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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
3 Jul 6 '18 eng>eng equity basis in proportion to shareholding pro closed no
3 Jul 6 '18 eng>eng on joint basis joint venture as a whole pro closed no
- Feb 7 '18 eng>eng Drawdown (in this particular context) the loan agreement pro closed no
1 Dec 15 '17 eng>eng OMI old myocardial infarction pro closed ok
- Dec 13 '17 eng>eng incurred in pursuit of income (profit) incurred in generating income pro just_closed no
- Jun 24 '17 eng>eng bulk chips pro closed ok
4 Apr 20 '17 eng>eng Matrimonial Property Release exemption of matrimonial property from equitable distribution pro closed ok
- Mar 25 '17 eng>eng TAC trial at court pro just_closed no
4 Jan 22 '17 eng>eng intercrystalline grout caps coverings on concrete joints pro closed no
4 Jan 15 '17 eng>eng indemnities compensation for damages or losses pro closed no
4 Jan 8 '17 eng>eng Remaining Semesters of Entitlement remaining semesters the student is allowed to attend school for pro closed no
- Nov 27 '16 eng>eng Mean variance utility portfolio optimization optimizing expected return on portfolio for a given level of risk pro just_closed no
- Nov 13 '16 eng>eng at the account of the account customer pro closed ok
- Nov 2 '16 eng>eng Anteriorly-weighted radiation fields near-field radiation is weighted pro open no
4 Oct 27 '16 eng>eng booked debts registered debts pro closed no
4 Oct 27 '16 eng>eng charge (see context) lender's right to claim the pledged property pro closed no
- Oct 25 '16 eng>eng integral value of the source term integration value of the radioactive contamination pro closed no
- Oct 14 '16 eng>eng residual tidal current Oyashio extension pro just_closed no
- Oct 11 '16 eng>eng please check whether the modulation (Korea) please check if the information is correct pro closed no
4 Sep 7 '16 eng>eng Policy Administrator of Public Safety Public safety officer in the middle management pro closed no
- Sep 6 '16 eng>eng location in the charcoal filters location of the charcoal filters pro closed no
- Aug 31 '16 eng>eng singular setting area single spindle area pro closed no
- Aug 31 '16 eng>eng limited value threshold value pro closed no
4 Aug 30 '16 eng>eng involves the head tipping involves tilting the head pro closed no
- Aug 29 '16 eng>eng cross-hierarchical inter-hierarchical pro closed no
- Aug 2 '16 eng>eng follows three distinct paths has three categories of anti-seismic building codes applicable to structures in NPPs pro closed ok
- Mar 1 '16 eng>eng you may depend on it you may be complacent with what is not really a prayer-life pro closed no
- Feb 22 '16 eng>eng works out covenant life enables his people to live in compliance with the covenant pro closed no
- Feb 22 '16 eng>eng contribute to the whole body of God’s people contribute to the corporate community of God's people pro closed no
- Feb 7 '16 eng>eng on meaning or meaningful to be included in ... pro closed no
4 Feb 5 '16 eng>eng finished on the right amount the amount payable will be charged (on checkout) pro closed no
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