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April 29, 2007, 9:00 am
HungaryBudapestIn personEnglish
Hello everybody,

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN. Please go to the conference page

Former Royal Palace in Buda

This is powwow page is used to indicate preliminary interest in a Conference that would take place in the spring of 2007 in Budapest.

Timing: April 29th and 30th (Sunday and Monday). As May 1st will fall on a Tuesday, I assume that in most European countries Monday will be a "bridge", so we can benefit from a 4-day weekend. The official program of the conference is planned to take place in the middle of this long weekend (i.e. Sunday and Monday).

Additional paying sessions are planned for Saturday (Trados and Deja Vu training, and an ATA exam sitting) as well as on Tuesday (Trados training).

You will be of course welcome to arrive earlier and leave later. If there are enough people interested, something will be organized for Saturday and Tuesday as well (sightseeing, etc.).

I found a very good venue for the conference: excellent location, reasonable prices, several conference rooms. More details in the Accommodation Forum

Budapest is easily accessible from around Europe and beyond, served by budget and regular airlines from amost 100 cities.

April 27th (Friday) powwow - First encounter
April 28th (Saturday) powwow - Large pre-conference powwow
April 30th (Monday) powwow - Farewell dinner and party

Accommodation Forum
Official Program Forum
Trados Training Session Forum
Deja Vu Training Session Forum
ATA Exam Forum
Travel Forum
Fun Events Forum

Event Organizers:

