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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Apr 15 '20 eng>rus leftover hair-dye. [бутылка] с остатками краски для волос pro closed ok
- Dec 6 '19 eng>rus avails list список кассовых фильмов pro closed no
- Dec 3 '19 rus>eng А что, так можно было что ли? Wow, was it possible? pro closed no
4 Jul 30 '19 eng>rus Diversity социальное разнообразие pro closed ok
- Jul 30 '19 eng>rus Stills Photographer Фотограф съемочной группы pro closed no
4 Apr 3 '19 rus>eng Женское обострение (название для ролика) Female Flare-Up pro closed ok
- Mar 19 '19 rus>eng У него есть справка He's a registered disabled pro closed no
- Sep 11 '18 eng>rus There is no knowledge that is not power. без знания нет силы pro closed ok
- Sep 22 '17 eng>rus Shooting list раскадровка pro closed no
- Aug 7 '17 rus>eng Ты сходил? (в уборную) Have you taken a leak? pro closed ok
- May 29 '17 rus>eng Вы ничего не перепутали? Haven't you messed this up? pro closed ok
4 Mar 29 '17 eng>rus art direction by художник-декоратор / арт-директор pro closed ok
- Jan 26 '17 rus>eng Фильм стал настоящим событием. The movie became a breakthrough in... pro closed ok
4 Jan 20 '17 eng>rus generator operator оператор генератора pro closed ok
- Aug 11 '16 rus>eng Что мы тут пререкаемся? Why should we wrangle/haggle about nothing? pro closed no
4 Aug 11 '16 rus>eng рассада seedlings pro closed ok
4 Mar 19 '16 rus>eng наложение субтитров subtitling pro closed no
4 Mar 18 '16 rus>eng А вы знаете, как тротуар у нас обозначается Do you happen to know what's the roadsign for a sidewalk? pro closed ok
- Mar 16 '16 rus>eng Вы молодой маленький, никому не нужный, вонючий человек You are nothing but a pokey, washed-up/castaway and stinky youngster pro closed ok
- Mar 10 '16 rus>eng Ах мы уже на "ты" перешли Have we become buddies, eh? pro closed no
- Feb 10 '16 rus>eng Слуга народа people's servant pro closed no
- Jan 24 '16 rus>eng Архаровцы rogues pro closed no
- Jan 24 '16 rus>eng Ты с ними хочешь схлестнуться, да? Do you want to meet head-on with them? pro closed no
4 Jan 24 '16 rus>eng Вам от моего мужа будет просто пи**ц полный! my husband will f*** you up! pro closed ok
4 Nov 30 '15 rus>eng Высказывать свою гражданскую позицию I may/have the right // I am free to express my civic position pro closed no
- Oct 6 '15 rus>eng переработка Фильма movie/motion picture reshuffling pro closed no
- Oct 6 '15 rus>eng графический ряд graphic sequence pro closed ok
- Sep 25 '15 rus>eng Желторотый spring chicken pro closed no
- Sep 16 '15 rus>eng Честно? Fair and square? pro closed no
- Aug 7 '15 rus>eng Все, отлично OK, great... pro closed no
- Aug 5 '15 eng>rus credit provision выражение благодарности pro closed ok
- Jun 15 '15 eng>rus Delivery поставка pro closed ok
4 Jun 7 '15 rus>eng Объезжать пробку по тротуару to bypass the traffic jam driving on a sidewalk pro closed ok
- Jun 6 '15 rus>eng Щенок puppy pro closed no
- May 16 '15 rus>eng Это не по-человечески This is (utterly) unhuman pro closed no
- May 16 '15 rus>eng Я стою вот (вот он я) Here I am - what next? pro closed no
- May 16 '15 rus>eng Кого вы на место поставите (who/whom) Whom are you going to cut down to size? pro closed no
- May 11 '15 rus>eng Кухонный воин kitchen warrior pro closed no
4 May 10 '15 rus>eng Знак, стоящий обратной стороной road sign is facing the other way pro closed ok
4 May 9 '15 rus>eng Перепарковать автомобиль re-park pro closed ok
- May 7 '15 eng>rus footage in/out длина пленки / продолжительность видеозаписи до и после монтажа pro closed no
4 May 7 '15 eng>rus Credit Statement. (выражение) благодарности pro closed ok
- May 1 '15 rus>eng Думаете, вы самый умный? And you think you're the smartest (guy) (in the world/room) pro closed no
- May 1 '15 rus>eng Отвечать за свои слова do what you say pro closed ok
- Apr 8 '15 rus>eng Вы нормальный человек? Are you sane? pro closed no
- Apr 4 '15 rus>eng Привет маме, папе, жене, всем Say hi to your mom, dad, better half, any and all easy closed no
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