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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Sep 1 esl>eng Ni un burro tiene el descaro tuyo. You shameless swine pro closed no
- Sep 2 esl>eng rechazar take... to pro closed ok
NP Jul 23 esl>eng mundo anglosajón the Anglosphere pro just_closed no
- Jul 18 esl>eng evacuó el trámite conferido carried out the procedure required pro closed ok
- Jun 18 esl>eng excepciones de previo preliminary objections / motions to dismiss pro closed ok
4 Jun 16 esl>eng por cargo al crédito anual charged to the annual credit pro closed no
4 Jun 16 esl>eng entramado de cuentas web of bank accounts pro closed ok
- May 25 esl>eng alienación delincuente criminal irresponsibility pro closed no
- May 19 esl>eng plan de desconfinamiento unlockdown plan pro closed ok
- May 15 esl>eng des-solidarizado desolidarized (or de-solidarized) pro closed no
4 May 10 esl>eng prevenir a recurrir inform about right of appeal pro closed ok
4 May 7 esl>eng dar salida del accionariado acquire (the two Capital Venture Funds' shareholdings) pro closed ok
- May 3 esl>eng Persona Cuestionada Subject to Investigation / (US) Person of Interest pro closed ok
- Apr 26 esl>eng Ministro de jornada Accompanying Minister pro closed ok
- Apr 23 esl>eng Montar use pro closed no
- Apr 20 esl>eng Ley de Concertación Tributaria Tax Agreement Law pro closed ok
- Apr 19 esl>eng proferido issued (the following judgment/decision) pro closed no
- Apr 15 esl>eng perder como en la guerra lose disastrously pro closed ok
4 Apr 9 esl>eng pichonera o boina right-wing or left-wing pro closed ok
4 Apr 6 esl>eng en sentencia issued/ruled pro closed no
- Apr 4 esl>eng por la libre go it alone pro closed ok
4 Mar 21 esl>eng Prevención Notification pro closed ok
4 Jan 27 esl>eng subrayado demandado the underlined part is subject to legal challenge/is challenged pro closed no
- Nov 12 '19 esl>eng disciplinamiento electoral electoral discipline pro closed ok
- Nov 11 '19 esl>eng interpretación sistemática de las normas para identificar al engaño a systematic interpretation of the tax provisions in order to identify what type of evasion it is pro closed ok
4 Aug 19 '19 esl>eng medidas de la píldora (the same) procedures as for the guideline (on..) pro closed ok
- Jul 16 '19 esl>eng temeridad pegada al pecho, aún donde ya no había pecho no fear in her heart, though neither was there courage pro closed no
- Jun 30 '19 esl>eng de mi parte I (recommend) pro closed ok
- Jul 1 '19 esl>eng con arcos y flechas se hace señor With arrows and bows one gains control pro closed ok
- Jun 30 '19 esl>eng a los efectos de valoración for the purposes of calculation pro closed ok
- Jun 28 '19 esl>eng resarciéndose del importe thus recovering the amount pro closed ok
2 Jun 27 '19 esl>eng en préstamo o a interés as a loan with or without interest pro closed ok
- Oct 14 '18 esl>eng se aleja 157 Km del mar hasta it reaches a distance of up to 157 kilometres from the sea (and a height of) pro closed ok
4 Oct 14 '18 esl>eng Niños gritones de la lotería children that announce the winning lottery numbers pro closed no
4 Oct 13 '18 esl>eng sanciones pecuniarias y accesorias fines and ancillary penalties pro closed no
4 Oct 12 '18 esl>eng Ordenamiento superior legislation pro closed ok
4 Oct 11 '18 esl>eng por ser usted el titular de la misma as you are the data subject pro closed ok
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