Fabiana Papastefani-Pezzoni

Csaba Ban


Jorge Rodrigues

Laura Iovanna


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Interested members (203) / Confirmed: 55 / Tentative: 21
Name NoteWill Attend
Csaba Ban  \"Organizer\" \"Reporter\" everybody is welcome to express interest in attending this event  y
aronakos  \"Organizer\" \"Reporter\" \"Host\" It is time to go home :-)  y
mariajorge  \"Organizer\" \"Reporter\" YES Budapest...  y
Jorge Rodrigues  \"Organizer\" Nice idea. I will do my best to attend.  m
Laura Iovanna  \"Organizer\" it is a bit early to decide, but I would like to come!  m
Fabiana Papastefani-Pezzoni  \"Organizer\" \"Reporter\" Fabiana Papastefani-Pezzoni  y
Magda Dziadosz   Longterm planning indeed! I'd be delighted to see Budapest again!!!  y
Jerzy Czopik  \"Reporter\" Well, I cannot resist. Last time I was in Budapest 21 years ago - time to change that! Tickets bought :)  y
Ines Burrell   I have always wanted to see Budapest so I'll just grab the chance!  
Ilde Grimaldi   Yes!  
XJacqueline McKay (X)   Perhaps... if all goes according to plan.  
Dees   Would love to attend! :-)  
Natalia Elo   Always wanted to see Budapest  
nordiste   I'd love to come. Igen !   
Russell Jones   Looking forward to it.  y
Giuliana Buscaglione   Well, Csaba, Budapest is my "cousin" round the corner, so I can't miss it ;-)  y
Paula Dana Szabados   A good reason to see Budapest again  
Tadej Kokalj   Great timing.   m
Clare Barnes   Yes, I'd love to be there.  
Oleg Rudavin   I'm starting to have doubts about BA... But Budapest, I can't miss!  
Marion Schimmelpfennig   Definitely interested!  
A.Đapo   I would love to come  
Natasha Stoyanova   Will attend with pleasure!  
Ulrike Sengfelder   ...  n
Veronika Hansova   Finally something closer to my office, yes, I am definitely coming!  y
Kathrin.B   ...  
Piotr Wargan   Csaba - dates originally proposed by you suite me fine :-) !  y
Fiona Grace Peterson   I can't make BA this year, but Budapest sounds wonderful for 2007!  n
Attila Piróth   I'll be there.  y
Henry Dotterer   Springtime in Budapest. Yes.  
XRebekka Groß (X)   Always wanted to go to Budapest - so YES!!!  
Sylvie Pelissier   a bit early but great opportunity to come back to Budapest !  
Özden Arıkan  \"Photographer\" Cannot miss this one! Budapest is one of my favorite cities :-)  y
Nora Zilahy   Hi Csaba, of course we'll be there. And as I promised to Henry, we're happy to help with the organisation.  
Terry Gilman   Tempting, very tempting. Thank you for your advance planning! Trying to understand the messages....  y
Elvira Stoianov   wow, so many people already .... and we still have one year to go  
Marina Khonina   I would love to come. Also a great chance to see Budapest :)  
Uldis Liepkalns   Wow, what an attendance :)  
Mats Wiman   Since 1956 I have wanted to go there and now I will.  y
Xleff   With pleasure ;-)  y
Florence Bremond   I'm looking forward to seeing you all in Budapest  
Ralf Lemster   Great idea - thanks for planning this early.  
Dan Marasescu  \"Photographer\" I'd love to come. Thanks Csaba!  
Erzsébet Czopyk  \"Host\" Csaba, fantastic idea and I think, all members of the Hungarian community are able to help you.  
Gabrielle Allemand-Mostefaï  \"Photographer\" I would love to see Budapest from a translator's POV!  
Elena Nissen Villoresi  \"Photographer\" Would love to come and to see Budapest again!  
XKamilla Vinn (X)   Hi, I'd love to go and of course agree with Erzsebet: let us know what we can do to help you.  y
Wenke Geddert  \"Photographer\" Look forward to attending!  
Daphne Theodoraki   ...  n
Emanuel Bod  \"Photographer\" Looking forward to it :)  
Stanislaw Kulikowski   I'll be there  
avantix   :-(  n
Marianne Vizkelety   I'll try to keep the weekend free for the event  
Erika Vizkeleti   I would love to  
Maria Tulbure   I'd love to visit Budapest and of course, attend the conference! Maybe I'll take my son, too.  y
Filippo Rosati   definitely, definitely, definitely!!!  y
Pablo Grosschmid   Now it is sure that I will come! Fabulous!   
Andrea Szabados   Good idea to host such a great event!  
Gabor Kun   ...  
Estefanía González   I would love to :-)  
Laura Huttu   Will be there.  y
Erik Hansson   Great idea! Haven't been to Budapest since 1991 so it's about time ;-)  
canaria   I'm interested too  
XAngela Dickson (X)   Great idea, I've always wanted to go to Budapest. If the date works, I'm there.  
