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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Today esl>eng La Reparación Just Deserts pro open no
- Today fra>eng Les actes accomplis ratify such dealings as have been carried out pro just_closed no
- Jan 15 eng>deu take appropriate and anticipated actions entprechende bzw. vorgreifende Vorsichtmassnahmen DEU: ergreifen AUT: setzen pro open no
- Jan 15 eng>deu through the intermediary of duly authorized individuals durch Bevollmächtigte pro open no
- Jan 15 eng>deu bound by the signature of any one Manager Prokura mit rechtsverbindlicher Unterzeichnung wird einem/r jedem/n Geschäftsführer/in erteilt pro open no
- Jan 16 deu>eng Risikoauslastung(en) risk-exposure limit(s) pro open no
- Jan 16 fra>eng contradictoire à son égard post-adversarial /US: as a matter of due process / as far as he or she is concerned pro open no
- Jan 15 esl>eng Manual de diligenciamiento Step-by-Step Instructions pro open no
- Jan 15 fra>eng extraction judiciaire supervised custodial transfer of defendants pro open no
- Jan 15 ita>eng "ultronei" automatically incorporated pro open no
- Jan 14 por>eng Revista Síntese de Direito Civil e Processual Civil Brazilian Civil Law Reports and Civil Procedural Law Digest pro open no
- Jan 14 por>eng desconstituição deconstruction; of approval > disavowal pro open no
- Jan 14 cat>eng gravats a títol onerós to (AmE) encumber or lien (BrE) charge for valuable consideration pro open no
- Jan 14 esl>eng instituciones financieras no bancarias (IFNB) de arrendamiento non-banking finance leasing institutions / 'NBFLI' / pro open no
- Jan 13 por>eng com personalidade jurídica de direito público interno with legal status as a public corporation under domestic law pro closed ok
- May 11 '03 esl>eng bienes patrimoniales IP: proprietary assets; fixed, capital assets pro closed ok
- Jan 13 ita>eng esiste annotazione di matrimonio con... There is a subsisting, annotated entry of the marriage to ... pro open no
- Jan 13 ita>eng l'atto fu trascritto nei registri di matrimonio del Comune the certificate was recorded in the Registers of Marriage of the District Council pro closed no
4 Jan 12 sve>eng avräkning på skadeståndet on account of damages pro closed ok
4 Jan 12 esl>eng Patrimonios autónomos de remanentes Stand-Alone Residual /Pool/ Funds pro closed ok
- Jan 12 dan>eng Formuesfære proprietary control; vest in possession pro open no
- Jan 12 por>eng Recurso tutelar UK: Application for Judicial Review /of Administrative Action / pro open no
- Jan 11 esl>eng Declaración Jurada ante el Patrono Lat. Am. : Tax Return sworn / as a Statutory Declaration / in front of the Employer pro open no
- Jan 11 fra>eng La révolution du liquidateur There shall be no rotation of the liquidator's appointment or office .... to his or her.... pro open no
- Jan 11 fra>eng Parts de Commanditaires Limited Partners' Shares ; investment fund > Limited Partnership Units pro open no
- Jan 10 por>eng resultado útil do processo practical outcome of the trial pro open no
- Jan 9 fra>eng Police avant amortissement et après Sûreté du Québec Policing budget appropriation pre-sinking fund contrib. and post-Québec Nat. Police Force set-aside pro closed ok
- Jan 9 ron>eng cerere de revendicare a bunului in materialitatea lui insolvency: substantial-asset tracing application pro open no
- Jan 8 por>eng Procuradoria de Justiça Cível Office of the Attorney-General for Civil Justice ; E+W > Proctor-General for Civil Cases pro open no
- Jan 7 fra>eng état néant an anarchic nation-state pro closed ok
- Jan 7 deu>eng Baurechtsgeber grantor of a building lease pro closed no
- Jan 7 deu>eng Bauberechtigter grantee of a building lease pro closed no
- Jan 7 esl>eng puras condiciones u onerosas whether the gifts -.... are outright, conditional or onerous/ to the donee / pro open no
- Jan 6 deu>eng Eigenrealisation (your) own way of implementation pro closed ok
- Jan 5 eng>ita tax allocation agreement US Am: contratto di consolidato fiscale pro open no
- Jan 4 ita>eng eccezione di costituzionalità constitutional BrE: plea AmE: defense pro open no
- Jan 2 eng>ita mortgage by deposit of title deeds garanzia ipotecaria voluntaria per deposito informale di titoli di proprietà immobiliare pro closed no
- Dec 29 '20 eng>fra signed to liée contractuellement à la société Interscope pro closed ok
- Dec 31 '20 esl>eng a efectos de otorgamiento de escritura US AmE: for corporate chartering purposes pro closed ok
4 Dec 29 '20 eng>esl Liability against trustee exigible al fideicomisario (trust corp.: a la fiduciaria) por responsabilidad patrimonial pro closed ok
4 Dec 29 '20 eng>esl Trust indemnity reintegros (resarcitorios) del fondo fiduciario pro closed ok
4 Dec 28 '20 sve>eng säga upp vs. häva BrE tenant or landlord: give notice to quit or 'determine' a tenancy vs. 'cancel' an agreement pro closed ok
- Dec 26 '20 esl>eng responsabilidad, solidaria, mancomunada e indivisible AmE: liability by the entireties, jointly and non-severably pro closed no
- Dec 25 '20 esl>eng reformadores de pan pintado reformers of history and chocolate mice / rebels without a cause / pro closed ok
- Dec 25 '20 esl>eng el interés del vivir consiste en el barajar de la suerte the appealing thing about living resides in reshuffling the pack pro closed ok
- Dec 22 '20 esl>eng comediantes de última batida bottom-of-the-bill buffoons pro closed ok
- Dec 25 '20 esl>eng Ley Transitoria vigente se subsana la presente .... of the subsisting Transitional Act, this entry is US: corrected UK: rectified in that... pro closed ok
4 Dec 23 '20 esl>eng CONTRATO INDEFINIDO ORDINARIO CON O SIN REDUCCIÓN DE CUOTAS BrE: Routine contract for a term uncertain, incl. or excl. reduced Employer's Soc. Sec. Contribs. pro closed no
- Dec 20 '20 eng>esl for the record - Companies House para diligencia/miento/- el Registro Mercantil ingl. y gales pro open no
- Dec 22 '20 fra>eng réciprocité des paiements AmE: criss-cross balancing of tit-for-tat payments; BrE: mutual balancing of payments pro closed no
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