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Date Pair Term Level Status Answers (undeclined) Gloss
Nov 7 fra>ita qu'il n'en ignore pro closed 3 no
Nov 7 fra>ita en tête de son rapport pro closed 2 no
Nov 7 fra>ita en son honneur et conscience pro closed 4 ok
Nov 4 fra>ita transmission pour examen courrier pro closed 1 ok
Oct 31 fra>ita avis au parquet pro closed 3 no
Oct 30 fra>ita procédure établie en France pro closed 2 ok
Sep 18 fra>eng Blessures involontaires avec incapacité easy closed 3 no
Sep 1 eng>fra exclusive copyright pro closed 2 no
Aug 31 eng>fra Theatrical pro closed 3 no
Aug 31 eng>fra may claim all or partial copyright ownership interest pro closed 2 ok
Aug 31 ita>fra foro in deroga pro closed 1 no
Aug 30 eng>fra net profits is defined as all of the gross amounts pro closed 3 no
Aug 30 eng>fra Any net Award realized pro closed 2 no
Aug 30 eng>fra 'to establish its rights ' pro closed 1 no
Aug 28 eng>fra Will set aside .... 50% of net profite each time there is a report of net profit pro closed 2 no
Aug 17 ita>fra Di cui all'annotazione in data xxx pro closed 3 no
Aug 13 ita>fra estratto per riassunto dai registri degli atti di nascita pro closed 2 no
Aug 12 eng>fra Caution : there are offenses relating pro closed 3 ok
Aug 6 fra>eng Nous, Procureur..., easy open 0 no
Jul 9 eng>fra correctly copied from a record on file in my office pro closed 2 no
Jul 5 ita>fra Il presente diploma viene rilasciato a tutti gli effetti di legge pro just_closed 0 no
Jul 4 ita>fra Master Internazionale universitario di II livello in chirurgia orale avanzata pro closed 1 ok
Jul 4 eng>fra and for so doing this shall be my warrant pro closed 1 no
Jul 4 eng>fra to any ... justice pro closed 2 no
Jun 25 fra>ita Adjoint Administratif Principal Territorial pro just_closed 1 no
Jun 25 fra>ita caractère divisible du lien de filiation ainsi établi pro closed 1 no
Jun 10 fra>ita acte de reconnaissance pro closed 1 ok
May 16 fra>ita postes comptables pro open 0 no
May 15 ita>fra Visto per la legalizzazione della firma pro closed 1 no
May 14 ita>fra Maturo pro just_closed 3 no
May 14 fra>ita dispositions civiles pro closed 1 ok
May 13 fra>ita sur les seuls intérêts civils pro just_closed 1 no
May 13 fra>ita Dit que, conformément aux articles ... pro closed 1 ok
May 10 fra>ita avis avant poursuites pro closed 2 no
May 10 fra>ita droit fixe de procédure pro closed 2 no
May 10 fra>ita sur l'action publique pro closed 1 no
May 10 fra>ita cabotage routier de personnes pro closed 1 ok
May 7 fra>ita depuis temps n'emportant pas prescription pro closed 1 no
May 2 ita>fra per aver maturato a livello direzionale pro closed 1 ok
Apr 24 ita>fra dichiarazione sostitutiva di atto di notorietà pro closed 2 no
Nov 27 '18 eng>fra by certificate before me pro open 2 no
Nov 23 '18 eng>fra or after bans by me pro closed 1 ok
Nov 19 '18 eng>fra to the marriage then pro closed 3 no
Nov 16 '18 eng>fra Any appointment of the former spouse as executor is treated as omitted easy just_closed 1 no
Nov 16 '18 eng>fra County Court pro closed 4 no
Nov 16 '18 eng>fra thereof why the said decree should not be made absolute pro closed 1 no
Oct 26 '18 ita>fra Sistema Informativo motorizzazione pro just_closed 2 no
Oct 26 '18 ita>fra Ufficio motorizzazione civile pro closed 2 ok
Oct 26 '18 ita>fra Direzione Generale Territoriale pro closed 2 ok
Oct 25 '18 ita>fra MIT-UCO pro closed 1 ok
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