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The quality is the best and the price is fair, but most important, there is no project that could scare us, even if we will have to rediscover the lost language of Pharaohs or get in touch with Da Vinci
Mission Statement: Helping people achieve their objectives and find customized solutions for each

Industries / markets / subject areas

Advertising (marketing), Fashion, Finance / Banking / Accounting, Law/Legal, Medical/Life Sciences/Pharmaceutical, Advertising (media), Aerospace, Agriculture, Architecture, Art/literary, Automotive, Biotechnology, Business products, Chemical, Compliance, Construction, Consumer products, Defense, Electronics, Energy, Engineering, Entertainment, Environmental, Environmental Engineering, Finance (Microfinance), Financial/markets, Government, Healthcare, Higher Education, Homeopathy, Hospitality, Information technology, Insurance, Internet/E-commerce, Investment / Securities, Journalism, Logistics, Machine tools, Management, Manufacturing/Industrial, Marketing/Communications, Metallurgy/casting, Oil, Paper/paper mills, Pharmaceutical, Philosophy, Real estate, Religion, Safety, SAP ERP, Security, Social sciences, Software, Software (educational), Software (games), Software (multimedia), Sports, Telecommunications, Tourism, Training/Education.

Job / document types

Animation, Articles, Audio, Books, Brochures, Business cards, Catalogs, Certificates, Contracts and agreements, Corporate letters, Dictionaries, E-Learning Courses, Economic/Trade materials, Educational records/documents, Film scripts, Financial statements, Flash files, Flyers, Hardware, Help files, Illustrations, Immigration documents, Informed Consents, Labels/Packaging, Legal content, Legal documents, Letters/Emails, Logo, Manuals, Manuals (employee), Manuals (non-technical), Manuals (pharmaceutical), Manuals (technical), Marketing, Marketing (advertisements), Medical records/documents, Newsletters, Patents, Policy wordings, Presentations, Scientific , Software, Surveys, User guides, Veterinary records/documents, Video, Voice over scripts, Web sites.

Services/Products Offered

Artwork/Illustrations, Consulting, Content management, Copywriting, Desktop publishing (DTP), Document translation, Editing, Engineering, Glossary/Terminology, Graphics/3D animation, Internationalization, Linguistic Testing, Local guides, Localization, Multimedia localization, Project Management, Proofreading, QA Testing, Scriptwriting, Search Engine Optimization, Staffing/Outsourcing, Subtitling, Summarizing, Technical writing, Tools/Technology systems, Transcriptions, Translation, Typesetting, Voiceover/dubbing.

Languages offered/supported

All languages are offered and supported.
Shine With Us
100+ languages supported
318 st. Detroit srt
Los Angeles, California
United States
Established in 2015
10-25 employees
Hundreds of thousands of words per day

Process / workflow description

01. Your inquiry is received.
02. Your documents are reviewed for subject matter, complexity, length, etc.
03. Our costs are calculated and a quote is submitted to you.
04. Any outstanding questions are answered.
05. Your purchase order is received.
06. Translators are carefully selected for your project.
07. A first draft is produced and reviewed.
08. The translation is proofread by a second translator (optional – see remark on proofreading).
09. The edited version is corrected.
10. The finished product is delivered as per your specifications.

Quality process

Good translation agencies ask questions. We know when to consult you about terminology or text concepts that only you can explain. Good translation agencies don’t hesitate to provide you with professional references that will put your mind at ease. Feel free to ask us for previously completed assignments or sample translations. Some translators are affiliated with certain organizations that provided them with a certification. Others may have taken relevant courses that pertain to translating. If you are looking for a specialist in a certain field, don’t hesitate to ask us for the credentials of the translator that is assigned to your translation. A good translation agency will be able to supply you with an exact time and cost estimate for your assignment, as long as you are able to provide the necessary details.


