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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Aug 21 '20 eng>fra lives locally to her daughter est domiciliée dans les mêmes alentours easy closed no
4 Aug 20 '20 eng>fra a particular way (pourquoi ils ressentent d'une façon particulière easy closed no
- Oct 1 '19 fra>eng activer et animer les clients enthuse pro closed ok
- Mar 22 '19 eng>esl To speak to the need for responder a la necesidad pro closed no
- Mar 21 '19 ita>eng un inutile polverone a pointless smokescreen pro closed ok
4 Nov 11 '18 por>eng a fim de entrar de consciência naquele trabalho "so that I could go into it with my eyes open" pro closed no
4 Oct 25 '18 ita>eng latamente avvicinare per forma e caratteristiche approach the shape and form/ attributes from sideways on pro closed ok
- Sep 24 '18 esl>eng no tienen ningún recorrido which don't have any mileage in them pro closed ok
- Mar 25 '18 eng>esl Value for our Guests relación calidad- precio destacante pro closed no
- Mar 15 '18 eng>esl I'm going to close things off on my side for now Por ahora voy a echar el cierre al asunto de mi lado pro closed ok
- Dec 16 '17 esl>eng Cuanto más sabes, menos te queda… The more you know the less there is to know pro closed no
- Jul 8 '17 eng>fra you don't know what I go through Vous ne savez pas ce que je vive easy closed ok
4 Jul 2 '17 esl>eng Neurosis y psicosis Neurosis and Psychosis easy closed ok
- Apr 4 '17 fra>eng à me rapprocher de ma cohérence get my head together pro closed no
- Mar 29 '17 eng>fra set up a business démarrer une entreprise easy closed ok
- Mar 26 '17 eng>esl with a mild first day. con un primer día apacible pro closed no
4 Mar 10 '17 fra>eng remplir sa besace de récolte " fill his boots" pro closed no
4 Jan 31 '17 eng>esl to come over superar la situación pro closed no
4 Jan 3 '17 esl>eng bono de apadrinación A perk from the boss(es) pro closed ok
- Dec 2 '16 esl>eng se optimizo el uso de los espacios físicos maximum use was made of physical space(s) pro closed ok
- Nov 27 '16 eng>ita go a long way va un lungo cammino pro closed ok
- Nov 24 '16 eng>ita plowing through solcare gli ostacoli frapposti pro closed ok
- Nov 15 '16 esl>fra se solicita est demandée easy closed no
- Oct 24 '16 eng>fra pass on faire parvenir à autrui pro closed no
- Sep 15 '16 esl>eng el cielo se mostró de nuevo the heavens shone down favourably again pro closed no
- Sep 14 '16 eng>esl Forms insights into others adquiere una perspectiva aprofundizada pro closed no
- Sep 6 '16 eng>fra It's just a little lunch. - You don't do little "Ce n'est qu'un petit déjeuner- tu ne sais pas ce que pro closed no
- Sep 1 '16 eng>esl arrange through disponer mediante/ a través de pro closed ok
- Sep 1 '16 ita>eng una nebbiolina sottile ne copriva i confini a fine mist covered the outer edges pro closed ok
- Aug 28 '16 eng>esl were to just que de conseguir que te sonrían pro closed no
- Aug 16 '16 eng>por complimentary chapter 1 preview pré-visualização complementar pro closed no
4 Aug 16 '16 deu>esl sich einer neuen Herausforderung zu stellen. para afrontar nuevos retos/ desafíos pro closed ok
- Aug 16 '16 esl>eng la priorización obedece a There is a bias towards pro closed ok
- Jul 23 '16 eng>esl I am buzzed in se me permitió entrar mediante un zumbador pro closed no
4 Jul 22 '16 eng>esl so should weigh in heavily on these por lo que podamos ejercer una influencia considerable sobre estos asuntos pro closed no
- Jul 17 '16 eng>esl let's take care of a little housekeeping Cuidemos un poco de la gestión pro closed ok
- Jul 6 '16 ita>eng per inserirsi nel microcosmo chiuso e fuori dal tempo to penetrate the bubble of the ( hermetically) sealed and out-of-step pro closed ok
- Jun 19 '16 eng>esl became so ubiquitous..... se generalizó tanto que pro closed no
- Jun 10 '16 fra>eng M. Fout la merde Mr Don't-Give-a-Toss easy closed ok
- Jun 7 '16 eng>fra mostly people who blatantly do not live up to their own standards puisque dans l'ensemble, il s'agit de gens qui bafouent pro closed ok
- Jun 5 '16 fra>eng sauter au mur hit a brick wall pro closed ok
- May 27 '16 eng>esl Summertime Stomp Reventón estival/ de verano; pro closed ok
3 May 27 '16 eng>fra Flaming like a rat on snakes Le temps disparaît copmme un éclair/ étoile filante pro closed no
- May 21 '16 eng>fra Less-than-whole-hearted support soutien tiède pro closed ok
- May 11 '16 ita>eng era percorso da lunghe onde (The sea) formed a longed swell pro closed ok
- Apr 18 '16 ita>eng trova piena soddisfazione nell'utilizzo di plays a full part in achieving satisfaction in pro just_closed no
- Apr 15 '16 fra>esl a aussi son mot à dire tiene también sus propios encantos pro closed ok
- Mar 25 '16 fra>deu addiction schuldbewusstes Geheimnis pro closed ok
4 Mar 23 '16 eng>fra for ensuring that we do.. pour veiller à ce que easy closed no
- Mar 22 '16 esl>eng colaboraran con tiempo, energía put their heart and soul into pro closed ok
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