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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jan 19 '15 rus>eng "Математику только за то учить следует, что она ум в порядок приводит" Math(ematics) should be learned if only because it brings order to the mind pro closed no
- Apr 17 '13 rus>eng Лихие 90е Difficult 90s pro closed no
- Feb 14 '13 rus>eng Острова преткновения Getting Around the Islands pro closed ok
- Jan 21 '13 rus>eng сотовая связь глючит (cell) coverage is sketchy pro closed no
- Jan 4 '13 rus>eng невинность соблюсти и капитал приобрести keep hands clean while making some money pro closed ok
NP Jan 6 '12 rus>eng склеить намертво fasten together tightly pro closed no
- Dec 22 '11 rus>eng петлей на шее и клеймом see explanation pro closed no
4 Dec 19 '11 rus>eng обида за державу see explanation pro closed no
- Oct 22 '11 rus>eng храпеть на весь Мир cuts down the whole forest pro closed no
- Oct 13 '11 rus>eng Нет великих и малых, если каждый делает свое дело вместе со всеми None is great or small when everybody is doing their part together pro closed no
4 Aug 10 '11 rus>eng И мал золотник, и пока дорог Little things come in small packages, and they're expensive for now. pro closed ok
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