Asian Trust Translation

Mission Statement: "Become the unique concept of making communication simple".
Our mission is to dedicate clients expand their businesses and boost their presence in the global market with the most professional services – from staffing to marketing. All capable translation specialists working with Asian Trust Translation bring a great deal of experience and variety to each translation services project, fulfilling your requests.
Our Vision
CEO Collwing Watanabe:
"Become the unique concept of making communication simple."
For companies looking to utilize translation services to do business in the global market, Asian Trust Translation will lead to provide first-class translation services and become the unique concept of making communication simple.

Industries / markets / subject areas

Advertising (marketing), Advertising (media), Aerospace, Agriculture, Architecture, Art/literary, Automotive, Biotechnology, Business products, Chemical, Compliance, Construction, Consumer products, Defense, Electronics, Energy, Engineering, Entertainment, Environmental, Environmental Engineering, Fashion, Finance (Microfinance), Finance / Banking / Accounting, Financial/markets, Government, Healthcare, Higher Education, Homeopathy, Hospitality, Information technology, Insurance, Internet/E-commerce, Investment / Securities, Journalism, Law/Legal, Logistics, Machine tools, Management, Manufacturing/Industrial, Marketing/Communications, Medical/Life Sciences/Pharmaceutical, Metallurgy/casting, Oil, Paper/paper mills, Pharmaceutical, Philosophy, Real estate, Religion, Safety, SAP ERP, Security, Social sciences, Software, Software (educational), Software (games), Software (multimedia), Sports, Telecommunications, Tourism, Training/Education.

Job / document types

Animation, Articles, Audio, Books, Brochures, Business cards, Catalogs, Certificates, Contracts and agreements, Corporate letters, Dictionaries, E-Learning Courses, Economic/Trade materials, Educational records/documents, Film scripts, Financial statements, Flash files, Flyers, Hardware, Help files, Illustrations, Immigration documents, Informed Consents, Labels/Packaging, Legal content, Legal documents, Letters/Emails, Logo, Manuals, Manuals (employee), Manuals (non-technical), Manuals (pharmaceutical), Manuals (technical), Marketing, Marketing (advertisements), Medical records/documents, Newsletters, Patents, Policy wordings, Presentations, Scientific , Software, Surveys, User guides, Veterinary records/documents, Video, Voice over scripts, Web sites.

Services/Products Offered

Artwork/Illustrations, Clinical Trials, Consulting, Content development, Content management, Copywriting, Desktop publishing (DTP), Document translation, Editing, Engineering, Glossary/Terminology, Graphics/3D animation, Graphics/Screen capture, Historical data digitalization, Internationalization, Interpreting, Language training, Linguistic Testing, Local guides, Localization, Multimedia localization, Project Management, Proofreading, QA Testing, Scriptwriting, Search Engine Optimization, Software design, Staffing/Outsourcing, Subtitling, Summarizing, Technical writing, Telephone interpreting, Tools/Technology systems, Training, Transcriptions, Translation, Typesetting, Voiceover/dubbing.