Our translation potential is almost unlimited

Standards / certifications

  • ASTM F2089-01
  • ASTM F2575
  • EN 15038
  • ISO 9001
  • Notary Approved
  • SAE J2450
  • SDL Certified



Our agency charges for each translated word. If you have a word processor, you can look at the word count of your translated document and multiply the number of words by our per-word rate. If you don’t have a digital file, count the words manually (including numbers and names).
Online quoting is available at: http://wordlights.com/get-a-quote/
Minimum project fee 15 USD

Currencies accepted

U. S. dollars (USD)

Supported file types

aif, asp, aspx, cdr, doc, docx, dwg, dxf, eps, exe, fm5, fm6, fm7, fm8, gif, htm, idt, ind, ini, inx, jpeg, jsp, mif, mp3, odt, pdf, php, pmd, po, ppt, pptx, psd, qxd, rc, rtf, sgml, swf, tiff, tmx, ttx, txt, wav, xliff, xls, xlsx, xlz, xml

Languages which this company does business in

Abkhazian, Achinese, Acoli, Adangme, Afar, Afrihili, Afrikaans, Afro-Asiatic (Other), Akan, Akkadian, Albanian, Aleut, Algonquian languages, Altaic languages, Amharic, Ancient Hebrew, Apache languages, Arabic, Aramaic, Arapaho, Araucanian, Arawak, Armenian, Artificial(Other), Assamese, Asturian, Athapascan languages, Austronesian(Other), Avaric, Avestan, Awadhi, Aymara, Azerbaijani, Baatonum, Balinese, Baltic languages, Baluchi, Bambara, Bamilekelanguages, Banda, Bantu(Other), Basa, Bashkir, Basque, Beja, Belarusian, Bemba, Bengali, Berber (Other), Bhojpuri (& Tharu), Bihari, Bikol, Bini, Bislama, Bosnian, Brahui, Braj, Breton, Buginese, Bulgarian, Buriat, Burmese, Caddo, Carib, Catalan, Caucasian(Other), Cebuano (Bisayan), Celtic(Other), Central American Indian (Other), Chagatai, Cham, Chamorro, Chechen, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Chibcha, Chin, Chinese, Chinookjargon, Choctaw, Church Slavonic, Chuukese, Chuvash, Cook Island Maori, Coptic, Cornish, Corsican, Cree, Creek, Creoles & Pidgins (English-based Other), Creoles & Pidgins (French-based Other), Creoles & Pidgins (Other), Creoles & Pidgins (Portuguese-based Other), Croatian, Cushitic(Other), Czech, Dagbani, Dakota, Damara, Danish, Dari, Dayak, Delaware, Dida, Dinka, Divehi, Dogri, Dravidian(Other), Duala, Dutch, Dutch Middle (ca.1050-1350), Dyula, Dzongkha, Efik, Egyptian(Ancient), Ekajuk, Elamite, English, English Middle (ca.1100-1500), English Old (ca.450-1100), Eskimo(Other), Esperanto, Estonian, Ewe, Ewondo, Fanagalo, Fang, Fanti (Fante), Faroese, Farsi (Persian), Fijian, Finnish, Finno-Ugrian(Other), Flemish, Fon, Formosan, French, French Middle (ca.1400-1600), French Old (842-ca.1400), Frisian, Friulian, Fulah, Fulani, Ga, Gaelic, Galician, Ganda, Gayo, Geez, Georgian, German, Germanic(Other), German Middle High (ca.1050-1500), German Old High (ca.750-1050), Gilbertese, Gondi, Gothic, Grebo, Greek, Greek (Ancient), Greenlandic / Kalaallisut, Guarani, Gujarati, Haida, Haitian-Creole, Hausa, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Herero, Hiligaynon, Himachali, Hindi, HiriMotu, Hmong, Hungarian, Hupa, I-kiribati, Iban, Icelandic, Igbo, Ijo, Iloko, Indic(Other), Indo-European(Other), Indonesian, Ingush, Interlingua, Interlingue, Inuktitut, Inupiak, Iranian(Other), Irish, Irish Middle (900-1200), Irish