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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jul 23 '10 eng>fra there is scope c'est l'occasion pour la Banque d'investir.. pro closed no
4 Dec 3 '08 eng>fra incidental sales ventes occasionnelles pro closed no
- Oct 4 '08 eng>fra domiciled for payment to domicilié chez le prêteur pro just_closed no
- Oct 19 '07 fra>eng contreparties + supports de financement compensations and funding sources... pro just_closed no
4 Sep 21 '07 fra>eng Edition du bordereau de remise d’effets à l’encaissement list of bills for collection pro closed no
- Sep 4 '07 eng>fra upon the life l'assurance vie souscrite sous le n° ... pro closed ok
- Aug 28 '07 eng>fra typical fund financial statement déclaration de résultats d'un fonds type pro open no
- Aug 26 '07 eng>fra workable L/C valide pro closed ok
4 Aug 25 '07 eng>fra put some ventures together nous associer pour certains projets pro closed no
- Mar 30 '07 fra>eng revenant a benefiting to pro closed ok
- Mar 21 '07 fra>eng remises à l’encaissement remittance for cashing pro closed ok
- Mar 14 '07 eng>fra vendor landscape parmi les offres des distributeurs pour.... pro closed ok
- Mar 13 '07 eng>fra the thinking l'ingéniérie pro closed ok
- Nov 4 '06 eng>fra Business name (DBA) raison sociale pro closed ok
3 Nov 5 '06 eng>fra Lower-rated credits les crédits à taux bas pro closed no
3 Nov 5 '06 eng>fra Highest grades aux taux les plus élevés pro closed no
- Sep 13 '06 fra>eng recouvrement adapté adaptable recovery procedures pro closed no
4 Jul 16 '06 fra>eng CA HT du dernier exercice écouté turnover exclusive of VAT for the last financial year pro closed ok
3 Jul 17 '06 fra>eng sans bénéfice possible... without any possibility of taking advantage of the early releasing cases as provided..... pro closed no
4 Jul 13 '06 fra>eng domiciliés aux guichets exclusifs de ces banques all payments will be exclusively domiciled at said banks (or these banks) pro closed ok
- Jul 11 '06 fra>eng laquelle devra toujours pouvoir être remboursée which (in any case) must make sure that they will be paid back pro closed ok
4 Jul 4 '06 fra>eng contentieux fiscal tax litigation (or claims) pro closed ok
- Jul 1 '06 eng>fra long-term products valeurs à long terme pro closed no
4 Jul 1 '06 eng>fra benchmark index indice de base ou de référence pro closed ok
4 Jun 30 '06 fra>eng traduites dans ces comptes which these accounts refer to pro closed ok
4 Jun 28 '06 fra>eng adapter la rémunération de nos risques avec des taux d'intérêts différents adapting our interest rates to the risks we cover pro closed ok
- Jun 27 '06 fra>eng qualité des actifs du bilan asset reliability pro closed no
- Jun 24 '06 fra>eng contraintes locales restraints linked to local lifestyle pro closed ok
- Jun 23 '06 fra>eng Départ et retour de chantier takes into account the period starting from their leaving date until the day before returning pro closed ok
- Jun 22 '06 eng>fra shown opposite those dates in those Schedules figurant en face des dates ci-dessus mentionnées dans lesdits programmes pro closed ok
- Jun 22 '06 eng>fra cash in tills les comptes de caisse pro closed ok
- Jun 14 '06 fra>eng fonciere patrimoniale individual property(investment) management company pro closed ok
- Jun 13 '06 fra>eng contre remise documentaire on presentation of the shipping documents pro closed ok
- May 15 '06 fra>eng ouverture du capital to float shares pro closed no
4 May 2 '06 fra>eng compte tenu de la personne depending on who is involved pro closed ok
- Apr 20 '06 eng>fra to raise a purchase order passer la commande pro closed no
- Apr 13 '06 fra>eng d'autant moins à négliger the more to be taken into account pro closed no
- Apr 12 '06 eng>fra bear a confirmation Les auditeurs doivent apposer une mention sur les comptes certifiant pro closed no
- Apr 12 '06 eng>fra revert Nous reprendrons contact à l'échéance/nous avons repris contact pro closed no
4 Apr 9 '06 fra>eng interet au taux d'escompte de la Banque Nationale pour effets non acceptes National Bank discount rate applicable for unaccepted bills. pro closed no
4 Mar 30 '06 eng>fra loan equipment costs coûts d'emprunt lié à l'équipement pro closed no
- Mar 27 '06 eng>fra raising financial indebtedness créer un endettement pro closed ok
- Mar 27 '06 eng>fra condonable n'est pas susceptible d'être corrigé ou excusé pro closed ok
- Mar 19 '06 fra>eng frais par echeance fees (charged) on each due payment pro open no
- Feb 28 '06 fra>eng racheter buy easy closed ok
- Feb 13 '06 fra>eng secretarial social d'entreprises (external) secretarial services for staff (record) administration pro closed no
3 Feb 4 '06 fra>eng pays de la place boursière d'emission country in which the issuing stock market is located pro closed no
4 Feb 1 '06 fra>eng abstraction faite without taking into account.. pro closed no
- Jan 26 '06 eng>fra Remittance credit virement pro closed ok
- Jan 26 '06 fra>eng les moyens nécessaire à leur actions ou à leur investigations This applies too when comparing their respective tools to take action or investigate pro closed no
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