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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jul 20 '12 rus>eng Выручка от РПХ Earnings from the Piscicultural Production Sector pro closed no
- Jul 20 '12 rus>eng Выручка от РНПХ Earnings from the Piscicultural Research and Production Sector pro closed no
- Jul 17 '12 rus>eng по которым начислялась линейная амортизация which have linearly amortized pro closed ok
4 Apr 24 '12 rus>eng проводка по поступлению запасов на склад. see explanation pro closed no
- Apr 24 '12 rus>eng в разрезе пакета by packet pro just_closed no
- Apr 24 '12 rus>eng инструменты срочных сделок futures instruments pro just_closed no
- Jan 10 '12 rus>eng Корректировка в сумме 1 миллион долларов по предприятию According to the enterprise, the one million dollar correction... pro closed no
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