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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Nov 12 esl>eng tutela militar military stewardship pro closed no
- Nov 12 hun>eng iskolafenntartó educational sponsor pro closed no
4 Nov 6 esl>eng coeficiente de empresa proportion of enterprise/s pro closed no
- Oct 29 deu>eng Vorteilsnahme was then merely a /another / self-serving exercise pro open no
- Oct 25 sve>eng Vintergator Smithereens swirling around pro closed ok
- Oct 22 por>eng Prejudicialidade US Am.: Partisanship BrE: Partiality / Bias pro closed no
- Oct 22 por>eng Arquivamento e Desarquivamento de Proposição Government Bill Entry into - and Leaving of - the Filing Stage pro closed no
- Oct 22 por>eng Autógrafo BrE: signed-off Draft H of C/ H o L Parliamentary Bill pro closed ok
- Sep 9 por>eng Deliberação Decision-making / proceedings pro closed no
- Sep 6 esl>eng Pago por ganancia Par. > earned-bonus pay pro closed ok
- Aug 13 esl>eng "lo común" the common weal pro closed ok
- Aug 3 esl>eng permutar tierras 'exchanging' of lands /land allotments/ pro closed ok
- Aug 2 esl>eng dependientes indentured servant/s pro closed no
- Aug 2 esl>eng agregados smallholder; BrE> crofter pro closed no
- Jul 30 esl>eng deslinde / deslindar boundary line / bound off - plot out of pro closed no
4 Jul 25 dan>eng hans Tiltale bør frie at være his > Bill of > Indictment ought to be dismissed pro closed no
- Jul 7 por>eng psicopedagogica psycho/educational pro closed no
- Jul 4 por>eng Procuradoria Educacional Institucional National Academic Proctor-General's Office pro open no
- Jun 25 sve>eng fondmedel foundational funds appropriated pro closed ok
- Jun 22 esl>eng donde va a removerse el caldero the place where the moving and shaking will be coming to a boil pro closed ok
- Jun 15 sve>eng publikfritt ghost-played pro closed ok
- Jun 10 sve>eng Boendetrappan (BrE) The property ladder pro closed ok
- Jun 10 sve>eng andrahandshyresgäster long-term > underlessee/s (E&W short-term> council tenant/s) pro closed ok
- Jun 8 esl>eng obligaciones y prestaciones benefits and burdens pro closed no
4 Jun 6 esl>eng estado peligroso (studies into legislation) on persons at risk / in a perilous state pro closed ok
4 May 19 deu>eng Nationale Einstellung & Soziale Einstellung Nationalist & Social Outlook pro closed ok
- May 2 por>eng Delegação Provincial Regional Branch pro closed ok
- Apr 24 sve>eng borgenspapper (1917) Sponsor's Document/s (2020) Affidavit of Support pro closed ok
- Apr 2 deu>eng Handlungsherangehensweise action-specific approach pro closed ok
- Mar 24 esl>eng desistimiento weaning off or away pro closed no
- Mar 18 esl>eng Semovientes self-propelled chattels and cattle/agriculturally chargeable floating assets pro closed no
4 Mar 15 esl>eng Sala II de la Cámara Federal de Casación Penal 2nd Division of the Federal Supreme Court of Criminal Appeals pro closed ok
- Mar 12 sve>eng kursvärdering vs. kursutvärdering lecturer-end syllabus appraisal vs. student-end assessment of the course pro closed ok
- Feb 15 esl>eng Exoneración horaria Timetable opt-out pro closed no
- Feb 1 deu>eng verschränkte Abfolge streaming into a mixed group; (bilingual school) into a cross-over /'floater'/ cohort pro just_closed no
- Feb 1 deu>eng getrennte Abfolge separate school cohort (bilingual school) streaming into a separate cohort pro closed ok
4 Jan 31 deu>eng Artilleriebürger (elected City Defens/ce) Citizen-Militia Artillery Officer pro closed ok
4 Jan 30 ita>eng acquisizione d'ufficio automatic acquisition > automatically acquired residency status pro closed ok
- Jan 18 eng>sve pitching clients håller på med at kränga (kursa) till kunder pro open no
- Jan 6 deu>eng im Umgang in negotiating the passage pro closed no
- Jan 3 eng>deu underlying truth die (objektive) Grundwahrheit pro closed no
- Dec 19 '19 nor>eng County Governor of Oslo og Viken Regional Governor or Governess of Oslo and Viken pro closed ok
- Dec 12 '19 fra>eng répartition des sièges allocation (split or 'carve-up') of seats pro closed no
- Nov 11 '19 esl>eng normal devenir del desenvolvimiento ordinario normal course of ordinary development (of the children's everyday life) pro closed no
- Nov 8 '19 esl>eng futurible forward-looking (thinking) pro closed no
4 Oct 28 '19 por>eng inserção na lógica de mercado neatly fitting into (modern-day) market logic pro closed no
- Oct 28 '19 esl>eng tramitación transactional pro closed ok
- Oct 11 '19 por>eng Estado capaz a resourceful (nation vs. federal) state pro closed ok
- Oct 9 '19 esl>eng reanudar pick up on pro closed ok
- Sep 28 '19 esl>eng Se tiene los insumos para alcanzarlo: There is the wherewithal (means) for accomplishing such pro closed ok
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