Jennifer Gal  \"Host\" Jennifer Gal  
Maciej Andrzejczak   please count me in!  
Vittorio Preite   Yes  y
XYuri Smirnov  \"Photographer\" Many of the 'signupers' are familiar from Krakow, and then I've never been Magyarorszagon. A chance not to be missed.  
Ana Kardum   Hmm... I should be there. It is in the neighbourhood.  
lefti   I'd love to..  
Petra Winter   Count me in  
Lydia Molea   I'll definitely try to be there :-)  
Victor Dewsbery   Great idea, hope I'll be able to make it  
Marijke Mayer  \"Photographer\" In principle, I would be interested in the DVX training and also in taking the ATA exams. However, I don't feel like becoming an ATA member, certified or not, if this is what it involves.  
Arkadiusz Jasinski   You can eat the best Goulash soup in Budapest. Don't miss it.  m
Danuta Ruranska   I hope to come  
Wlodzimierz Galwas   Looking forward to my first powwow  y
Emmanuelle Riffault   A very good idea !  y
silvia glatzhofer   Great idea; if I can make it, I'll definitely bring my kids to show them wonderful Budapest  
Jakub Szacki   I will be there. Hopefully.  
C. Roman   I am very interested in the event....and the location (only some hundred km away from my native country - Romania -I am now living in Spain;-)) Keep us posted, Csabi!  n
XDiana Cossato (X)   ott leszek! Tuti!  y
Xsavaria (X)   Ja és Dia ahhoz képest hogy olasz neved van tök szépen irkálsz magyarul.Vagy csupán csak a neved olasz?Vagy mit lehet rólad tudni?A Cossato név nekem erősen egy amolyan nome italianeggiante-nak hat,azaz olaszos hanzásúnak.Beletrafáltam?  
Xsofiablu (X)   Szép! I'd love to. Budapest is beautiful.  
Gabriel Lang   Super, I would really love to come. I just came back from Budapest and was looking forward to another excuse for going back.  
Anette Hilgendag   Looking forward to it  y
Palma CHATONNET MARTON MS, MA Translation   Do you know anything about the conference program, workshops, topics?  
Helena Diaz del Real   I will be there, on my third conference. I'm already watching plane-fares!! :o)))  y
Hervé du Verle   Looking forward to be there...   y
Martine Brault   It is nice to be able to plan early. I have been wanting to visit for a while.  y
arterm   I hope to meet new and old friends there :)  y
Gabi François   ...  n
Nikita Frolov   I'll be there.  y
diana bb   I hope I will make it THIS time  m
Juliet Halewood   I'm definitely interested!  
Manuela Junghans   I´m very interested. Let´s see what happens till then :-)  m
Eliza-Anna   I will definitely be there!  
Mariana Moreira   Budapeste, what a great city to visit again  
Percy Balemans   I'll be there!  y
XZsuzsanna Tóth (X)   Me too!  
Elías Sauza   I won't miss this.  y
Babelfischli   A city I'd love to discover...  
Vents Villers   I'm also interested.  n
Angelika Koerber  \"Photographer\" Unfortunately, my plans have changed, and I won't be able to see you in Budapest  n
XAgnieszka Hayward (X)  \"Photographer\" I'd be delighted to come. Budapest is soooo great!  y
MariusV   :)  m
Hugues DESESQUELLES   Looking forward to it  y
Alicja Weikop   Bardzo chętnie!  
Henrique Magalhaes   henrique Magalhaes hope nothing avoids me to go there & meet all of you.   
Marion Lurf   I'm certainly interested and hope I can make it.  
Mariana Harriague   Definitely interested!   m
Carla Araújo   I'll probably be there!  y
Jutta Frense   I'm interested too :-)  
Nicole Maina   I'll try my best to be there...  
Eva Blanar   ...  
Orsolya Mance   Wouldn't miss it!  
smorales30   Interested but not sure yet...(!)  
Krisztina Kotai   I would like to be there  
Angeles Castelo   I'll be there.  
Tatjana Kovačec   I think I will be there  
Thomas Pfann   Sounds great.  y
Parrot   Looks like I'm late...  y
Džiuginta Spalbar   This will be the biggest ProZ conference so far, I can see that!  
XAllisonK (X)   going to try to come with the whole family!  
Marianne Dahl   I'll be there - definitely  
Fabio Scaliti   Flight booked. See you in Budapest!  y
Dagmar Jenner   Count me in!  y
Barbara Jones   Looks really interesting, I'll seriously consider coming!  
Xkvaloy (X)   Already looking very much forward to seeing everybody in Budapest!  
Diana Wright   It's close to Romania, where we're based at the moment, so I'm definitely interested.  m
XDavid Wright (X)   I'm also interested.  m
Arnd Rothe   I'll try to be there.  
Dominique Maréchal   I'm sorry won't be able to come after all  n
