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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- May 1 '12 eng>rus you'll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Пряником, мой юный друг, ты изловишь больше мух. pro closed ok
- May 1 '12 eng>rus you'll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Каплей меда поймаешь больше мух, чем галлоном отравы pro closed ok
- Feb 13 '12 eng>rus master сэнсэй easy closed no
- Jan 12 '12 rus>eng сообщение в эфир transmission pro closed no
- Dec 27 '11 eng>rus the way (тот) способ pro just_closed no
- Apr 27 '11 rus>eng социально-значимая тематика content, which is important for social development pro closed ok
- Apr 7 '11 rus>eng Небо! Небо не видело такого позорного пацака, как ты, скрипач The heavens never saw such a disreputable Patsak as you, Fiddler. pro just_closed no
- Sep 7 '10 eng>pol It's always a dame. Usually with gems, that don't quit. To jest zawsze taka dama, normalnie z diamentami że są wieczne easy closed no
4 Sep 4 '10 eng>rus pupillary distance of the viewer межзрачковое Расстояние pro closed ok
4 May 5 '10 eng>rus публичный показ в эфир public [video, TV] broadcasting pro closed no
4 Jul 2 '09 eng>ukr Story Supervisor відповідальний за втілення сюжету pro closed ok
- Jul 2 '09 eng>ukr Directing Animator ведучий аніматор / мультиплікатор pro closed ok
- May 20 '09 eng>ukr coverage відзнятий матеріал pro closed ok
- Dec 28 '08 eng>rus in less than stellar condition хотя их состояние было далеко не блестящим pro closed no
4 Dec 21 '08 eng>rus inner workings посмотреть на работу режиссёра изнутри pro closed no
- Nov 12 '08 eng>rus ghoulish intellectuals мерзкие интеллигентишки pro closed no
4 Sep 3 '08 eng>rus Help get your sister ready or we'll miss it. Помоги сестре собраться, а то мы ... [например - опоздаем на поезд] pro closed no
- Aug 29 '08 eng>rus "faith" "цыканье" pro closed no
- Jul 1 '08 rus>eng Находка и украшение фильма An invention that gives extra zest to the movies is ... pro closed no
2 Mar 12 '08 eng>ukr CG animal тварина намальована за допомогою комп'ютерної графіки pro closed no
4 Mar 12 '08 eng>ukr senior visual effects supervisor (головний) [художник-]постановник візуальних ефектів pro closed ok
- Jan 16 '08 eng>eng Reels old documentary film; films from an archive pro just_closed no
4 Dec 20 '07 pol>ukr chichot historii насмішка історії pro closed ok
- Sep 19 '07 rus>eng бегущая строка [news] ticker pro closed no
- May 27 '07 rus>eng benefis eccentric show of Mamonov pro closed no
- Mar 30 '06 pol>eng oglądalność watchability pro closed no
4 Oct 28 '05 eng>rus thesis film дипломный фильм pro closed no
- Oct 20 '05 pol>eng oswojenia rehearsals pro closed no
- Sep 2 '05 rus>eng Киноведение / киновед Motion Picture [Arts and] Sciences pro closed no
- Mar 25 '05 rus>eng "Проверки на дорогах" Road Patrol /or/ Checkup on the roads pro closed no
4 Feb 2 '05 rus>eng врубай тятую и в кабак ~ drive to a / the pub at the highesst speed easy closed no
- May 14 '04 rus>eng игровой фильм movie pro closed ok
- Apr 23 '04 rus>eng названия наркотиков he /she sells mostly mushrooms but also acid(s) pro just_closed no
- Apr 21 '04 rus>eng на торце кассеты должна быть наклейка с крупно написанным номером face plate of the cassette shall bear the sticker with the large -written number of the cassette pro closed no
4 Apr 20 '04 rus>eng гардемарины гардемарины = cadets at Naval Academy in the pre-revolutianary Russia pro closed no
- Mar 30 '04 eng>rus Arrested Development эволюция арестована ! easy closed no
- Mar 16 '04 rus>eng одно- или многосерийные фильмы 1) просто movie 2) см. ниже easy closed no
- Feb 9 '04 rus>eng скачок jump pro closed ok
- Jan 26 '04 eng>rus oh my gosh Bozhe moy ! easy closed ok
- Dec 29 '03 pol>eng charakteryzacja portretowa/fantastyczna character pro closed no
- Nov 25 '03 eng>rus If you can spread yourselves out there. Don’t be all bunching up. РАССРЕДОТОЧЬТЕСЬ ТАМ, ПО ВОЗМОЖНОСТИ. НЕ ТОЛПИТЕСЬ easy closed ok
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