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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Aug 26 '15 ind>eng memperoleh suami sebagai bapaknya it is recognised that his mother's husband is his father pro closed no
- Sep 30 '14 ind>eng Surat Izin Menetap Permanent residence permit pro closed ok
4 Mar 22 '14 may>eng Surat kuasa mati Letters of administration pro closed ok
- Sep 27 '13 ind>eng Penyelenggara negara yang bersih dan bebas korupsi Honest and uncorrupt state officials pro closed ok
4 Feb 13 '13 ind>eng Sifat: Biasa Category: Standard pro closed ok
- Oct 29 '12 ind>eng dari penyelidikan ke tahap penyidikan from research to investigation pro closed ok
- Oct 19 '10 ind>eng gugatan praperadilan pre-judicature accusation pro closed ok
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