Jeremy Somerson   Sounds fun.  m
Laurel Clausen   I'm definitely interested!  
Marta Marullo   Yes, it looks very interesting and I'll come!!  
Miss EMC Marshland   would love to visit Budapest  
Olena Mankovska   It's in my event calendar for the next year.  
XGabi Ancarol (X)   Maria Gabriela Ancarola  
Béla JUSZEL   Yes, I'll definitely attend.   
Karen Vincent-Jones   Perfect timing- my husband's in Budapest for a conference then  y
Erin McGann   Really hope I can make it!   
Malgorzata (Maggie) Hickey   Can´t wait!  
Paula Góes   I hope I will be able to make it!  m
Monika Finck   Sounds very interesting, I hope I can come.  
eirinn  \"Photographer\" so nice, and so near Vienna !  y
Hajer Souihli   Sounds interesting, I'll do my best to be there  
prof murrani   Prof Waleed Al-Murrani  
Ursula Derx   This is a must for somebody like me living in Vienna! Looking forward to meeting you all.  y
Christian Fournier   I really hope to be able to attend, I'll do my best  m
Bojan Kicurovski   I'll b there 2  y
Katalin Horváth McClure   Not sure yet  m
Xmiro_s (X)   miro_s  y
Sofia Marina Christina Loddo   I hope to be there!  
Ilir Dragovoja   Kituno!... ott leszek, ha nem jonne kozbe valami.  
Xsylvie malich (X)   Can't come after all. Too many good things happening at once.  n
Xrosmadrid   ...  
Philippe ROUSSEAU  \"Photographer\" \"Host\" Sure, it will be a great meeting !  y
Cervin   I've always wanted to visit Budapest!  m
Steve Martin   So it's a powwow AND a conference? I've never been to either and I'm very curious and interested. I'm also keen to register and book flights soon.  m
Tania Martins   Everything set to GO! First time in Budapest, first Conference...  y
alvanice   Yes, confirmed  y
Delsen   I'm interested and I'll do my best to be there  
Gordana Podvezanec   I will be there!  
Laura Feijoo   I'm really interested. Budapest is great !! :-)  y
corinne durand   Would love to attend, can't wait!  
maytetrad   maytetrad  
James Hollander   Yeah, I'm interested, my first Proz conference.   
Xdana mares (X)   I'd like to attend, I need all the info  
XAurora Humarán (X)  \"Photographer\" 100% confirmed  y
dkalinic   Count on me. I'll be there.  
Irene N   I'm very sorry... My mom's surgery had been postponed to mid-April, She is 81, no way I can go out of country for at least a month. Have a great time ya'll... Wish us luck!  n
Solveig Hansen   See you in Budapest!  y
András Kiss   I'd like to be there  
Ilona Kangro   I'll be there.  y
Laurens Landkroon   Looks like the ultimate networking opportunity !! Long time since I've been to Eastern Europe........   
Karin Hellbom   I would like to come!  n
Yuriy Alatortsev   I would like to visit this event. Indeed.  
lenapires   I'm really looking forward to go. This will be my first conference! Cheers  y
Ivanka Dimitrova   I am really interested and I would like to attend  
María Leonor Acevedo-Miranda   I will try to go this time. It will be a pleasure.  y
XKirschstein   Definitely interested  m
Annelies Teulings   Jolly: I love to have my first powwow in Budapest and in spring as well.   y
Joseph Kovalov   See you there  
XEva Cravero (X)   I am also interested.  
Andreea Ciurea   I really hope I can make it.  
Philippe Maillard   Thank you for this early planning.  y
Giulia Barontini  \"Photographer\" I'd definitely LOVE to join you all in Budapest and, at the same time, take some time off to celebrate my birthday!!! ;o) A presto gente! Giulia  m
Jutta Scherer   I'll definitely try to be there. See you, everybody!  
Gabriela Frazao   I will be there. I expect to travel with some Portuguese colleagues  y
Patrick Dotterer   ...  
Lorenia de la Vega   I hope I can make it!  m
Gerardo Noriega Rivero   I'd love to go  m
Zdenka Ivkovcic  \"Photographer\" I'm coming!  
Inge Gomez-Michel   I'm very interested..  
Klaus Urban   Klaus Urban  n
Judit Babcsányi   I would very much like to come  
Vertimai   We are hoping to participate, and to register soon -- it would be very good to visit Budapest again, at a lovely time of the year, and to celebrate May Day in the city.  
Edith Goebel   I'll be there too!  
Bernadette Paulo Iga   BPI Dolmetschen  
Woodstock   I would very much like to attend, am making preliminary plans...  m
XEvi Prokopi (X)   I would like to join and meet all of you there, but I am quite shy, because I am among the youngest people in Proz...  

