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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Aug 3 ita>eng sul fatto che mi ha appesantito non ci piove it certainly made me drowsy pro open no
- Jul 27 fra>eng sur support papier ou dérivé on paper or paper-based medium pro closed no
- Jul 25 fra>eng le beau, le bon, le bien platitudes pro closed ok
4 Jul 23 ita>eng il nuovo trattamento integrativo bonus Renzi the new "Renzi bonus" income supplement pro closed no
- Jul 20 ita>eng relatori signatories pro closed no
- Jul 18 fra>eng "On y va comme si on en revenait". "it is the same old grind" pro closed ok
4 Jul 12 ita>eng Locazione Breve e Sub Locazione short-term lease and sublease (or sublet) pro closed no
- Jul 12 ita>eng DIPLOMA DI LICENZA CONCLUSIVA DEL SECONDO CICLO DI ... senior secondary school diploma pro closed ok
- Jul 11 fra>eng représentants dépositaires proxy holders for deposited shares pro closed ok
4 Jul 7 ita>eng Bracket Bracket pro closed no
4 Jul 4 fra>eng une fonctionnalisation introduction of a functional group pro closed no
4 Jul 2 fra>eng Espèces d'actions classes of shares easy closed no
- Jul 2 fra>eng Arrêt de production discontinued product(s) pro closed ok
4 Jun 28 fra>eng gérer comme avoirs sans contact manage (treat) as dormant assets pro closed no
- Jun 25 ita>eng piazza economic operators pro closed ok
4 Jun 24 fra>eng Il fait jour it is daytime easy closed no
- Jun 15 ita>eng ordini aggressivi high-risk pro closed ok
- Jun 14 ita>eng delega al mercato leaving to the market the task of... pro closed no
- Jun 10 ita>eng FH Family help pro closed ok
- Jun 5 fra>eng ateliers stations pro closed ok
4 May 25 ita>eng Denuncia modifica notice of change pro closed ok
- May 24 ita>eng dottrina Sunday school pro closed ok
- May 19 ita>eng Inserimento da dietro overlapping run pro closed ok
4 May 11 fra>eng Une donation gift (inter vivos) pro closed no
- May 6 fra>eng Engagement de responsabilité commitment pro closed no
4 May 5 ita>eng terziario tertiary treatment pro closed no
4 Apr 30 ita>eng raschio di fiume riffle pro closed no
- Apr 29 fra>eng moyenne couronne middle suburb pro closed no
- Apr 29 ita>eng unità di lettura Units pro closed no
- Apr 28 ita>eng 20 paesi visitati (traveled to 20 countries) easy closed ok
4 Apr 27 fra>eng édicule (elevator) penthouse pro closed no
- Apr 24 fra>eng dispositif de définition de cap steering device pro closed no
4 Apr 19 ita>eng compete alla medesima she is entitled to pro closed ok
2 Apr 18 ita>eng cellule epiteliomorfe epithelial-like cells pro closed ok
- Apr 18 ita>eng vicinanza ai consumatori listening to the consumers pro closed ok
4 Apr 13 ita>eng cetuale class-based pro closed ok
- Apr 13 fra>eng se fondre dans le moule he/he conforms easy closed ok
4 Apr 8 ita>eng CM Medical conditions pro closed ok
- Apr 6 fra>eng petites mains dressmaker's apprentice pro closed ok
- Apr 3 fra>eng système de circulation tournante circular flow system pro closed no
4 Mar 30 fra>eng récupérer appropriated pro closed ok
- Mar 24 fra>eng prendre quelques interventions let some participants speak pro closed ok
- Mar 23 ita>eng operaiacci despicable workers easy closed ok
- Mar 21 ita>eng licenza conclusiva del primo ciclo di istruzione middle school diploma pro closed no
4 Mar 16 ita>eng Premi titoli azionari share premium pro closed no
- Mar 16 ita>eng Premi titoli obbligazionari premium on bonds pro closed no
- Mar 15 fra>eng une chûte d'eaux usées wastewater discharge (line) pro closed ok
2 Mar 11 fra>eng mettre en oeuvre to do easy closed no
4 Mar 10 ita>eng spessore serrabile grip range pro closed ok
4 Mar 9 ita>eng si facevano quasi sempre schermo di motivazioni scientifiche ...were almost always hidden behind the screen of scientific ... pro closed ok
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