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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Aug 9 eng>.fs Fee earner وکیل pro closed ok
4 Jul 25 fas>eng دعوای ورود شخص ثالث a third party intervenor/intervening court action pro closed ok
4 Jul 18 fas>eng گروهک منحله defunct group pro closed ok
4 Jul 16 fas>eng لایحه اعتراضیه معترض objector's statement of protest pro closed ok
- Jul 16 fas>eng مدارک مثبته evidence/evidencing proofs/documents pro closed ok
- Jul 15 fas>eng قرار منع تعقیب writ of nonsuit pro closed ok
4 Jun 26 eng>.fs full and final satisfaction تسویه‌ی کامل و نهایی pro closed ok
4 May 3 eng>.fs injunction order قرار منع pro closed ok
- Apr 28 eng>.fs Patronizing مشتری ثابت/دائمی بودن pro just_closed no
4 Apr 20 eng>.fs to Serve an Order. ابلاغ حکم pro closed ok
- Apr 19 eng>.fs public funding certificate گواهی صلاحیت بهره‌مندی از سرمایه‌ی عمومی pro closed ok
- Feb 10 eng>fas family provision law قانون تأمین آتیه خانواده pro closed ok
- Jan 26 eng>.fs Schedule 1 سیاهه/فهرست ضمیمه‌ی 1 pro closed ok
4 Jan 26 eng>.fs Organizations Act (قانون تشکیلات/نهادها/سازمان‌های فاسد(یا مجرم/متخلف pro closed ok
4 Dec 18 '18 .fs>eng در لغت in the literal sense of the word pro closed ok
- Dec 17 '18 fas>eng احراز هویت زوجین ascertainment of the spouses pro closed ok
- Dec 9 '18 fas>eng سوء معاشرت خارج از توان تحمل زوجه bad association(s) intolerable to (the) wife pro closed ok
- Dec 7 '18 eng>.fs Jus in bello حقوق بشردوستانه‌ی بین‌المللی pro open no
- Dec 7 '18 eng>.fs Jus in bello حقوق بشردوستانه‌ی بین‌المللی pro closed no
- Dec 6 '18 eng>fas شماره شناسنامه Identity certificate/document number pro closed ok
- Dec 2 '18 eng>fas ناسازگار با مقتضای عقد inconsistent with the existence of the contract pro closed no
- Dec 2 '18 eng>fas مورد اجاره the leasehold (property) pro closed ok
- Nov 30 '18 eng>.fs constitutive theory نگره/نظریه‌ی تاسیسی pro closed ok
- Nov 29 '18 eng>.fs dynastic legitimism مشروعیت‌گراییِ سلسله‌ای/دودمانی pro closed no
- Nov 27 '18 eng>.fs statu nascendi نوپا/نوخاسته یا تازه ایجادشده pro closed no
- Nov 25 '18 eng>fas Family's station مقام/منزلت/شأن خاواده pro closed no
- Nov 25 '18 eng>fas rights to present a population حقوق ناظر بر جای دادن یک مرکز جمعیتی در درون شبکه‌ی مدنی pro open no
- Nov 22 '18 fas>eng به قول منسوب به مشهور according to the most prevalent verdict pro closed no
- Nov 20 '18 fas>eng قائم مقام برای ترک قرارداد are eligible to cancel/end/terminate the contract pro closed no
4 Nov 15 '18 eng>fas registration effected by individuals ثبت انجام‌شده توسط اشخاص pro closed ok
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