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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
2 Mar 29 '18 eng>eng buffered design of a bower a lattice ceiling under a proper ceiling easy closed no
4 Jan 24 '18 eng>eng possible the evaluation method may/can be standardized easy closed no
- Nov 17 '17 eng>eng hot work use of fire easy closed ok
4 Jul 16 '17 eng>eng silky soft easy closed no
- Apr 23 '17 eng>eng integrate require easy open no
- Apr 10 '17 eng>eng xxx Lake Lake xxx easy closed no
- Mar 26 '17 eng>eng As a result as a result easy closed no
- Jan 9 '17 eng>eng comprehensive integrated easy closed no
4 Jan 9 '17 eng>eng Government Prefectural and municipal governments easy closed no
- Oct 21 '16 eng>eng value importance (noun) easy open no
- Sep 26 '16 eng>eng Available for You can use the coupon if you spend more than US$50 in a single purchase. easy closed no
4 Aug 29 '16 eng>eng deposits dirt left by tsunami easy closed no
4 Aug 15 '16 eng>eng reuse shop vintage shop easy closed no
4 Aug 2 '16 eng>eng but instead of being happy with the height presumed from historical records, they also added ... easy closed no
- Jun 13 '16 eng>eng Future Fries TV commercial get your face easy closed no
- Jun 4 '16 eng>eng hugged surrounded easy closed ok
- Mar 28 '16 eng>eng relatively healthy I would change the sentence structure easy closed no
4 Feb 25 '16 eng>eng video image intrusion by interrupting the video images currently shown easy closed no
4 Feb 5 '16 eng>eng otherwise the total will be refunded to this card at your cost This is to make sure that you didn't use somebody else's card for booking easy closed no
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