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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Oct 9 '12 rus>eng По роду своих профессиональных интересов In keeping with my professional interests... pro closed ok
4 Jul 22 '12 rus>eng уже десятки лет тесно связаны have already been intimately connected for decades pro closed ok
4 Jul 20 '12 rus>eng просматриваются на многие километры offer an open view for (several) kilometers around pro closed ok
- Jul 20 '12 rus>eng приобрела новое лицо look...was updated/refreshed/revamped. pro closed no
- Jul 19 '12 rus>eng редким бисером ягод краснеет grows red with sparse clusters of berries pro closed no
4 Jul 18 '12 rus>eng примерить это на себя Imagine yourself in that situation pro closed no
- Jul 17 '12 rus>eng где ещё не потрудились лесорубы where woodcutters have not yet trod pro closed no
- Feb 16 '12 rus>eng Убогая палитра beggarly palette pro closed no
- Jan 9 '12 rus>eng Но мне ее жутко не хватало, I missed it terribly pro closed ok
- Jan 2 '12 rus>eng Захрустел огурцом chomped on a pickle pro closed no
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