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Dec 14, 2020 (posted via  DE-ID proofreading for user manual in medical instrument. 33000 words. Finished. ...more, + 26 other entries »
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Telephone:  +62 818 08219 493.

Email:  [email protected] 

Native language:  Indonesian.

Services:  Translation, review, proofreading, post editing, subtitling, interpretation, voice over.

Work experience:  Translator/Reviewer since 2014.

Academic Qualifications:  M.Sc. in Engineering.

Software:   SDL Trados 2017, MS Word, memoQ, Memsource, etc. 

Words translated per day:  3000-4000 words depending on the document.

Examples of translation assignments I have undertaken numerous times in English > Indonesian, German > Indonesian include:

- Legal documents;

- Legal translation about a Trademark License Agreement;

- Translation regarding IT and Marketing (Information Technology/Marketing/Technical);

- IT terminology document translation (Information Technology);

- Specifications on various topics (Technical/Engineering);

- Engineering regarding the maintenance, design, and installation of machines (Technology/Engineering);

- Translations relating to electrical engineering and electronics (Electrical Engineering/Electronics);

- Engineering (Automotive/Cars & Trucks/Mechanical Engineering);

- Translations regarding the manufacture of equipment (Engineering/Manufacturing);

- Marketing, IT and Technical translation (Marketing/IT/Technical);

- Advertising & sales translation (Marketing);

- Gaming, sports, esports, gambling-related website translation (Marketing);

- Medical and pharmaceutical translations (Medicine, Pharmaceutical);

- Cardiovascular disease translation (Medicine, Health Care);

- News article (Journalism);

- Tours & Travel & maritime transportation project (Shipping/Tourism).

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Language (PRO)
English to Indonesian10
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Cinema, Film, TV, Drama4
Law: Contract(s)2

