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Creative Translation Services Desk (ATA Corporate Member 268078) is a proprietorship with a fully integrated translation center on ProZ. We provide Translation Services to clients to place jobs/projects and we assign it to translators on our online portal to accept the jobs/projects at competitive rates for various languages.


Implementation of a project is our responsibility and the system for the successful accomplishment of every project objective.

We function as the sole contacts between clients and translators if outsourcing is required in a specific field, assume the responsibility of organizing and executing each link in the translation process, tracking the project schedule, providing feedback regarding associated problems, and guaranteeing the punctual delivery of translations.

High-quality translations and services drive OUR development, where we constantly emphasize the maximization of the client's benefit. Thus, in our translation projects we strictly observe the operational process of “translation, review and proofreading” (as demanded by the client) and adopt stringent quality-control measures before, during and after the translation. We want each and every project we produce to stand as a hallmark of excellence.

We rely on a network of hand-picked freelance translators and linguists whereby vendors use an advancing technology to offer unbeatable quality, speed, and value.
The designers built them to create a great work environment for translators so we/they can deliver to you with an ever-increasing speed and quality.
Experience and perseverance makes us better as a team, for together we are stronger.
The mission is to give more people the freedom to work from home, earn a decent income and put their hearts into what could be a lucrative income for them, while spending time at home with the wife and kids.
We are bringing an online office where we believe and have faith that this will attract the best linguists that shall use their expertise and knowledge to earn their fair dues and is the key to delivering great service to our customers.
We do not believe in exploiting the linguist for personal enrichment. We want to help them obtain work and earn an honest living with integrity that every human being is entitled to.

Deven Sachdeva.
Founder and Administrator
Mission Statement: Translators on call and do not need to look for them, unlike ...
Translations are completed with ease, expeditiously and efficiently with sufficient lead-time provided.
Translators and vendors shall meet your deadlines as they are qualified and experienced in their own fields of expertise.

Industries / markets / subject areas

Advertising (marketing), Architecture, Automotive, Marketing/Communications, Medical/Life Sciences/Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Agriculture, Business products, Chemical, Compliance, Construction, Consumer products, Defense, Electronics, Energy, Engineering, Finance (Microfinance), Finance / Banking / Accounting, Financial/markets, Government, Healthcare, Information technology, Insurance, Internet/E-commerce, Investment / Securities, Law/Legal, Logistics, Management, Manufacturing/Industrial, Metallurgy/casting, Oil, Pharmaceutical, Real estate, Software, Telecommunications, Tourism.

Job / document types

Books, Certificates, Contracts and agreements, Corporate letters, Educational records/documents, Financial statements, Immigration documents, Informed Consents, Legal content, Legal documents, Letters/Emails, Manuals, Manuals (employee), Manuals (non-technical), Manuals (pharmaceutical), Manuals (technical), Marketing, Medical records/documents, Patents, Scientific , Software, User guides.

Services/Products Offered

Clinical Trials, Desktop publishing (DTP), Document translation, Editing, Engineering, Local guides, Localization, Project Management, Proofreading, Transcriptions, Translation.

Languages offered/supported

Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Dari, Farsi (Persian), Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bambara, Bengali, Bhojpuri (& Tharu), Burmese, Catalan, Czech, Chinese, Danish, German, Divehi, Dogri, Dutch, Greek, English, Spanish, Persian (Farsi), French, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Kashmiri, Khasi, Khmer (Central), Konkani, Korean, Kurdish, Ladino, Lao, Maithili, Marathi, Malay, Marwari, Nepali, Oriya, Pali, Polish, Portuguese, Pashto (Pushto), Rajasthani, Russian, Sanskrit, Sinhala (Sinhalese), Tamil, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Xhosa, Zulu. Is willing to work with other languages upon request.
Another lang. is 2 possess another soul
50-99 languages supported
C-1056, FF, Sector 67, Ansal Essencia, Gurugram
Gurgaon, Haryana
Deven Sachdeva
Established in 2017
4-9 employees
Thousands of words per day

Process / workflow description

Please visit website:

Quality process

Please visit website:


Capacity is contingent on content, context, volume and other focal pointers that need to be taken into account to set this base.



Prices are quoted on pro-rata basis and calculated according to project or document/s

Currencies accepted

Euro (EUR), Indian rupees (INR), Pounds sterling (GBP), U. S. dollars (USD)

Supported file types

doc, docx, pdf, ppt, tiff, tmx, ttx, xliff

Languages which this company does business in

Arabic, Bambara, Bengali, Bosnian, Burmese, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi (Persian), French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Konkani, Korean, Ladino, Marathi, Oriya, Pali, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Sanskrit, Serbian, Sinhala (Sinhalese), Spanish, Tamil, Thai, Ukrainian, Urdu, Xhosa, Zulu, Azerbaijani, Turkish, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Malayalam, Malay, Lao, Khmer (Central), Dari, Armenian, Divehi


Qualified, translators, linguist, translation, expertise, language, translate, law, medical, games, English to Arabic English to Armenian English to Azerbaijani English to Bengali English to Bosnian English to Chinese Simplified English to Croatian English to Czech English to Danish English to Dari (Afghani) English to French English to Canadian French English to German English to Haryanvi English to Hindi English to Hebrew English to Hungarian English to Italian English to Japanese English to Korean English to Kurdish ​English to Ladino English to Malay English to Nepalese English to Pashto (Afghani) English to Persian (Farsi - Afghani) English to Persian (Farsi - Iranian) English to Portuguese Portugal English to Portuguese Brazilian English to Russian English to Serbian English to Sinhalese English to Spanish English to Spanish Argentina English to Telugu English to Turkish English to Ukrainian English to Urdu English to Vietnamese Arabic to French Arabic to Spanish Azerbaijani to Ukrainian Bengali to Spanish Bosnian to Croatian Bosnian to Serbian Catalan to Italian Catalan to Spanish Chinese to Russian Danish to French Dhivehi to English English to Italian (individual) Farsi (Persian and Afghani) to English French to Bosnian French to Croatian French to Dutch French to English French to English (UK) French to German French to Italian French to Korean French to Portuguese French to Russian French to Serbian French to Spanish German to Arabic German to Armenian German to English German to Italian German to Portuguese German to Russian German to Spanish Greek to Czech Italian to Croatian Italian to Dutch Italian to German Italian to Hebrew Italian to Hungarian Italian to Spanish Japanese to Chinese Japanese to Hebrew Ladino to Turkish Pali to Sinhalese Portuguese to French Portuguese to Spanish Russian to Armenian Russian to Azerbaijani Russian to Chinese Russian to Italian Russian to Spanish Serbian to Bosnian Serbian to Croatian Serbian to French Serbian to Italian Simplified Chinese to Hebrew Simplified Chinese to Japanese Simplified Chinese to Russian Simplified Chinese to Thai Spanish to Czech Spanish to English Spanish to German Spanish to Italian Spanish ES-419 to BR Portuguese Telugu to Hindi Turkish to Azerbaijani Turkish to Russian Turkish to Ukrainian ​Ukrainian to French Ukrainian to Russian
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