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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Aug 28 ara>eng الله عليها عودت Did she forget? I asked, but she came back at last pro closed no
- Aug 28 ara>eng أجيب لك قلب ثاني منين؟ To grow you another heart? pro closed no
4 Jan 7 ara>eng Sentence word order "We, Muhammad M. and Al-Bashir I., notaries at the Jurisdiction Directorate of Agadir Court of Appea pro closed no
4 Jan 7 ara>eng مقرر بزواج من لم يبلغ سن الزواج Approving/ permitting pro closed no
2 Feb 27 '19 ara>eng ما تبقي من هذه الليلة الصيفية قضيته بذهن مشوش As for what's left of this summer night (to be continued in the explanation for lack of space) pro closed no
- Jul 27 '18 ara>eng لم يسبق له التصرف he never previously disposed with the sold land pro closed ok
Asked | Open questions | Answered