators, please, this should not be censored as misplaced advertisement, as I truly think this might be something helpful for many of us coming to Portugal from abroad. And I am not selling anything myself, here.
Thank you.

[Edited at 2013-05-30 06:17 GMT]


Patrícia Cardoso Ferreira, BA MA PGCert PGDip
Local time: 13:27
Member (2006)
English to Portuguese
+ ...
Meet you at the restaurant ok? May 30, 2013

Hake fillets for me please. See you!

[Edited at 2013-05-30 11:46 GMT]


Paula Ribeiro  Identity Verified
Local time: 13:27
English to Portuguese
+ ...
Meet you at the restaurant ok? May 30, 2013

Hi Patricia,

No problem... see you there:)


AllisonK (X)  Identity Verified
Local time: 14:27
Dutch to English
+ ...
Weird May 31, 2013

I tried to add a comment to my attendance note, but it wouldn't 'take'.
I will be attending everything, and would like the fish, please.icon_wink.gif


Edward Potter  Identity Verified
Local time: 14:27
Member (2003)
Spanish to English
+ ...
I'll attend Jun 5, 2013

I couldn't find where to click either. I'll be attending along with a guest.

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