Languages offered/supported

Serbian, Croatian, Haitian-Creole, Hmong, I-kiribati, Klingon, Kayah, Meo, Nigerian, Simple English, Sign Language, SiSwati (Swazi), Tamang, Tuvaluan, Ulithian, Afrikaans, Amharic, Arabic, Aramaic, Armenian, Assamese, Basa, Bengali, Tibetan, Bulgarian, Burmese, Central American Indian (Other), Czech, Chinese, Creoles & Pidgins (English-based Other), Creoles & Pidgins (French-based Other), Creoles & Pidgins (Portuguese-based Other), Creoles & Pidgins (Other), Kashubian, Dagbani, Danish, German, Dutch, English, Spanish, Persian (Farsi), Fijian, Finnish, French, Irish, Greek (Ancient), Guarani, Gujarati, Haida, Hausa, Hebrew, Herero, Hiligaynon, Himachali, Hindi, HiriMotu, Hupa, Iban, Izon, Kalabari, Ijo, Inuktitut, Interlingue, Iloko, Interlingua, Indic(Other), Indonesian, Indo-European(Other), Ingush, Inupiak, Iranian(Other), Iroquoian Languages, Italian, Javanese, Japanese, Kara-Kalpak, Kachin, Greenlandic / Kalaallisut, Kamba, Kannada, Karen, Kashmiri, Kanuri, Kazakh, Khasi, Khoisan(Other), Khmer (Central), Khotanese, Kikuyu, Kinyarwanda, Konkani, Kongo, Korean, Kpelle, Kru, Kurukh, Kumyk, Kutenai, Ladino, Lahnda, Lao, Latvian, Lithuanian, Lozi, Letzeburgesch, Luiseno, Lushai (Mizo), Madurese, Maithili, Malayalam, Mandingo, Maori, Marathi, Malay, Mende, Irish Middle (900-1200), Micmac, Mon-Khmer(Other), Mixteco, Malagasy, Maltese, Manobolanguages, Mohawk, Mossi, Mundalanguages, Nahuatl (Aztec), Navajo, NdebeleNorth, Nepali, Newari, Niger-Kordofanian(Other), Niuean, Norwegian (Nynorsk), Norwegian (Bokmal), Norse, Norwegian, Nubianlanguages, Nyanja, Nyamwezi, Nyoro, Ottoman, Otomianlanguages, Papuan-Australian(Other), Pangasinan, Pahlavi, Pampanga, Panjabi, Papiamento, Palauan, Pali, Pohnpeian, Portuguese, Prakritlanguages, ProvencalOld(to1500), Pashto (Pushto), Quechua, Rarotongan, Romance(Other), Romany, Rundi, Sandawe, SouthAmericanIndian(Other), Salishanlanguages, Sanskrit, Selkup, Irish Old (to 900), Shan, Sidamo, Sinhala (Sinhalese), Siouanlanguages, Sino-Tibetan, Slovenian, Samilanguages, Sindhi, Somali, Songhai, Montenegrin, Serer, Nilo-Saharan(Other), Sukuma, Sumerian, Swahili, Sylheti, Syriac, Tahitian, Tamil, Tatar, Timne, Tereno, Tajik, Tagalog, Thai, Tigre, Tigrinya, Tlingit, Tonga (Nya), Tonga(TongaIslands), Tsonga, Turkmen, Tumbuka, Tuvinian, Ugaritic, Ukrainian, Umbundu, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Manado Malay, Maay Maay.
Making Communication Simple
100+ languages supported
79/6 Hoang Van Thai Street District 7
Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh
Asian Trust
Established in 2005
25-50 employees
Tens of thousands of words per day

Process / workflow description

One single project manager gets assigned to each client. After your initial signoff for a project, she/he will guide you through all stages of our process in cooperation with your staff.
At Asian Trust Translation, we have developed, enhanced, and implemented a standardized translation lifecycle. Work starts well before a text arrives for translation, and continues after it has been delivered. By clearly defining efficient procedures, our quality system helps ensure best practice every time, minimizing problems and their potential consequences. In addition, any issues that do arise can be investigated and resolved quickly, and the necessary conclusions drawn and implemented.

Our process can be divided into:

a) Pre-Assignment Step
Initial contact with one of our representatives initiates a well-defined sequence of pre-assignment procedures:

b) Client Enquiry
* Clear definition of parameters of assignment: target audience, delivery format, deadlines, etc
* Assignment to Rosetta project manager, who will act as unique point of contact

c) Text Analysis
* Review of source documents regarding levels of technicality, availability of client or industry glossaries and any potential issues

d) Order Placement
* Initial feedback to client with binding quote
* Agreement with client on pricing, deadlines, glossaries, project team

e) Completing the Actual Translation Assignment
Once agreement over a translation assignment has been reached, the following workflow assures consistent quality for each individual translation assignment:

