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4 Aug 15 '10 eng>eng bore the brunt of the joke were the butt of the joke/ bore the brunt of the "funny" silences... pro closed ok
- Aug 12 '10 lat>eng Iustum et tenacem propositi virum, si fractus inlabitur orbis, impavidum ferient The just man, steadfast of purpose,...should the world fall apart,[ruins] will strike him unafraid. pro closed no
4 Aug 11 '10 eng>eng (are) emplaced There is never a time when we don't have experiences that are set in/about/ related to a place pro closed no
- Aug 11 '10 deu>eng Parenchymatöse Organe parenchymatous organs pro closed no
- Aug 11 '10 eng>eng will charge you will be charged easy closed no
- Aug 11 '10 eng>eng a refundable security deposit a refundable security deposit pro closed ok
- Mar 28 '05 eng>eng figure See explanation pro closed ok
- Feb 1 '04 fra>eng tu che You who easy closed no
- Jul 27 '02 eng>eng churchgoing religious hypocrite easy closed no
- Jul 23 '02 eng>eng explicitly ask Assuming that you want English>English and easy closed ok
4 Jul 2 '02 eng>eng Comma, period, quotation mark Inside: you are right pro closed no
- Jun 20 '02 eng>eng free-kick Yes. But I wouldn't use the hyphen. easy closed ok
- Jun 20 '02 eng>eng anarchy-like Well, no. This really doesn't quite read right at all... easy closed no
- Jun 19 '02 eng>eng Per the Editor, you may waive the charges Just to put this a little more clearly: easy closed ok
4 Jun 12 '02 eng>eng Chumper cars "Jumper" cars--a two-level pun... pro closed no
- May 13 '02 eng>eng reporting Could you please easy closed ok
- May 13 '02 eng>sve reward cardholder part x-change This looks to be "invoice-ese" pro closed no
- May 4 '02 eng>eng cheesy bug Clueless, unless... pro closed ok
4 May 2 '02 esl>eng halali How about this for a thought: pro closed no
4 May 2 '02 fra>eng Est sa grande tâche, sa mission d'obéissance, qui a été dans mon How about: easy closed no
- Apr 25 '02 eng>eng hold fire II A corollary to Kim's excellent answer (& ACB's, too): American English is pro closed ok
4 Apr 23 '02 eng>eng Missing what I never had. Here are a few ways to explain the "what", easy closed no
- Apr 19 '02 eng>eng this is or these are? Either, depending on the context easy closed no
- Mar 29 '02 deu>eng Neukunden unter dem Vorjahr "Number of new customers down in 2001" or pro closed no
- Mar 29 '02 deu>eng Handbuch Well, for my 2 cents as an American speaker, easy closed no
4 Mar 23 '02 eng>eng Restrict This sounds like a translation of easy closed no
- Mar 18 '02 eng>eng as a means to Yes but... easy closed no
- Mar 5 '02 eng>eng Please edit the sentence. It's a research conclusion. Men and women living easy closed no
4 Mar 5 '02 eng>eng Greek and Elizabethan Drama Here are two links for you. pro closed no
4 Mar 4 '02 eng>eng unicellular sessile photosynthetic terrestrial cellouse encased autotrophs Kimmi--Here's the definition of each word for you. easy closed no
- Feb 12 '02 eng>eng Town Hall meeting Town hall meetings are pro closed no
- Feb 5 '02 lat>eng Dominus est mihi (to me, dative) gratus quod olim vitam fili servavi. Hi Kristina easy open no
- Feb 1 '02 ces>eng rodny list give polylingua the points, please easy closed ok
- Feb 1 '02 eng>eng federal income tax return See the longer explanation easy closed ok
- Jan 31 '02 eng>eng BIS Twice: Give us the sentence please. easy closed ok
- Jan 31 '02 fra>eng salut comment ca va Hey, what's happenin'/what's shakin'/what's goin' down/ easy closed no
- Jan 30 '02 lat>eng pro salute animae for the salvation of the soul easy closed ok
4 Jan 28 '02 eng>eng bund contract German government bond. pro closed ok
- Jan 27 '02 deu>eng Krankheitslehre Diagnostic principles or study of diagnosis pro closed no
4 Jan 27 '02 lat>eng Acacia caven Espino Caven pro closed ok
4 Jan 26 '02 eng>eng sentence Try something like this: pro closed no
- Jan 25 '02 eng>eng limited-space, large-footprint Mostly yes: I'd want to know @[another server product name]: if it only comes in a large size,and pro closed no
- Jan 25 '02 eng>eng Software for producing scripts Depends. Could be CGI scripts. Could be something else. pro closed no
- Jan 24 '02 fra>eng Réseau fibres optiques fiber optic network easy closed ok
- Jan 24 '02 eng>fra TEXTE Sorry, Clive, but this is really on the long side for a Kudoz question. easy closed ok
- Jan 24 '02 lat>eng salve Hail Queen easy closed ok
- Jan 24 '02 eng>eng quid pro quo compensation/ something given in exchange easy closed ok
- Jan 13 '02 deu>eng Boni [Discount] coupon pro closed ok
4 Jan 11 '02 fra>eng Un visage ecrit dans mon coeur Your face is inscribed on/engraved upon my heart. easy closed no
4 Jan 11 '02 fra>eng Alors, bonne nuit, tu me manque, vraiment! So good night: I really miss you easy closed no
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