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Powwow: Budapest - Hungary

Wlodzimierz Galwas  Identity Verified
Local time: 22:21
Hungarian to Polish
+ ...
I'll be there Jun 19, 2006

I hope so!


Csaba Ban  Identity Verified
Local time: 22:21
Member (2002)
English to Hungarian
+ ...
Conference date Jul 31, 2006

Hello everyone,
As you may see above, I initially set the dates of the conference for April 30th and ay 1st, Sunday and Monday, respectively. Since May 1st falls on a Tuesday, I assumed that in most European countries, Monday will be a "bridge", or else it can be taken off easily. Is this a correct assumption?
Are these dates convenient for most people? If not, what other dates would you be more confortable with?
I should be very hard pressed to change the dates, as it's always
... See more
Hello everyone,
As you may see above, I initially set the dates of the conference for April 30th and ay 1st, Sunday and Monday, respectively. Since May 1st falls on a Tuesday, I assumed that in most European countries, Monday will be a "bridge", or else it can be taken off easily. Is this a correct assumption?
Are these dates convenient for most people? If not, what other dates would you be more confortable with?
I should be very hard pressed to change the dates, as it's always difficult to come up with a date that suits everyone, and I already made an arrangement with the hotel and conference venue for these dates. In any case, I would be glad to hear your opinion.


Maciej Andrzejczak  Identity Verified
Local time: 22:21
Member (2005)
English to Polish
+ ...
Conference date Jul 31, 2006

Hi Csaba, the date is matched very well, especially for us, the Poles, since our bank holidays falls also on May 3:) Keep like this!


Ralf Lemster  Identity Verified
Local time: 22:21
English to German
+ ...
No problem... Jul 31, 2006

...already noted!


Magda Dziadosz  Identity Verified
Local time: 22:21
Member (2004)
English to Polish
+ ...
Very good dates! Jul 31, 2006

I'd even say - perfecticon_smile.gif


C. Roman
Local time: 22:21
Romanian to Spanish
+ ...
It's k with me. 1st of May is holiday in Spain. Jul 31, 2006


Veronika Hansova  Identity Verified
Czech Republic
Local time: 22:21
English to Czech
+ ...
No problem with it Aug 1, 2006

In the CZ we also have bank holidays on May 1, so I'll be there definitely.


Diana Cossato (X)  Identity Verified
Local time: 22:21
Hungarian to Italian
+ ...
excellent by me Aug 1, 2006



Jerzy Czopik  Identity Verified
Local time: 22:21
Member (2003)
Polish to German
+ ...
Dates are perfect Aug 1, 2006

Only the workload at that time is unkknownicon_smile.gif


nordiste  Identity Verified
Local time: 22:21
English to French
+ ...
Very good dates for me to Aug 1, 2006

Fine by me. I plan to extend the stay for a short vacation in Budapest, before and after the conference.


Lydia Molea  Identity Verified
Local time: 22:21
English to German
+ ...
Perfect Aug 1, 2006

The dates should be no problemicon_smile.gif


arterm  Identity Verified
Russian Federation
Local time: 23:21
Member (2002)
English to Russian
dates are perfect Sep 12, 2006

me and Nikita have already bought the ticketsicon_smile.gif


Martine Brault  Identity Verified
Local time: 16:21
Member (2005)
English to French
+ ...
Hotel Sep 13, 2006

Hello Csaba, could you tell us which hotel you had in mind?


Jennifer Gal  Identity Verified
Local time: 22:21
Hungarian to English
+ ...
great job, Csaba Sep 13, 2006


You're doing a great job coordinating this (all the way from Indianapolis, Indiana)! I'm still definitely in for attending, and please allow me to help coordinate, interpret for attendees, whatever I can do to participate and coordinate with you! I'm very familiar with BP, have spend a year there, plus numerous visits to inlaws in Gazdagret.

Jennifer Gal


Csaba Ban  Identity Verified
Local time: 22:21
Member (2002)
English to Hungarian
+ ...
Hotel URL Sep 13, 2006

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