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English to Indonesian23
German to Indonesian7
Specialty fields
Business/Commerce (general)8
Engineering (general)3
IT (Information Technology)3
Internet, e-Commerce3
Marketing / Market Research2
Finance (general)1
Other fields
Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino4
Mechanics / Mech Engineering3
Media / Multimedia2
Computers: Software2
Medical: Dentistry1
Real Estate1
Advertising / Public Relations1
Keywords: english, bahasa indonesia, indoensian, german, deutsch, indonesisch, computers, technology, marketing, online research, localization, software, Abstract, abstraction, academic report, access, accounting, accreditation certificate, acquisition, act, action, activity, administration, administrative, adoption agreement, adults, advertising, advisory, aerospace, affidavit, agency, agreement, agriculture, aid, air carriage, air, air condition and refrigeration, akte jual beli, akte kelahiran, alliance, alternative healing, amendment, analysis, anesthesia, anggaran dasar, anggaran rumah tangga, announcement, answers, anti-bribery, anti-corruption compliance, anti-fraud, anti-trust, apartment, appointment, appliances, application, arrester, art exhibition, articles, articles of association, arbitration, assessment, assistance, association, ATM, attorney, audit committee, audit committee charter, auditor, authorized, autism, auto, automatic teller machine, automobile, automotive, avian, aviation, award, awareness, background, backup, bahasa indonesia, banking, barometer, bearing, beautician, benefits, bid, bidding, bill, binder, binding, biology, birth, blender, blood, blood pressure, board, bolt, book, brand, branding, breathing, bribery, briefing, brochures, budget plan, bulldozer, bulletin, business, bye laws, cable, cacao, calibration, camera, campaign, capability, car, card, care, caring, cartoon, case, catalogs, cattle, caution, cellphone, cellular, cellulose, cement, center, cereal, certificates, change, charter, charting, checking, chef, chemical, child, children's books, chopper, chronic, circular, civil, classification, cleaning, climate, clinical, clothing, club, code, collateral, college, commerce, commitment, communication, community, company, company annual report, compliance, compensation plan, compensation policy, competition, compliance, composition, coal, code, conditions, conduct, conference, collective, consent, consumer, conversation, cookie, cost, cough, complaint, complaint report, completion, computers, computer and information sciences, concept, condition, conduct, confidentiality agreement, construction, consumer, content, contingency, continuity, contract, contractor, contractor prequalification, contract law, conversation, copyright, copywriting, corneal, corporate, corporate governance, correspondence, counsel, country, court, cover letter, coverage, credit, crops, culinary, cultivator, culture, currency, curriculum, curriculum vitae, custody, customer, dairy products, data, dealership, death certificate, decision, decree, deed, delegate, dentistry, description, designation, deutsch indonesisch übersetzer, development, device, dewatering, diabetes, digestive, digital, diploma, direction, disabled, disaster, disease, disclosure, disorder, disposal, dispute, distributor, doctor, document, domicile, drive, driver test, driving, drug, dump, earthquake, eating, economy, economic, editing, editorial, educaton, 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equipment, heirs, helicopter, help, help line, herd, high blood pressure, hospitality, hosting, hot, hot dip, hotel, house, human resources, human rights, hydraulics, hypertension, hypnotherapy, idea, ideologi, illegal seller, illness, image, immunization, implementation, import, import duty, import, incident, incorporation, independent appraisal, index, Indonesian, Indonesian English, indonesisch, incentive, incoterms, industrial, industry, infant, influenza, informal, information, information sciences and systems, infotainment, inlay, in-store, instructions, instruction strings, integrated, integrity, intelligence, interface, internal communication, international, internet, interpreting, interview, introduction, investment, investor, investor relations, invitation, ion, IT, item, jerman, jewelry, job, job seeker, job site, journal, journal, journalism and mass communication, kesenian, kitchen, kontrak perjanjian, label, language, language service, law, lead, leaflets, lease, lease deed, leather, legal, legal counsel, letter, letter of credit, L.C., level, license, line, linguistics, liquid, load, localization, location, log out tag out, longevity, loss, low back, loyalty, library, life, lift, lightning, lightning arresters, literature, lithium, lithium ion battery, livelihood, liver, livestock, living, loan, lubricants, lubrication, lump sum, machine, maintenance, management, manpower, manual, manufacture, mapping, maritime, marketing, marriage, material, mathematics, meat, mechanical, media, medical, meeting, member, membership, memorandum of understanding, menu, merger, messages, MICE, micro, micro finance, micro hydro, migration, military, mining, mining permit, minister, ministry, minutes, mobile apps, mobile computing, mobile device, module, motion, motivation, mobile phone, M.O.U, movie, mystery, myths, name chamge, names, navy, neck, negotiation, network, newsletter, news release, non-destructive, non-disclosure, notarial deed, notice, notification 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Brochure, Aircraft Presentation, Alternative Healing Book, Alternative Tobacco Branding Review, Anti-Corruption Compliance Manual, Anti-Corruption Training, Anti-Harassment Policy, Antitrust Presentation, Apartment Introduction, Application User Manual, Appointment Letter, Approval for Representative Office, Arbitration Award, Armed Forces Budget Plan, Articles of Association, Articles: Arrest of Animal Illegal Seller/ Denture Complete Care/ Ethernet Longevity/ European Paper Business/ Fashion Brands/ Gas Exploration /Jeweler & Crocodile Leather/ Mining Contracts Re-negotiation/ Potato Farmers Empowerment/ Shipping Law/ Urban Transportation System/ Asian Fashion, Assets & Facility Management Guide, Association Bye-Laws, Atlas-of-Torture Questionnaire, ATM Menu, Audit Management Test Questions, Australian Meat & Livestock, Authorized Service Center, Autism Education Materials, Auto Response Email, Automobile Seat Business Briefing, Automotive Caution Labels, Avian Flu Influenza 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Cause Analysis Tool, RSPO Fact Sheet – Safe Products, Safeguards Inspection Procedure, Safety Campaign Brief, Safety Data Sheet, Safety Engagement Survey, Safety Signs & Instructions, Sale & Purchase Agreement, Sale & Purchase of Land & Building, Sales Aid, Sales Location Agreement, Sales Tools, Sander Manual, Saudi Arabian Truck Driver Test, Scholarship Announcement, Scholarship Form, School Certificate, Sea Patrol Orders, Search Engine Products Consumer Survey, Search User Guide, Security Service Agreement, Service Description, Service Transaction, Shareholder Circular, Shipping Engineers Common Terminology, Shipping Insurance Certificate, Shopping Catalogue, SIAC Arbitration Interim Award, Signatories Change, SIM Card, Skin Treatment Product Brochures, Slosson Aberrant Behavior Checklist, Smartphone Customer Survey, SMS Messaging Alerts, Snacking Survey Questionnaire, SNI Tire Rim Quality Standards, Social Contribution Proposal, Social Media Marketing Survey, Social Media Policy, Software Installation, Software Strings, Spare Parts Operation, Spare Parts Supply & Installation Contract, Spray Station Operating Instruction, Staffing Requirements, Stainless Steel Cookware Use & Care, Standard of Conduct, Stock Listing Preliminary Agreement, Storage Area Network & HVAC Controller Module, Stress Responses Self Treatment, Stuck Pipe Training Video Narration, Study Continuance Permission Letter, Study on Sanitation & Hygiene, Style Guide, Sugar Cane Prospect Presentation, Supply & Management Agreement, Sustainability Report, Swimming Safety Video Script, Synovial Joints (Osteoarthritis) Solution System – Take-Home Pay Slip, Talent Matrix, Tax Audit Result, Tax Filing, Tax Registration, Team Briefing, Teamwork Course, Teaser Messages, Technical Cooperation Agreement, Technician Reasoning Test & Interview Assessment, Technology Items Consumer Survey, Termination Letter, Termination of Employment, Terms & Conditions of Use, Terms of Use, Testing Glossary, Theme Park Activity Procedure, Tourism Event Campaign, Tractor Operator Manual, Trade Exhibition Invitation, Trading Business Permit, Traditional Healing, Training Course Links, Training Modules, Training Program, Translator Assessment, Translator Review, Transport Regulations, Travel Destination Description, Travel Related Conversation, Truck Diagnostic Trouble Codes, Tsunami Evacuation Plan, Tuition Fee Details, TV Commercial Script – User Interface, User Satisfaction Survey, Vehicle Fire Investigation Report, Vendor Letter, Vendor Terms & Conditions, Video Introduction, Video Scripts, Village Assets, Visa Regulation, Voice of Business Internal Survey, Volumetric Test, Volunteers Manual – Wallpaper Messages, Warning Signs, Washing Machine Owner Manual, Water Project Business Presentation, Weather Application, Web Site Content, Web Site Terms & Conditions, Web-Based Products, Whistleblower Policy & Pre-qualification Questionnaire, Wildlife Park Brochure, Worker Rights Booklet, Working Capital Credit Agreement, X-Ray Notice

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