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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Feb 23 '16 heb>eng חובת הצדק duty of justice pro closed ok
4 Feb 21 '16 eng>heb attractive nuisance מטרד אטרקטיבי pro closed no
- Feb 15 '16 ita>eng danno morale Personal injury pro just_closed no
- Feb 8 '16 eng>heb Model Contractual Clauses תבנית סעיפי החוזה pro just_closed no
- Feb 6 '16 ita>eng attivo ereditario hereditary assets pro closed ok
- Jan 26 '16 esl>eng novedoso fictional, fabricated; fanciful pro just_closed no
- Jan 15 '16 heb>eng רישיון זירת מסחר לחשבונו העצמי trading floor/pit permit to his own account/nostro pro open no
- Jan 10 '16 eng>heb M.P.L RATES שיעורי מוצר שולי של עבודה pro closed ok
4 Dec 28 '15 heb>eng הכבדה על ביצוע פסק הדין There are fears of a burden on the execution of the judgment pro closed ok
- Dec 28 '15 heb>eng אם יפקע הצו if the order expires for any other reason pro closed no
4 Dec 26 '15 heb>eng חיובים שלובים ומותנים concurrent and conditional obligations pro closed ok
- Dec 21 '15 heb>eng כוונה לקפח, באופן שניחוח של תרמית נודף ממנה an intention to discriminate, in such as way that smells like a scam pro closed no
4 Dec 20 '15 eng>heb Duty council עו"ד תורן pro closed ok
4 Dec 20 '15 eng>heb bonds person ערב/הערב pro closed ok
4 Dec 20 '15 eng>heb put forward להפקיד pro closed ok
- Dec 17 '15 heb>eng ולראיה באתי על החתום In witness whereof the I have signed (this Agreement) pro closed no
4 Dec 17 '15 eng>heb Estate Executor מנהל עיזבון pro closed ok
4 Dec 10 '15 heb>eng דין רציפות rule of continuity pro closed ok
- Dec 8 '15 ita>eng generalità dei consociati all members/ associates/shareholders pro closed no
- Dec 8 '15 ita>eng partecipazioni attendance pro closed ok
- Dec 5 '15 esl>eng sustracción de materia Removal pro open no
4 Dec 6 '15 eng>heb PI חשבונית פרו פורמה pro closed ok
- Dec 3 '15 eng>heb witness statement הצהרה pro closed no
4 Dec 1 '15 heb>eng מוכחש מחוסר ידיעה Denied for lack of knowledge pro closed ok
4 Nov 27 '15 heb>eng בפרשה זו רב הנסתר על הגלוי the unknown is greater than what is known/More is hidden than known pro closed ok
- Nov 26 '15 ita>eng sussistenti deem as lasting pro closed ok
4 Nov 24 '15 heb>eng תביעה זו נעדרת עילת תביעה this claim is without a cause of action pro closed ok
- Nov 20 '15 heb>eng כדי למצות את טענות בגין האמור במכתב זה This letter does not exhaust my client's claims against your company with respect to the contents... pro closed no
- Nov 20 '15 heb>eng האומרת דרשני which calls for further investigation pro closed ok
4 Nov 18 '15 eng>heb managing associates שותף מנהל/שותף בכיר מנהל pro closed ok
4 Nov 18 '15 eng>heb The Statute of the legal proffession חוק מקצוע עריכת הדין pro closed ok
4 Nov 18 '15 eng>heb statutory suspension השעייה ססטוטורית pro closed ok
4 Nov 15 '15 heb>eng עקרון ייחוד העילה the principle of appropriate cause/appropriation of cause pro closed ok
- Nov 14 '15 heb>eng אף אם הייתה תחולה לחוקה even if there was incidence of law pro closed no
- Nov 12 '15 heb>eng מטיל נטל השכנוע או נטל הראיה imposes the burden of convincing or the burden of adducing evidence pro closed no
- Nov 8 '15 ita>eng efficacia sanante di nullità remedying efficacy of invalidity pro closed no
- Oct 29 '15 ita>eng enti comuni community facilities/installations pro closed ok
4 Oct 28 '15 ita>eng autentica di estratto certifed copy of an entry pro closed ok
4 Oct 11 '15 ita>eng rimessa al merito returned to the trial judge/first instance pro closed ok
- Oct 6 '15 heb>eng שטר בירורין writ of agreement to accept mediation pro closed no
- Oct 4 '15 ita>fra bancarotta fraudolenta impropria faillite frauduleuse commise par des personnes autres que le propriétaire pro just_closed no
4 Sep 29 '15 eng>heb Disposition of assets העברת/הקניית נכסים מפוקחת על ידי הנאמנים pro closed ok
- Sep 14 '15 ita>eng materialmente (who) physically committed pro closed no
- Sep 9 '15 ron>eng Byline subtitlu pro open no
4 Sep 7 '15 ita>fra aderendo se conformant à/ se soumettant à pro closed no
- Sep 5 '15 ita>eng l'assunzione di rappresentanze taking responsibility for agencies pro just_closed no
- Sep 5 '15 ron>eng incidenta liable to pay pro just_closed no
- Sep 4 '15 eng>heb distracted driving נהיגה מוסחת pro closed no
- Sep 1 '15 ron>ita procedura completa procedimento giudiziario completo pro open no
4 Sep 3 '15 ita>eng posizione giuridica legal status pro closed ok
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