f) Scheduling
* Delegation of responsibilities to various team members (translators, proofreader, graphics experts)
* Drafting out detailed schedules and deliverables for each team member

g) Job Preparation
* In-house research of subject area background
* These resources are made available to all team members on the project to improve their understanding of documents

h) Terminology
* Research of relevant technical glossaries database
* Integration of any available client-specific glossaries and terminology databases

i) Actual Translation
* Translation by one or more translators
* Use of translation memory tools to ensure consistency, both internally and with previous client material

j) Third-Party Proofreading
* Independent proofreader with specific industry expertise to review translation
* Emphasis on correct use of technical vocabulary, consistent style and readability of whole document

k) Post-Editing / Proofing
* Final check on translation
* Checking of layout, to comply with client requirements regarding typesetting, corporate colour schemes, etc)

l) Translation Delivery
* Product delivered to client for review and feedback

m) Crucial Post-Assignment Procedures
A quality-sensitive translation company's work does not finish when the actual translation is delivered.
Asian Trust Translation additional Feedback / Wrap-up Loop ensures that the client gets maximum value out of each individual assignment. An integrative editing process based on client feedback guarantees client satisfaction and long term benefits.
With explicit client permission, translation of client- or industry-specific terminology derived from the assignment will be stored in the client database at Asian Trust Translation. We offer this additional service free of charge to our repeat customers. This database will then be made automatically available to translators and proofreaders working on future assignments. As a result, linguistic consistency is guaranteed, and production costs of translation work can be reduced in the medium term.

n) Feedback / Wrap-up Loop

* Iterative amendments made on the basis of client feedback
* Feedback added to client file for use in future assignments
* Updated glossary of client and industry specific translations presented to client for review
* Integration of reviewed client glossary and terminology in client-specific translation memory database at Asian Trust Translation, to be used in all future assignments for the client.

Our clients reap tangible benefits from long-term relationships with our company. These include advanced terminology and glossary management, which lead to substantial cost savings for our clients in the long run. We achieve these results through deploying the latest translation technology throughout our organization.

Quality process

Quality Assurance Process.
All our assignments are subject to the strictest quality assurance cycle to ensure the consistently high standards that our clients have come to expect from us. This process involves translation by an experienced highly qualified translator, independent proofreading by an industry expert, feedback by the client and a final round of amendments based on that feedback. As a result, our clients are assured of getting the same consistently high-quality translation for each document.
We are, of course, committed to providing the highest quality of translations to all of our clients, from the very first assignment onwards.
In addition, repeat customers benefit from additional advantages, which derive from our use of the most up-to-date translation technology.
This technology allows Asian Trust Translation to use previously translated client material, relevant client glossaries and terminology databases to improve the quality and consistency of translations, as well as speeding up delivery of completed translations in the long run.
The key benefits to our clients are:

* Dramatically reduced revision time by client staff. Our use of 'translation memory' ensures that client revisions of previous translations are 'remembered' and all specific client preferences concerning style and vocabulary are applied in subsequent work.
* Consistency in all corporate communications. The same multilingual terminology is used consistently over time, thereby ensuring a stronger and sharper message in all our clients' communications.
* Direct cost savings for translations. The build-up of a client's translation database speeds up translation of subsequent documents. We will pass the resulting cost savings on to our clients.


We would like to provide the daily output as your expectation.

Standards / certifications

  • ASTM F2089-01
  • EN 15038
  • ISO 9001



Projects are analyzed, then the client will get a quote with time & price estimate.
Internal repetitions inside projects are offered at discount.
Online quoting is available

Currencies accepted

Euro (EUR), Japanese yen (JPY), U. S. dollars (USD)

Supported file types

aif, asp, aspx, doc, docx, dwg, eps, exe, fm5, fm6, fm7, fm8, htm, ind, inx, jpeg, jsp, mp3, odt, pdf, php, pmd, po, ppt, psd, rc, sgml, swf, tmx, ttx, wav, xls, xlsx, xlz, xml

Languages which this company does business in

Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, English, Karen


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