Old (to 900), Iroquoian Languages, Italian, Izon, Japanese, Javanese, Judeo-Arabic, Judeo-Persian, K'iche', Kabyle, Kachin, Kadazan, Kalabari, Kalmyk-Oirat, Kamba, Kannada, Kanuri, Kara-Kalpak, Karen, Kashmiri, Kashubian, Kawi, Kayah, Kazakh, Khasi, Khmer (Central), Khoisan(Other), Khotanese, Kikuyu, Kinyarwanda, Kirghiz, Klingon, Komi, Kongo, Konkani, Korean, Kosraean, Kpelle, Krio, Kru, Kuanyama, Kumyk, Kurdish, Kurukh, Kusaie, Kutenai, Ladino, Lahnda, Lamba, Lao, Latin, Latvian, Luxembourgish, Lezghian, Lingala, Lithuanian, Loma, Lozi, Luba-Katanga, Luiseno, Lunda, Luo (Kenya,Tanzania), Lushai (Mizo), Maay Maay, Macedonian, Madurese, Magahi, Maithili, Makasar, Malagasy, Malay, Malayalam, Maltese, Manado Malay, Mandingo, Manipuri, Manobolanguages, Manx, Maori, Marathi, Mari, Marshallese, Marwari, Masai, Mayanlanguages, Mbundu, Mende, Meo, Miao, Micmac, Minangkabau, Mixteco, Mohawk, Moldavian, Mon-Khmer(Other), Mongo, Mongolian, Montenegrin, Mordvinian, Mossi, Multiplelanguages, Mundalanguages, Muong, Nahuatl (Aztec), Nauru, Navajo, NdebeleNorth, NdebeleSouth, Ndongo, Nepali, Newari, Niger-Kordofanian(Other), Nigerian, Nilo-Saharan(Other), Niuean, Norse, NorthAmericanIndian(Other), Norwegian, Norwegian (Bokmal), Norwegian (Nynorsk), Nubianlanguages, Nyamwezi, Nyanja, Nyankole, Nyoro, Nzima, Occitan / Langued'Oc, Ojibwe, Oriya, Oromo, Osage, Ossetic, Otomianlanguages, Ottoman, Ovambo, Pahlavi, Palauan, Pali, Pampanga, Pangasinan, Punjabi, Papiamento, Papuan-Australian(Other), Pashto (Pushto), Persian (Farsi), PersianOld(ca600-400B.C.), Phoenician, Pohnpeian, Polish, Portuguese, Prakritlanguages, ProvencalOld(to1500), Q'eqchi' / Kekchi, Quechua, Rajasthani, Rarotongan, Rhaeto-Rom (Romansch), Romance(Other), Romanian, Romany, Rundi, Russian, Salishanlanguages, SamaritanAramaic, Samilanguages, Samoan, Sandawe, Sango, Sanskrit, Sardinian, Scots, Scottish Gaelic, Selkup, Semitic(Other), Serbian, Serbo-Croat, Serer, Shan, Shona, Sicilian, Sidamo, Sign Language, Siksika, Simple English, Sindhi, Sinhala (Sinhalese), Sino-Tibetan, Siouanlanguages, Siswant, SiSwati (Swazi), Slavic(Other), Slovak, Slovenian, Sogdian, Somali, Somba, Songhai, Sorbian, SothoNorthern, SouthAmericanIndian(Other), Southern Sotho / Sesotho, Spanish, Sukuma, Sumerian, Sundanese, Susu, Swahili, Swedish, Sylheti, Syriac, Tagalog, Tahitian, Tajik, Tamang, Tamashek, Tamil, Tatar, Telugu, Tereno, Tetum, Thai, Tibetan, Tigre, Tigrinya, Timne, Tivi, Tlingit, Tok Pisin, Tonga (Nya), Tonga(TongaIslands), Truk, Tsimshian, Tsonga, Tswana, Tumbuka, Turkish, Turkmen, Tuvaluan, Tuvinian, Twi, Ugaritic, Uighur, Ukrainian, Ulithian, Umbundu, Urdu, Uzbek, Vai, Valencia, Venda, Vietnamese, Volapük, Votic, Wakashanlanguages, Walamo, Waray, Washo, Welsh, Woleaian, Wolof, Xhosa, Yakut, Yao, Yapese, Yi, Yiddish, Yoruba, Zapotec, Zenaga, Zhuang (Chuang), Zulu, Zuni


Wordlights, Wordlights Translation, Translation, Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, Norwegian, French, Portuguese, Italian, editing, proofreading, transcription, audio, video, file translation, files, audio translation, video translation, video subtitling, desktop publishing, quality assurance, fast translation,

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